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Minutes from Traffic & Transport SPC meeting held on 10th November 2021 pdf icon PDF 209 KB

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Report on Parking on Footpaths - Dermot Stevenson - Parking Enforcement Officer. pdf icon PDF 350 KB

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Dermot Stevenson, Parking Enforcement Officer outlined the report in relation to problems in some areas in relation to footpath parking.  Where there is no option on some footpaths to park leaving the required 2.5 mtrs space available, members considered three possible options in this type of situation.


DS addressed questions raised by members in relation to the proposed options.  A number of members felt that bringing back Traffic Wardens would help with enforcement.  DS advised that a report will go before the SPC next year when the Fixed Penalty Notice Trial is complete.  The re-introduction of Traffic Wardens would not be considered until the outcome of the trial Fixed Penalty notice is known.


Issued raised by Cllr. Burke in relation to major issue with footpath parking following matched played at Parnell Park no prior information in relation to the game was issued to An Garda Siochana.  Members requested the SPC write to Dublin County Board to request that they notify An Garda Síochána of any future semi-finals or final games being played at Parnell Park. 


It was agreed by members that  Option number 3 was the preference to move forward for recommendation to City Council



Agreed to move report forward to City Council for recommendation.


Verbal report on College Green - Frank Lambe, Project Manager College Green.

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Frank Lambe, Project Manager, College Green gave a verbal update in relation to College Green Plaza.


·         Original plan submitted to An Bord Pleanala in 2018 rejected.

·         DCC looked at the issues raised – Buses/Traffic congestion on Quays etc.

·         In Nov. 2020 Non-Statutory public consultation was carried out – on four options

·         Over 4,000 submission received with 90% favouring the second option which included Dame Street East to Trinity College being traffic free after 11 a.m.

·         DCC propose to engage consultants with a view to lodging an application to An Bord Pleanala by late 2022 for new College Green Plaza proposal.

·         2023 application goes through Planning Process and if granted works to commence early 2024, which would be in line with Bus Connects proposed implementation date of early 2024.


FL addressed questions raised by Members on traffic congestion/Buses/accessibility/procurement timelines etc. A further report will be brought to the SPC next year prior to the application being submitted to An Bord Pleanala.  FL advised disability sector important and advised any comments can be sent to him directly.  Members also requested having reports available prior to the meeting.    


Noted – Further report to SPC next year.


Speed Limit Review formation of working group. Brendan O'Brien, A/Executive Manager

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Brenda O’Brien A/Executive Manager reported that the last phase of 30Km residential zones were completed in 2020. Councillors then requested that 30Km speed limit apply to arterial routes also. Proposal brought to Councillors for 30Km default speed limit, which was not accepted by members.  Following non-statutory public consultation process there was no clear outcome on the issue. John Flanagan Assistant Chief Executive commissioned an engineering report about setting speed limited, this report is from an engineering point of view.  In order to bring this matter forward it is proposed to set up a working group to include two retired Gardai, Superintended Aiden Reid Dublin Castle Traffic Division and Supt. Conna Donoghue National Traffic Division and an active Traffic Garda, who agreed to advise on this report and be part of a working group. It was agreed that six SPC members join this working group 4 Councillors and two sectoral members and DCC staff will also be on this working group.


MH to circulate request to members who wish to be part of this working group.




Formation of working group on Zebra Crossings. Brendan O'Brien A/Executive Manager

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Members agreed to the setting up of a working group to look at suitable alternatives to Zebra crossing.  Karen Hosie, Senior Executive Engineer, ITS Section, will head a working group along with six SPC members to look at various suitable alternatives and report back to the SPC. Members to advise of their interest in being part of the workshop, MH will email members to submit expression of interest to go on this working group.




Report on Motion from Tina MacVeigh regarding construction management. Brendan O'Brien A/Executive Manager. pdf icon PDF 511 KB

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Report on Motion deferred to Next Meeting.


Motion in the name of Cllr. Deirdre Conroy Chairperson of Public Transport Sub-Committee

Motion in the name of Cllr. Deirdre Conroy Chairperson of Public  Transport Sub-Committee



Motion in the name of Councillor Deirdre Conroy, Chairperson of the Public Transportation Sub Committee to the Traffic & Transport SPC, requesting this committee writes to the NTA to bring forward and address a policy in support for a School Bus System for students within the Dublin Area.


There previously was a school bus system in place which was very successful in promoting the use of public transportation for the school-going younger generation but for various reasons this scheme was stopped. Currently in place of this scheme are private operators for specific routes providing a service for selected schools depending on the demand in the area. This privately operated school bus system is on the north side of the city but unfortunately we are not aware of such services on the south side. As the demand for secondary schools is becoming more oversubscribed, students often find themselves at a disadvantage in having to travel a significant distance for a place in a school that may not have private bus services operating from them. Also during school term, we can clearly see the impact of congestion and delays that the school run by private car has on the road network.

Although during the school run times, bus operators put on universal additional buses on routes to meet the increase in demand, but these services are discreet and buses can be already be quite full by the time they pass various schools. This does little to prompt the modal shift to encourage students to take the bus. If there was a dedicated bus service or a bus on the public route service for school going students only, we believe that this would raise a profile of public transportation services for students and provide a friendly and comfortable environment for children at this school-going age.

The purpose of this policy would be;

·         To promote change to public transportation and to allow students to become accustom to taking the bus.

·         To reduce the unnecessary school car run as students would have an alternative

·         To reduce traffic congestion and as a result reduce pollution and improve air quality

·         In providing a dedicated school bus service, this raises the awareness of choice for parents in the use of public transportation and would encourage the right modal-shift.

·         With the integrated ticketing system in place, the travel demand for students on the public routes would be known and this would assist in surveys to determine effective times and routes for dedicated school buses and encourage other students to avail of the service.


Although the remit of school bus services at a national level is with the Department of Education and provided via Bus Eireann, unfortunately there is no central system or scheme in place for the Dublin Area for school children. But there are other agencies, and for the purposes presented above, that are in the best position to assist in supporting this policy. The  ...  view the full agenda text for item 8.

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Cllr Deirdre Conroy on behalf of the Public Transport SPC requested that members consider the report and proposed that this committee writes to National Transport Authority and Dublin Bus to consider the introduction of a school bus system for the Greater Dublin Area.







Motion in the name of Cllr Maire Devine - Motion 361 referred to Traffic & Transport SPC from Special Council Meeting on 22-24th June 2021. P&D review

Special Council Meeting - 22-24 June 2021 re Pre-draft Dublin City Development Plan


Motion 361 Cllr Maire Devine


That the Development Plan will incorporate revised and updated guidelines vis a vis Pay and Display in residential areas. This will prioritise public consultation with affected local residents and businesses, it will be flexible and subject to change before the final map is agreed upon and implemented.

Planning Reason

Increase public consultation and involvement by citizens in shaping their area.




Chief Executive’s Response

It is a reserved function of Dublin City Council Members to vote in amendments to the Parking Control By Laws 2019. This is not a matter for the Development Plan.

Chief Executive’s Recommendation

Not agreed, as this motion raises issues that are outside of the scope of the function of Development Plans, as defined by the Planning and Development Act (as amended).


Council Meeting Decision

The report and recommendation of the Chief Executive was AGREED and MOTION to be sent to the Traffic & Transport SPC.




Additional documents:


Members agreed that a report be brought to a future SPC in 2022 setting out clearly the procedures for Pay & Display and Permit Parking Schemes.  This report can be debated and any amendments or proposed changes agreed by members can then be incorporated into any future schemes.




Motion in the name of Cllr. Tara Deacy - Motion 769 referred to Traffic & Transport SPC from Special Council Meeting 22-24th June.

Special Council Meeting - 22-24 June 2021 re Pre-draft Dublin City Development Plan

Motion 769 Cllr Tara Deacy

Parks / Playgrounds


That DCC provide picnic benches, and appropriate seating for all residents with all levels of ability, that a particular focus be given to parks with little or no amenities in place at present.

In communities with scarce green space that pocket parks, pocket forests and micro parks be put in place through community engagement and to ensure ownership by the local community.


This Council must prioritise the provision of playgrounds and we are particularly anxious to provide side by side play opportunities for people with disabilities.

Playgrounds should be seen as not only an investment in children but as a great way to bring communities together, foster social interaction and provide a focal point for parents and grandparents. We want to see greater provision of playgrounds across the city.

We are conscious that the positioning of playgrounds in local communities is an important factor for consideration in order to promote community buy-in, to reduce the risk of vandalism and to minimise anti-social activity. Public consultation will be a vital part of every playground proposal.

We must also ensure DCC provide and update accessible playgrounds for the citizens of our city to include amenities for all children, to pay particular attention to amenities for children with various abilities, to include communications boards for children, alongside wheelchair friendly pieces.

To provide a level of shelter in our playgrounds as seen in other European countries (see attached example) in light of the Irish climate.

To remove ‘Kissing Gates’ throughout the city and replace with a more secure, accessible entrance for all.

Planning Reason

Covid has shown us the importance of our parks/green spaces/playgrounds and what a wonderful amenity they are for us all. It has also shown the gaps in many of our parks and how we can improve them for everyone with varying abilities.




Chief Executive’s Response


It is recognised that the location and size of open space around the City is not consistent and deficits have been identified in respect of the provision of flagship parks and open space provision in certain communities across a number of areas particularly the City Centre between the canals. The Draft Plan will build upon the policies and objectives in the current Plan to protect and improve existing parks and open spaces and continue with the existing programme to develop new green and open spaces in the appropriate areas as the opportunity arises in conjunction with protecting the natural environment.

Similarly, the Draft Plan will continue to support the provision of play facilities and amenities within existing and future open space areas. It is recognised that the City’s parks provide a key service to the community whether that is informal recreation such as walking or more formal activities such as organised sports. Dublin City Council’s Parks Strategy 2019 – 2022 takes into consideration the accessibility, quality, quantity and distribution of parks and  ...  view the full agenda text for item 10.

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Kissing gates are currently used to prevent scrambles and antisocial behaviour, need to look at and trial alternatives, such as K gates etc.  Any alternative must allow for parks being accessible for all users, while continuing to prevent antisocial behaviour and prevent access to scramblers etc.  


Most Kissing gates are installed by Parks, traffic in general don’t install them.  Traffic have been consulting with Parks and will request Parks to attend a future SPC in the future, to discuss what can be done and plans for any changes.