{meta} Agenda for North Central Area Committee on Monday 20th March, 2023, 2.00 pm


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Contact: Fiona Moore  Catherine Cahill


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Minutes of the North Central Area Committee February meeting dated 20th February, 2023. pdf icon PDF 341 KB

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Questions to Area Managers, 20th March, 2023. pdf icon PDF 767 KB

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Roads & Traffic Matters

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Minutes of the TAG meeting dated 28th February, 2023. pdf icon PDF 117 KB

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Gully Report for noting pdf icon PDF 511 KB

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Area Matters

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Disposals - proposed disposal of a plot of land to the rear of 96 Brian Avenue Marino, Dublin 3.

Report & map attached herewith.  Cathy Cassidy

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Proposed draft variation (No. 1) of the Dublin City Development Plan 2022 - 2028 - Site at 80 Philipsburgh Avenue, Dublin 3 for noting pdf icon PDF 1022 KB

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Presentation on the Rainscapes Project pdf icon PDF 3 MB

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Report on Northside Swimming Pool pdf icon PDF 295 KB

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Arts Officer Report

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Sports & wellbeing report for noting pdf icon PDF 595 KB

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Area Managers Reports pdf icon PDF 430 KB

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Housing Supply Report pdf icon PDF 1 MB

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Motion in the name of Councillor Alison Gilliland


The North Central Area Committee recognises the ongoing need to enhance traffic flow along the Oscar Traynor Rd and insists that i) a traffic monitor be set up at the entrance to the Clonshaugh Industrial Estate to establish the volume, type and direction of traffic into and out of the estate and ii) investigate the viability of joining up the road system within the Clonshaugh Industrial Estate so as to allow for an exit/entrance onto the roundabout at the top of the R139. 


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Motion in the name of Councillor Patricia Roe


That the Area Manager report on the engagement which he has had to date with TII in respect of the implications of Metrolink for Albert College Park, whether the Ventilation Shaft or a station is located within the park; the discussions which have been had with the very many park users, sports clubs and other groups involved: if he will establish a task group to ensure that construction disruption is minimised and that park space and usage can be maximised for the local community during the construction period; and will he report back on progress on this matter to this Area Committee at its April meeting.


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Motion in the name of Councillor Patricia Roe


That local councillors be updated on plans for the placement of refugees in the Artane area.  Specifically we should be informed as what supports are being put in place to support refugee integration with local communities and be informed as to what measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of the refugees and residents in the surrounding area, while anti-immigrant protests are taking place.



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Motion in the name of Councillor Damian O'Farrell


That this area committee calls upon DCC to escalate the implementation of three pedestrian crossings planned for the North Central Area. These pedestrian crossings are urgently required and are vital for active travel in our area.


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Motion in the name of Councillor Donna Cooney


Pedestrian crossing at the junction of Mount Prospect Avenue and Mount Prospect Park, Clontarf, Dublin 3.


Having waited many years for a much needed pedestrian crossing on Mount Prospect Avenue at the junction with Mount Prospect park, that was approved for implementation in 2022 but not funded and having requested an update on the list of crossings funded for the North Central area for 2023 for the last while, could this area committee agree that the pedestrian crossing is funded and put in place urgently with no more delay.


Background and reasons

Mount Prospect Avenue is one of the busiest roads in Clontarf and is 1.9km in length from its beginning at the junction of Vernon Avenue, to the end at the Clontarf Road. There are pedestrian crossings at both ends but as it currently stands there is nowhere along the entire 1.9 km intervening route to cross Mount Prospect Avenue. My concern arises from the fact that in order to drop children to local schools, parents/guardians have simply nowhere to safely the cross the avenue in order to reach the school.  School runs take place from 8am in the morning, with pick up at 1-1.20pm for younger children and again at 2-2.20pm for those in 1st class and above.  At these times and especially at 8-8.40am there are numerous vehicles on Mount Prospect Avenue, both those dropping their own children to school and commuters - not to mention the 130 double decker bus on its way into the city centre. 


Increasingly, it has become very dangerous to make your way across Mount Prospect Avenue with children in tow - whether on foot, scooter or on bicycle.  Cars simply do not slow down when they see children (speed bumps are of no use - cars simply drive around them) and recently there have been some near collisions between cars and children.  Most recently, cars heading in both directions on Mount Prospect Avenue kindly stopped to allow at least 6 children and parents cross the road - however a careless driver took it upon themselves to simply overtake the stopped cars and in turn came close to colliding with a child who was walking her bike across the road.


To also note - school runs are not the only flow of pedestrians using this route - turning onto Mount Prospect Park, off Mount Prospect Avenue, brings you straight to the entrance to St. Anne’s Park - this is a route taken by many dog walkers and older people. Older people often cross this stretch of road to get to the 130 bus stop, or to the church or parish hall or newsagents at St. Gabriel's.  Likewise it is also home to many football fields. Cars travelling at great speed - can be found on any given Saturday/Sunday morning and indeed evenings during the summer travelling to the entrance to St. Anne’s Park. 

I would implore you to consider this request before there is a serious if not tragic accident on Mount  ...  view the full agenda text for item 5e

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Motion in the name of Councillor Karl Stanley


The area committee calls on the manager to convene a meeting to devise a holistic traffic management plan for Marino for the remainder of the C2CC project. Meeting attendees to include representatives from the local community, the roads department of DCC, Garda traffic management, and local councillors. The project is due to switch sides from inbound to the outbound direction in March 2023, so it is timely to bring all stakeholders together to discuss how to manage the increased disruption and road hazard during this phase of the project.


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Motion in the name of Councillor Patricia Roe


That this area committee agree to request Parks Department to take the playground in Belmayne in charge.



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Motion in the name of Councillor Deirdre Heney


That this Area Committee requests the Manager to take necessary immediate action to make safe for school going children, the area outside the schools on Griffith Avenue where currently drivers of motor vehicles mount the footpaths, park and reverse across footpaths both outside and opposite the schools, (parking particularly close to the pedestrian crossing) making for extremely hazardous conditions at this point on Griffith Avenue.


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Motion in the name of Councillor Damian O'Farrell


That this Area Committee calls upon DCC to prioritise the Marino Transport Scheme and that DCC uses whatever resources necessary including resources in ‘Active Travel’ to set out and implement the scheme without any further delay. 


This traffic / health and safety issue is primarily an unintended consequence of the C2CC and was flagged at the early planning stages of  C2CC well before construction began. 


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Also can all councillors please remember when submitting their motions and questions for each monthly meeting, to submit them to BOTH catherine.cahill@dublincity.ie  AND northcentral@dublincity.ie





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