{meta} Meeting attendance - Meeting of Planning and Urban Form SPC on Tuesday 27th November, 2018, 3.30 pm

Meeting attendance

Venue:   Council Chamber, City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin 2.

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Kieran Binchy Committee Member Present
Councillor Janice Boylan Committee Member Apologies
Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Cathleen Carney Boud Committee Member Absent
Councillor Aine Clancy Committee Member Present
Paul Clegg Officer In attendance
Councillor Patrick Costello Committee Member Present
Councillor Hazel De Nortuin Committee Member Absent
Councillor Daithi De Roiste Committee Member Present
Councillor Gaye Fagan Committee Member Present
Councillor Mannix Flynn County Councillor In attendance
Councillor Dermot Lacey Committee Member Present
Niamh Lambert Officer In attendance
Councillor John Lyons County Councillor In attendance
Aileen MacDermott Officer In attendance
John McGrane, British Irish Chamber of Commerce Committee Member Apologies
Helen McNamara Officer In attendance
Graeme McQueen, Chambers Ireland Committee Member Present
Councillor Andrew Montague Chairperson Present
Ann Mulcrone, Irish Planning Institute Committee Member Present
John O'Hara Officer In attendance
Valerin O'Shea, An Taisce - The National Trust for Ireland Committee Member Present
Odran Reid, PPN Representative Committee Member Present
Richard Shakespeare Officer In attendance