{meta} Agenda item - Questions to the Chief Executive 13th November 2023.

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Q.1      Councillor Dermot Lacey

This committee agrees that pending the implementation of a full school safety scheme on Clyde Lane that the Traffic Department would implement interim safety measures in the vicinity of St. Conleth’s Junior School.  These to include “School ahead” signs on both Clyde Road and Clyde Lane (as you approach the bend in the road coming from Herbert Park) and a solid white line at that same bend to confirm that it is a two-way road and to implement any other measures that the Traffic Advisory Group (TAG) believe would improve safety at this location.



The Transport Advisory Group Area Engineer assessed Clyde Lane. This lane is too narrow to put a solid white line at the bend. 


However, the Area Engineer is recommending to the Transport Advisory Group to replace the current “children crossing” sign on Clyde Lane at the junction with Clyde Road, with a “school ahead” sign (W 141).


Furthermore, a supplementary school ahead sign (W 141) is to be provided on Clyde Lane, before the bend coming from Herbert Park.


To further supplement this signage, slow road markings in both directions are to be provided on Clyde Lane.


Q.2      Councillor Dermot Lacey

To ask the Manager, pending permanently resolving action, if a sign similar to this can be erected close to the St. Alban's outlet.




Here attached is a photo of signage which DCC has just erected close to the St. Alban’s site but for notification of a different set of risks.


Why can signage of this nature not be erected in the vicinity of the St. Alban’s outlet?



A meeting was organised for Thursday 2nd November with our Water Safety Ireland Development Officer (for Dublin City) and Swimming Pools Inspector to discuss the issues raised at the recent Special meeting to try to prevent further emergency rescues on Sandymount Beach.


From this meeting between Parks, details supplied (Irish Coast Guards) and details supplied (Swimming Pools Inspector / Water Safety Ireland Development), the following conclusion was reached:


The locations where signage is needed, have all been covered by the existing signage.


Q.3      Councillor Dermot Lacey

This committee asks the Manager to respond positively to the requests made by Sandymount and Merrion Residents Association (SAMRA) in relation to Sandymount and Merrion Strands as outlined in the letter submitted with this motion prior to the meeting of this committee.



The ectocarpus weed deposition is an annual event and quite separate from the odour of sewage on Sandymount beach.


Detritus & outfall from St Alban’s pumping site is under the remit of Drainage. As the complaint that SAMRA has is not about ectocarpus but about raw sewage to a public beach which does not get cleaned up or have appropriate hazard warnings to the public this issue is outside the Parks department involvement to resolve.


Parks can however coordinate the erection of signage to warn the public if suitable signage is supplied to us & we are happy to be included in meetings with the relevant agencies and Councillors and SAMRA to agree on an approach to resolve these issues.


Q.4      Councillor Dermot Lacey

In order to allow continuous pedestrian crossing, recognizing the new traffic situation on Belmont Avenue and acknowledging that there are now two school complexes in the vicinity this committee requests the Manager to plan for the installation of a pedestrian crossing across Belmont Avenue where it meets Morehampton Road.



The site was assessed by the traffic Advisory Group (TAG) engineering team, the Belmont Avenue / Morehampton Road junction falls under the “Bray to City Centre - Bré agus Lár na Cathrach” BusConnects route, in which an application to An Bord Pleanála (‘the Board’) has been submitted by the National Transport Authority (NTA) has applied under section 51(2) of the Roads Act 1993 (as amended) for approval of the scheme, which include an improvement to the junction in question, please see a snap shot from the proposed drawings of the project below.





For more information please refer to the following links:


BusConnects route - Bray to City Centre

-       https://brayscheme.ie/


Bray to City Centre - Newspaper Notice 10th August 2023

-       https://brayscheme.ie/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2023/08/Newspaper-Notice-10th-August-2023.pdf


Q.5      Councillor Paddy McCartan

To ask the Manager to respond to the following letter from a constituent.


“I wish to bring to your attention what Dublin City Council parking services are doing to the local residents.  I live on Dodder View Cottages Ballsbridge and have a fully paid up resident’s parking disc 2 years till 2025 displayed on my car.  This morning I and other residents found our cars illegally clamped while parked outside our homes with fully paid and displayed parking discs.

When I phoned parking services they refused to have clamps removed until I paid 125 euro.  Even when I was told they knew they made an error that told me I would have to pay the fine and if I did not pay they would tow away my car which would result in an even heavier fine.


To give into this harassment and extortion is something I find hard to take, but having phoned An Garda Síochána and they were not willing to take on DCC.  I realise I had not got a leg to stand on and had to pay.


I am an old age pensioner on a very limited budget.  In this time of high inflation I cannot afford to pay for parking discs and illegal clamping fines.  I found the whole experience so stressful that it has affected my health.


I want to know what sort of company is DCC hiring and allowing them to extort money from local residents?  I also need to know how many other residents from other estates are been treated in this manner.  I need assurance that this will not happen again and that I will receive a full refund and an apology from DCC parking services."



There was a discrepancy in the roads mapping system that named the whole road as Beatty Road and did not include this location in the Dodder View Cottages parking scheme.  This led to a misunderstanding with the parking enforcement contractor and unfortunately that is why enforcement action was taken. The enforcement action occurred on a Sunday and the discrepancy in the mapping systems was confirmed on the Monday when City Council staff investigated the incident. This has now been brought to the attention of the parking enforcement contractor and they have been informed that this block of properties are part of the parking scheme at Dodder View Cottages.


Q.6      Councillor Paddy McCartan

To ask the Manager to respond to the following email from a constituent:


"I live on Chelmsford Road in Ranelagh and I am concerned about the increasing frequency of reported break ins in the area.  There have been reports of late of house break ins, car break ins and recently a car was reportedly set alight on Sallymount Avenue.

A neighbour’s car on Chelmsford Avenue was broken into on Tuesday night and in response to this being reported by the local Instagram page, the following was published:

“In addition, bicycles are being stolen from St. Mary’s school on Belmont Avenue and we have also been alerted to this by the school suggesting to me that there has been a general increase in crime in the area.  Can you confirm if this is the case, recognising that this is a small sample size?

I would like to know what, if anything is being done to address this and whether the council has this on their radar?  Are there any local initiatives that you could promote to increase awareness or signage or alerts that could be given to highlight the issue?

I would like to know what the allocation of policing is to the local area and if this has increased or decreased year on year?  What is the best available information on this?

I would also like to know if there is any thought being given to the installation of CCTV in the area, if there is no deterrent to crimes currently being committed.

Thank you for your time.  I have 3 small kids and I have never once felt uneasy about their safety in the area.  This is now an open topic of discussion amongst neighbours, friends and coaches in the local clubs and friends in the area.  I would appreciate if you could let me know your thoughts on the issue and whether the council or any of your parties are engaging with the problem."



The South East Area Office will liaise with An Garda Síochána regarding these issues and will revert when we have a response.


Q.7      Councillor Paddy McCartan

To ask the Manager to deal with the following email from a constituent:


“I wish to draw your attention to the below safety issue and I would request Dublin City Council review and action to mitigate against risk to pedestrians at this location.



·         Location - Milltown Commercial Centre, Milltown, Dublin 6.

·         Issue - On a daily basis vehicular traffic mounts the public footpath at this location as an informal drop-off location for the existing commercial premises (pharmacy, spar, dry cleaners) etc.  This is a major Road traffic safety Issue.

·         In addition to the commercial provision at this location the Milltown village centre scheme provides for a crèche and Montessori at first floor level catering for over 60 children per day.

·         On exiting this crèche onto the public footpath there is no impediment to vehicles traversing directly in front of this doorway (which is now a daily occurrence and as recently as yesterday there was a near collision between a child exiting the crèche and a car using the footpath to drop off dry cleaning in adjacent premises).

·         On numerous occasions over the past months vehicles traveling at an estimated excess of 20 km/hr have had close encounters with children exiting the crèche at this location.

·         Such parking and use of this location as a vehicular route is not permitted by the planning granted for the subject commercial premises and as such this action is an enforcement issue for Dublin City Council planning department.

·         Separately however, in addition to this enforcement issue, access to this location is in the gift of Dublin City Council and it is respectfully suggested that appropriate bollards are located upon the public footpath in this location to ensure the safety of pedestrians upon this public thoroughfare is maintained (and preferably that no car has access to use of the area in general - noting that no planning for parking was ever permitted in this location).


In support of this view I attach copy image of illegal parking behind the existing dedicated off street parking:




I request that consideration of this issue be given priority given the child safety concerns and the likelihood that it is only a matter of time until a child may be knocked down.


Having been made aware of this issue it is incumbent on Dublin City Council to put a plan in place to rectify this situation and ensure your duty of care to pedestrians in this location is met.



Dublin Street Parking Services will focus patrols on this location. They have already attended week of 23/10/2023 and issued fixed penalty notices for footpath parking. Attention will to this will be continued and enforcement action will be taken for illegal parking.


It is illegal to drive on the footpath. Under Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations 1997 section 13:1 “Subject to sub-articles (2) and (3), a vehicle shall not be driven along or across a footway.”


It was found that Pay & Display parking has been provided in the indented bay on Milltown Road, at Milltown Commercial Centre. It is not current Dublin City Council policy to provide bollards or physical impediments to prevent illegal parking. Bollards are provided in exceptional circumstances such as when the carriageway is level with the footpath.  Under Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations 1997 section 36:2:i “A vehicle shall not be parked - on a footway, a grass margin or a median strip;”

Parking enforcement have been notified of the situation and will monitor the parking accordingly. Additionally, An Garda Síochana will be notified of illegal driving on the footpath.


Instances of illegal or obstructive parking should be referred to Dublin Street Parking Services, DSPS (email info@dsps.ie or tel. no. 01 602 2500) or An Garda Síochána for enforcement.


Q.8      Councillor Paddy McCartan

To ask the Manager to respond to the following email:


“Yesterday evening (Sunday 15th October) I was nearly run over by a motorcycle on the pedestrian lane beside the Devlin Hotel, Ranelagh.  The motorbike was roaring down the path onto Ashfield Avenue and down the lane to collect at the back of Bunsen.  This is happening every day especially from lunchtime on and all evening.    It is a pedestrian lane that the bikes access by mounting the footpath.  It is extremely dangerous and illegal.       


I followed the bike down the lane and pointed out to the driver that he had nearly run me down.  He shrugged and said so what.  I said it was a path that he had used, not a road.  Same response.  I asked him if he thought it was ok to drive on a path.  He said yes, roared off and gave me the finger.  Lovely.


The use of this path as a road by motorcycles collecting from the private lane behind Bunsen is happening every day especially from lunchtime on and all evening.  It is a pedestrian lane that the bikes access by mounting the footpath.  It is extremely dangerous and illegal. 


The path beside the Devlin Hotel is a pedestrian path NOT a road.  The use of it as a road by the motorcycle is made more dangerous by the encroachment of the Devlin Hotel's cafe way over the hotel boundary line (Planning Enforcement ?) and the 24/7 use of the other side of the path by both The Devlin and Tesco, as a storage area for their massive commercial bins, waste and trollies.  An 'accident' will happen, that is a given. 


Local residents have been engaged with this issue for years now through the planning and appeals process and despite the individual and collective expense involved there seems a total unwillingness for DCC to challenge the planning issues (details supplied) which allow the operation of a takeaway from a private lane and the ensuing motorbike traffic”



The Transport Advisory Group don’t recommend any further measures to prohibit access to Anthony Cronin Walk (the lane beside The Devlin Hotel, Ranelagh).  Bollards have already been provided on both ends of the lane.  Furthermore, it is illegal to drive a motorbike or cycle a bike on this pedestrian laneway.


Under Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations 1997 section 13:1 “Subject to sub-articles (2) and (3), a vehicle shall not be driven along or across a footway.”


Instances of illegal or dangerous driving, such as driving on the footpath, should be reported to An Garda Síochána for enforcement.


Q.9      Councillor Paddy McCartan

To ask the Manager to consider the installation of speed bumps, or alternative traffic calming measures to slow down the cars on Beechwood Avenue Lower Ranelagh.



Following an assessment, it was found that a raised table has been provided at the junction of Beechwood Avenue and Ranelagh.


It should be also noted that Beechwood Avenue does not have a straight run of 200m.


The criteria for the installation of speed ramps are as follows:


·         The road should have a straight run of approximately 200 metres.

·         The 85th percentile speed (speed exceeded by 15% of vehicles) should exceed the posted speed limit.

·         Traffic volumes should exceed 60 vehicles per hour.

·         There should be genuine road safety concerns based on accident statistics or observed road safety patterns or a written report from an Inspector of the local Garda Síochána.


As the criteria were not met, speed ramps are not recommended on Beechwood Avenue Lower.


However, to remind drivers of the 30kph speed limit currently in effect, and indicated by the 30kph slow zone signage at the junction with Ranelagh, two slow road markings will be recommended to be installed by  the Transport Advisory Group Area Engineer.


Q.10    Councillor Paddy McCartan

To ask the Manager what inspections, or enforcement measures are taken in respect of outdoor dining facilities in Ranelagh, to ensure accessibility for pedestrians of all and differing abilities traversing safely in Ranelagh village.



The Street Furniture Unit carry out regular inspections of Street Furniture Citywide.  Street Furniture Licences are issued on an annual basis and inspections are carried out on renewal to ensure compliance.  Inspections are also carried out of foot of complaints received and enforcement action taken where required.


Q.11    Councillor Paddy McCartan

To ask the Manager to explore the possibility of installing electrical vehicle (EV) chargers on the green space at Ashfield Road, Ranelagh.



Dublin City Council are currently working with the other Dublin Local Authorities to set up a framework of EV charging Point Operators.  The pilot project has identified locations on DCC property suitable for fast charging.  Once the pilot project has been implemented, a review of the operation will be carried out and additional locations including neighbourhood charging will be given consideration.  Dublin City Council will maintain a register of locations where a request for EV charging has been made.

Q.12    Councillor Tara Deacey

One of the permanent black concrete bollards was hit by a truck a number of months ago at the Poodle end of Clonard Road, the bollard is totally slanted now, can this be repaired and re set.



An inspection of this bollard has been carried out by a Dublin City Council Inspector. The bollard has been logged as a defect and added to the Roads Maintenance worklist for repair by a works crews.


Q.13    Councillor Tara Deacey

A substantial part of the exterior wall facing the road at the corner of Ravensdale Park was knocked over a number of weeks ago, is there a date in terms of when this will be repaired and re built. Some of the materials have been picked up and thrown at passing cars and cyclists so its repair is important.



Road Maintenance Services is making arrangements to repair this wall on             behalf of Dublin City Council Parks Department.


Q.14    Councillor Danny Byrne

To ask the Manager if a cleaning schedule can be arranged for the slipway at Poolbeg, beside Stella Maris, quarterly would be ideal. Grateful for its recent cleaning which makes a big difference to users re safety. 



The slipway was cleaned thoroughly in August 2023.  Additional scheduled cleansing has been arranged on a quarterly basis for 2024.


Q.15    Councillor Danny Byrne

To ask the Manager if a ramp for access can be arranged for (details supplied).



Housing Maintenance Adaptations Section approved an application for a level access shower and grab rails for the tenant.  Our Clerk of Works inspected the property in June of this year and a ramp was also approved for the tenant.  We are hoping to have this installed in the first quarter of 2024, as there are a number of ramp installations ahead of this tenant.    


Q.16    Councillor Danny Byrne

To ask the Manager to address the dampness in the home of (details supplied).



Housing Maintenance Section has carried out an inspection of this property and it has now been referred to a damp specialist who will carry out all necessary works. 


Q.17    Councillor Danny Byrne

The railings are particularly weak and the lady often has grandchildren staying over at (details supplied); this obviously creates a safety hazard.



A contractor has been appointed and he is due to start this work to the railings in the coming weeks.

Q.18    Councillor Danny Byrne

To ask the Manager if the road and footpaths at Vavasour Square, Sandymount can be resurfaced.  Residents report it is 50 years since this road and footpath were repaired.



The footpaths and carriageway in Vavasour Square will be put forward for consideration for inclusion in our 2024 Footpath Reconstruction and Carriageway Resurfacing Programmes.  In the meantime, if addresses pinpointing specific locations of concern are provided, these will be inspected and logged for local repairs.


Q.19    Councillor Danny Byrne

To ask the Manager if the trees at Vavasour Square, Sandymount can be assessed for safety, one resident fears one tree will fall on their property.



Trees in Vavasour Square will be checked to see if they warrant a full



Q.20    Councillor Danny Byrne

To ask the Manager if the footpaths at O’Connell Gardens, Sandymount can be repaired.



The footpaths in O’Connell Gardens will be put forward for consideration for inclusion in our 2024 Footpath Reconstruction Programme.  In the meantime, if addresses pinpointing specific locations of concern are provided, these will be inspected and logged for local repairs.


Q.21    Councillor Danny Byrne

To ask the Manager if the path can be re-instated outside (details supplied).



On inspection, there is a temporary Irish Water reinstatement at this location.  Road Maintenance Services is liaising with Irish Water to carry out a permanent reinstatement of the footpath at this location.


Q.22    Councillor Danny Byrne

To ask the Manager if yellow boxes can be placed at the entrances to Enable Ireland special school, Sandymount.  Given the nature of the premises and their role within the community I would appeal for favourable response.



The issue outlined above requires further investigation by the Area Engineer.  A service request has been created to effect this action (details supplied) refers.  The Councillor will be informed of the recommendation in due course.


Q.23    Councillor Danny Byrne

To ask the Manager to arrange a special autumn clean-up of residential streets of Portobello. 



Waste Management Services are currently cleaning litter and leaves from the residential streets of Portobello.

Q.24    Councillor Mannix Flynn

Can the Manager issue a full report regards the future development and upgrade of the flats for Senior citizens at Verschoyle Court, Mount Street?



To date, upgrading works have been completed to two housing blocks, namely Blocks 1 - 12 and 74 - 81 in Verschoyle Court.


In these blocks, the bedsits were amalgamated whereby two bedsits were converted to provide one bedroom older person homes.


The amalgamation of the flats included internal insulation, window replacement, and minor alterations to the entrance elevations.  There were also minor external works completed for the provision of level access to the ground floor apartments of these two blocks.  


Currently within Housing Regeneration, all complexes are currently being examined as part of a housing regeneration programme review with the aim of recommending a strategic regeneration plan for the next 30 years.  Verschoyle Court is under consideration as part of this review.  


Q.25    Councillor Mannix Flynn

Can the Manager issue a full report regarding the future use of Avalon house on Aungier Street?  This report to include whether this building is empty at present?  What cost has been incurred on this building?  Who owns the building and how long is the lease on the building for?



The Peter McVerry Trust (PMVT) entered a 20 year lease for Avalon House in 2019 for use as emergency accommodation.  This was funded through Section 10 funding.  Local stakeholders began legal proceedings in December 2019

and an application for an injunction was lodged with the High Court to prevent the use of the facility as emergency accommodation for single adults.


Following intensive negotiations, and as part of the settlement, senior management agreed to a re-assignment of the lease from PMVT to Dublin City Council (DCC) on the basis the hostel would be used to accommodate families.  In December 2020 it was agreed that the lease would be re-assigned to DCC for the residue of the term and this completed in May 2021.


The Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE) considered alternatives and a family hub was considered to be the only viable use.  The DRHE commenced the capital works application process, conditional approval was granted in February 2023 and full Stage 1 approval given by the Department in June 2023, following compliance with the conditions set out.  In August 2023 a contractor was appointed to prepare the tender to procure an integrated design team.  It is anticipated this tender will go live in late November / early December 2023. The building is not currently in use while this process is ongoing.


The building currently costs €2m per annum plus utilities and security costs.  The outcome of the Judicial Review was a settlement agreed by all parties and the costs incurred during this process were legal costs and ongoing rent on the building.


Q.26    Councillor Mannix Flynn

Can the Manager issue a report detailing the intended improvements for Digges Street flat complex?  Further, can the railings on the perimeter of this complex at Redmond Hill be extended outwards to take in the grass verge that has become a major problem for antisocial behavior?  This would give greater ground for the children’s play area and for other residential amenities and practically eliminate the ongoing issues of anti-social behaviour at this location.


cid:3fef5fac-b13b-4333-8e9d-bcaf1f5a69d2@dublincity.ie       cid:3f77c4cc-8d5a-44fb-a67b-96aec3a6a54d@dublincity.ie



Unfortunately the railing cannot be moved as the costs to do these works are prohibitive.  If the council manages to get funding for these works we will look at it at a future date.


While presently there are no regeneration plans for Digges Street flat scheme, we are currently examining all complexes as part of a housing regeneration programme review with the aim of recommending a strategic regeneration plan for the next 30 years. 


Q.27    Councillor Mannix Flynn

Can the Manager investigate a rat infestation associated with the development of a hotel on Bride Street?   The residents of John Field and Golden Lane are reporting rat infestation in the back gardens and yards.  Also can Building Control conduct noise impact assessments and dirt and dust assessments relating to this development?  Most recently there was a demolition here, which impacted negatively on all the residents who are close to this development, including the private apartments nearby.



The Air Quality Monitoring and Noise Control Unit can investigate complaints about noise and dust from this construction site.  Planning Enforcement will be contacted where relevant conditions apply.


Councillor Flynn will be contacted to get more details and to provide him with an update.


Dublin City Council has received no reports from the tenants in John Field Road and Golden Lane in relation to a rodent issue.  If the tenants contact Housing Maintenance we will arrange for the rodent issue to be addressed.


Q.28    Councillor Mannix Flynn

Can the Manager issue a report detailing how many individuals are occupying Dublin City Council (DCC) housing illegally at present in the South East Area this report also to include the areas where these occupations are taking place and what steps are being taken by DCC to take possession of these properties.



There are 9 illegal occupiers within the South East Area, six in Dublin 2, one in Dublin 4 and two in Dublin 8.  Dublin City Council is in the process of requesting vacant possession by Order of the Court on these nine listed properties. 

Q.29    Councillor Mannix Flynn

Can the Manager have parking bollards placed on the footpath in and around the Peter McVerry Trust on New Street / Clanbrassil Street?   This new block of apartments is inundated with illegal parking which is right up on the footpath, blocking the light to the ground floor apartments.





It is not current Dublin City Council policy to provide bollards where restrictions are already covered under legislation. Under Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations 1997 section 36:2:i “A vehicle shall not be parked - on a footway, a grass margin or a median strip”.


Instances of illegal or obstructive parking should be referred to Dublin Street Parking Services (DSPS), email info@dsps.ie or tel. no. 01 602 2500 or An Garda Síochána for enforcement.


To regularise parking in the area, the area engineer recommends that the residents apply for a pay and display/permit parking scheme.



Q.30    Councillor Mannix Flynn

Can the Manager issue a full report with regards the increase of motorbike theft in the South East Area?  This crime which is happening in broad daylight has been carried out in a very intimidating way by individuals, wearing balaclavas who drive motorbikes to a location to steal motorbikes most recently in South Great George‘s Street in broad daylight.



The reported increase of motorbike theft in the South East Area is a matter for An Garda Síochána and the South East Area Office will raise this issue with the Gardaí


Q.31    Councillor Mannix Flynn

Can the Manager deliver a full report as to whether Dublin City Council will acquire the Ulster Bank on Dame Street for accommodation purposes?   This report to include all evaluations and assessments of the building and whether Dublin City Council intends to continue with its interest in this building.



The Adaptive Reuse Unit in Dublin City Council’s Housing Department is engaged in the conversion of vacant commercial property to apartments to create new housing in the city. For some projects additional uses of the building may also be proposed such as commercial or public amenity.


The process undertaken by the Adaptive Reuse Unit is to identify properties that are potentially suitable for conversion, inspect the property, prepare a feasibility assessment including design proposal and cost plan, obtain project funding, and proceed to detailed design and construction.


The former Ulster Bank on College Green was identified as a property worth assessing for Adaptive Reuse as it is recognised that there is a need for more residential occupancy over ground floor commercial within the city in order to improve passive surveillance and enhance place-making. The former bank on College Green is also of interest to Dublin City Council with regard to the potential use of part of the building for public amenity which is being considered as part of the College Green Project. In the event that the property is not developed in the coming years by a commercial investor, it will likely fall into disrepair which will have a negative effect on a location in the city that is being targeted for regeneration. It is therefore considered prudent that Dublin City Council engages is assessing any potential uses of the building in order to deliver on its corporate objectives regarding management of the public realm. The above was presented to the Housing SPC on September 13th 2023.


The property in question was viewed on September 21st 2023. Following the viewing, a decision was made not to proceed to carry out a feasibility study to assess the property for potential conversion. Therefore, Dublin City Council does not have an interest in acquiring the property at this time.


Q.32    Councillor Mannix Flynn

Can the Manager issue report as to how Dicies Nightclub, at the Russell Court Hotel received Fire Safety Certificates when the hotel had no planning permission for works carried out?   This information regarding this issue came to light in a recent court hearing in relation to noise and planning permission for this building; on Harcourt Street.



The Planning Enforcement Section do not have a current enforcement file regarding this property at Dicey Reilly’s, Russell Court Hotel, 21 - 23 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2.


The Planning Enforcement Section will open an enforcement file and initiate an investigation on receipt of details of the alleged breaches from the Councillor.  Once an inspection has taken place and the facts relating to the works have been clarified the Councillor will be updated as to whether or not enforcement action is warranted.


The legislation underpinning the Fire Safety Certificate and Planning Permission processes are separate.  There is no requirement for planning permission to be in place prior to applying for or being granted a Fire Safety Certificate.


In accordance with the Building Control Regulations, a Fire Safety Certificate certifies that the building or works, if constructed in accordance with the plans, documents and information submitted, would comply with the requirements of Part B of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations.


Q.33    Councillor Mannix Flynn

Can the Manager issue a full report as to how a lease was issued to a company for the use of the community facility at York Street apartments without going through the disposals procedures?



The Licensee of the community facility at York Street is the Whitefriar Aungier Area Community Council (WAACC).  WAACC have a 12 month licence in place from 1.2.2023 and it is due to expire on the 31.1.2024.  Any licence 12 months or less doesn’t need Section 183 approval.  There is no lease in place.


Q.34    Councillor Mannix Flynn

Can the Manager confirm that all management companies where the Peter McVerry Trust have apartments are being paid their management fees and if not what is the plan going forward.



DCC is unable to answer this question on behalf of the Peter McVerry Trust (PMVT), as we do not manage these payments.  Any payment of management fees would be dealt with directly between PMVT and the management companies.


Q.35    Councillor Kevin Donoghue

To ask the Manager if a meeting could be arranged with some of the residents of Poolbeg Quay to discuss the following issues: illegal dumping, traffic in the estate and other issues arising from the closing of traffic access to Sean Moore Road. 



The filtered permeability scheme at Pigeon House Road has been in place for a few years and in May 2022, there was a presentation to the South East Area Committee, where it was indicated that there was overwhelming support to make the scheme permanent and that was noted by Councillors.  In this regard, a consultant has been engaged by the Environment & Transportation Department with a view to making this scheme permanent while enhancing the infrastructure and we will outline the need for further signage to give advanced warning to motorists that this is not a through road for vehicles with the exception of cyclists.  This filtered permeability scheme is well established and there has been very little feedback to suggest that there is an issue.


The Litter Prevention Officer would be available to meet with the representatives of the residents of Poolbeg Quay to discuss illegal dumping with them and I will attend this meeting.


Q.36    Councillor Deirdre Conroy

To ask the Local Area Manager if the enquirer from Rathgar Junior School, on Grosvenor Road, Rathmines can be provided with safe crossing for students, and parking options for staff?  The detail from the school principal is provided:



I am the Principal of Rathgar Junior School on Grosvenor Road, Rathmines, and over the last number of years we have consistently pleaded for 2 necessary things to help us, as we do not receive a single cent of Government help in any other way:  


  • A safe crossing for our students 
  • Parking options for our staff. 


1)    We have been serving the local community for 105 years and in that time we have had contact with tens of thousands of families in the local area and many are still living in proximity to us today. Currently we have capacity for up to 175 pupils and we are well known in Rathmines.


We have had countless 'near misses' from cars driving down the road and nearly knocking over children and we have begged for a safe crossing option such as a Zebra or pelican and Dublin City Council has done nothing. It is only a matter of time before a child is seriously injured or worse. We have documented warnings about this issue going back over the last 3 years and the council have either ignored or rejected our pleas. When will there be action to prevent a child's injury or death from a preventable road accident? 


2)    Also, as a local business we employ up to 20 staff and further, local contractors. We have nowhere to park and we have repeatedly asked for special permits to resolve this situation. We have been told by parking enforcement that this is written into the council byelaws and so would have to be changed before they are allowed to act. It costs, on average, one of our staff members up to €15 a day to attend work through parking charges alone! Our staff are not in a position to pay that and it will have the knock on effect for the school as without staff, we will have to cease operation and you will be in the unenviable position of trying to find 175 Primary School places in the local area. 


All we are requesting is visitor permits or special dispensation so our staff can park on the street during operating hours and not pay such high prices. The majority of our staff do not have public transport as an option and so using a personal vehicle is their only option. If you were to survey the street on any given weekday between 9am - 3pm, during term time, you would see that there is plenty of space. With the risk of enforcement vans however, up to €100 a week must be paid by staff to avoid clamping. We would only require 10 of these permits to make a huge difference. 


Help sought for some resolution as to not act would display short -sightedness about the negative impacts both for road safety and for local business and families. 



1)    An assessment of the location will be carried out with regard to safe crossing for students.


The location may also be subject to improvement works by the DCC Active Travel Office through the “Kilmainham to Ballsbridge South City Loop S 5” cycling route, and similarly, by BusConnects through the “S2 - Heuston Station - Sean Moore Road” bus route.  The Traffic Advisory Group (TAG) will liaise with the Active Travel Team and BusConnects liaison office for additional input on the matter.

2)    Dublin City Council Parking Control Bye-Laws 2020 govern eligibility of residents parking permits or visitor parking permits and under these bye laws.  There is no facility available to provide visitor permits outside of residential permit schemes.  Unfortunately, the council is unable to facilitate the request to assist with the parking provision for staff.


Q.37    Councillor Deirdre Conroy

To ask the local Area Manager can there be an essential meet-up with City Council staff with the residents on Brighton Road in regard to the majority of residents who have brought the enquiries to City Council, to state their objection to the proposed plan to close off Brighton Road at the junction of Terenure Road East and over 100 enquiries, a copy of their submission is provided.


It is also noted that many protected structures are in Terenure Road East and Brighton Road, but NTA want to demolish historic boundary walls and gardens of RPS.  As there is parking on both sides of Brighton Road, it would be safer if the parking was kept on one side for the road to have its two-way system that residents have been in touch about.  As there are no driveways on the houses, are the residents approved to revise their system for a driveway, such as the RPS in Palmerston Road, etc.?  I include the list of RPS and the view of no driveways.

“Our submission with some of our objections”


Brighton Road proposal for a Filtered Permeability Scheme

This proposal is unreasonable and disproportionate.  To the extent that any reasoning has been supplied the asserted facts seem contradictory e.g. speeding and congestion.  The lawfulness of the mounting of this measure may also be in question.


To cut through the fudge of unsubstantiated assertions and to dispense with the emotive red herrings, it might be helpful to identify what is the priority which seems to be safety for road users.


Speed limit – inadequate signage and enforcement

When the “Love 30” campaign was being promoted in 2020 Dublin City Council were hailed as leaders in the EU for moving from the default 50kph speed limit.[1]  However, it was also recognized by experts that merely erecting a sign could be insufficient to influence human behaviour in all instances.[2]


With the exception of the odd ‘young pup’ (probably driving a company vehicle with no concern for the potential damage caused by the chassis hitting off the speed bumps), there is very little speeding on Brighton Road.  The physical reality is that, with vehicles parked on both sides, the available carriageway is so narrow that it is rare to be able to drive from one end to the other of the thoroughfare without pulling into an entrance or a vacant space to allow an oncoming vehicle to pass.  Axiomatically, a one way street concept would increase the opportunities for speeding by those who are intent on breaking the law.


Obviously, traffic volumes on Brighton Road reduced during Covid-19 restrictions particularly over the period when the crèches at either end of the road were required to close.  Accordingly, any data gathered during the pandemic would be irrelevant to the assessments required for this proposal. 


Research in many fields of human behavior indicates that people need to be reminded to abide by the law and to comply with rules established for our collective benefit.  If there is evidence of widespread non-compliance with the speed limit then the first question that needs to be addressed is how the 30kph reform was implemented.[3]  If those measures are proving to be inadequate then the next question is how compliance could be improved using recognised best practice.


The signage on Brighton Road is wholly inadequate.  There is one unlit “slow zone” sign shortly after the entrance from Terenure Road East and a “ramps” warning near the junction with Brighton Square.  It might be easy for persons unfamiliar with the road to miss the sole speed limit sign as they navigate the junction in question.  A low cost enforcement reminder would be to write “30 kph limit” in white reflective paint on the carriageway itself at various intervals down the road.


Another measure that is acknowledged to have improved compliance is to employ the technology of solar powered radar controlled driver-feedback signs.[4]  This real time reminder flashes out the speed being travelled compared to the limit in force and has proved effective in various studies internationally.  It also has the benefit of not radically altering the pleasing aesthetics of the tree lined streetscape in an area of protected structures.  A couple of photographs are enclosed to illustrate.



If trials of these relatively low cost measures do not sufficiently improve compliance, then the next logical step would seem to be to install static speed cameras.  These enforcement mechanisms provide a powerful clear message that the law breaker can expect a fixed fine notice of 160 and three penalty points on their driving license, with likely adverse effect on their insurance premium.


Only after all of these options have been properly explored should the radical and damaging notion of closing off one end of this protected Victorian styled road be reconsidered.


Diverted traffic routes are hazardous and/or not feasible

A 360 degree analysis of the adverse consequences of this Filtered Permeability intervention does not appear to have been undertaken.


If this proposal were to proceed then vehicles entering Brighton Road would have only three options upon reaching the dead end with Terenure Road East.


1)    Undertaken a U-turn in the area directly outside the drop-off and collection point on Brighton Road for the crèche at 48 Terenure Road East.

2)    Drive down Harrison Row to Rathgar Avenue in the direction of town.

3)    Drive onto Tower Avenue and Brighton Gardens / Whitton Road towards Terenure.


The first option seems distinctly unsafe when children, who might evade the supervisory responsibilities of their parents or guardians, could readily be at risk during peak times.  Such turning manoeuvres could also present a hazard for cyclists entering from Terenure Road East. There is not sufficient width on Brighton Road to build a roundabout or turning circle to support a safe turnaround from the blocked exit.


Harrison Row is quite a narrow laneway.  It also houses some mechanical workshops whose livelihoods depend on a volume of vehicular traffic from clients depositing or collecting cars. Visibility at the junction with Rathgar Avenue is quite restricted.  While some motorists would have the advantage of a ‘yellow box’ for traffic turning right towards Rathgar village, for those going left it would be necessary to remove at least two fee paying parking spaces on the west side of Rathgar Avenue to facilitate a safe turn without being forced onto the incorrect side of the main road.


Tower Avenue and Brighton Gardens / Whitton Road cannot be seriously suggested as alternate escape routes given the narrowness of those carriageways which are a little over half the width of Brighton Road.  Indeed, it is questionable whether the pay parking added by DCC in more recent years to the eastern side of Tower Avenue is compliant with the requirement of 6.5 metres minimum width at certain points.[5]  It seems than an unavoidable consequence of diverting traffic down Brighton Gardens / Whitton Road would have to be the removal of residents’ parking on at least one side of that thoroughfare.


These are some of the disproportionate consequences from this Filtered Permeability proposal for Brighton Road.  It is understood that adversely effected residents on those other roads will be making their own submissions.

False analogy with Ringsend

To hold up the example of what has been implemented beside the recycling centre at Dublin Port as a valid comparison and justification for this Filtered Permeability proposal on Brighton Road does not withstand scrutiny and is a false analogy.


As the photographs below helpfully demonstrate, the challenges encountered on Pigeon House Road were entirely different.[6]  There has never been that level of, or indeed any, congestion on Brighton Road in our 30 years of residing here.




Defective consultation process

There is something very odd and totally unacceptable about this whole process.

The documentation, such as it is, was distributed by means of ‘junk mail’ delivery.  Many of my fellow residents say that they did not receive the offending circular at all.  As a courtesy, if not also a requirement of good governance, each effected resident listed on the Register of Electors should have been contacted much earlier in the deliberations.  By analogy, any proposed parking scheme requires a plebiscite of electors.


At a very minimum, a postal communication to ‘The Resident at [specified address]’ should have been issued.  This could have usefully included all relevant reports, data and assessments that underpinned the decision to progress the proposal to this point.


It seems extraordinary that none of the pertinent information is available on the DCC website.[7]  Openness and transparency are required under Irish administrative law.  In contrast, this process has the appearance of ‘cloak and dagger’ or sleight of hand especially with originally a very short deadline of 20th October being allowed for submissions.


Irish jurisprudence on Administrative Law

All public bodies when exercising discretion must do so with the provision of cogent reasons.

There are a number of ‘cart before the horse’ flaws in this proposal.  It is stated that “Transport related surveys would be conducted in advance” of implementation of the trial.  Surely such surveys should have been undertaken prior to the decision of whether any such proposal was even warranted?


It is stated that the “Neighbourhood Transport Team have assessed the area”.  However, it is not clear who those people are.  An online search does not provide any relevant information nor is a copy of their assessment available on the DCC website.


It is stated that “DCC will continuously monitor the trial throughout”.  But surely monitoring of hazards should have been undertaken as part of the first step of defining the nature and extent of the problem before rushing into a proposal that is not soundly based? 


A modicum of monitoring by DCC on safety in the area might identify other hazards, such as the appalling state of the roads because of defective repair works and the trip hazards on pavements with broken concrete caused by failure to properly maintain the trees.  Given the level of property taxes and commercial rates paid by owners in the area the services provided are far from adequate.


It would be a pity if this has to end up in the Courts but as matters stand this proposal leaves itself wide open to judicial review.



Dublin City Council (DCC) has asked residents of Brighton Road and the surrounding area for feedback and input on a proposal of a Filtered Permeability Scheme on Brighton Road.  The closing date for submissions on this is 3rd November 2023. Submissions can be sent to NTSSouth@dublincity.ie


DCC will need to review the submissions from the relevant stakeholders and assess the transport related surveys to determine the next steps for this project.  Once this work is completed elected Councillors and relevant stakeholders will be notified of the results and next steps.


Q.38    Councillor Deirdre Conroy

To ask the Local Area Manager and Roads Department about the enquiry from Kimmage Grove resident/residents in regard to Larkview FC parking on their roads.

The residents of Kimmage Grove are having huge issues with Larkview Football Club.

Kimmage Grove residents need more support dealing with these issues relating to traffic management in Kimmage Grove. The initial issues flagged are:

1)    Parents and Larkview team players and visitors to the 5 a-side pitches don't care where they park.


2)    At the exit of Larkview Club there is no way of knowing who has right of way. Cars leaving Larkview or cars entering Kimmage Grove.


3)    The absolute madness of the council building bike racks on the corner where the entrance to the club is leaving even less space on a tight corner, instead of putting them over on the grass out of the way.


4)    The absolute refusal of Larkview Football Club to provide any help on traffic management in the estate. There is a gentleman who is in a high Vis vest most evenings, has been there years. When you try and bring it up with him he says he is responsible for inside only? The volume of traffic is a direct result of Larkview being there. If Larkview close the gate as the carpark is full at 6:15pm the estate takes the overflow. The corner at Larkview can’t handle this volume.



Dublin Street Parking Services will be requested to patrol the area and enforce illegal parking.


The cycle stands on Kimmage Grove were requested by members of the public and installed in 2022 as part of the On-Street Cycle Parking Project.  The carriageway installation is a standardised design that had been used successfully city wide.  The stands are more than 5m from the junction and beyond the double yellow line parking restrictions.  The Environment & Transportation Department disagree with the assessment given.


Kimmage Grove is a public road and visitors to Larkview FC are permitted to park where no parking restrictions have been provided.


With regards to the right of way leaving the club grounds, under Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations 1997 section 4 “A driver of a vehicle entering a public road from a place which is not a public road shall yield the right of way to all vehicles and pedestrians proceeding in either direction along the public road.”  This means that traffic leaving the club grounds should yield to traffic on Kimmage Grove.  This is a matter for enforcement by An Garda Síochána.


Q.39    Councillor Hazel de Nortúin

Can the relevant department review the trees growing along Clonard Road that are covering the public lighting and reducing visibility?



Parks have inspected the trees growing along the above mentioned road and

have not Identified any obvious conflicts between public lighting columns and

trees.  If there is a particular address that is known then please forward so we

can investigate further.


Q.40    Councillor Fiona Connelly

To ask the Manager if the light bulbs on the lane of Mayfield Road East, Terenure can be replaced as the lane is in darkness and it is impacting on the accessibility of the lane for residents.





Public Lighting Services are aware of the faults in the laneway at Mayfield Road East and have sent repair requests to ESB Networks.  ESB Networks have confirmed that these lights will be attended to within the next couple of weeks. 


Q.41    Councillor Fiona Connelly

To ask if the TAG team could identify measures to increase safety of pupils attending St. Marys’ College in Rathmines. The school has applied for a Traffic Warden to help young children crossing Military Road in the morning and they have also applied for Schools Mobility Program. Could we get an update on the progress of these applications please?



The Schools Mobility Team is currently working through a list of priority schools, as advised by the Department of Transport as part of the Safe Routes to School programme.  Once this list has been cleared the team will be in a position to re-engage with schools on the School Zone waiting list as well as engaging with new schools, subject to the availability funding and staffing resources.                   


The team is also keen to manage expectations in terms of the impact that School Zones can make.  While they can improve the situation at schools, they are only one of many solutions to the traffic challenges that school communities face.  Ultimately there is a need to reduce the number of cars causing congestion at the school gate which creates the unsafe environment for children.  Some softer measures to help reducing the number of students being driven to school, such as Park and Strides, walking busses and cycling busses, could also help to improve the situation.  We encourage school communities to work with the parents and children in developing and trying out these solutions.  For schools who are part of the Green Schools programme they can also provide support on these types of initiatives.


The school warden section is in the process of carrying out a safety audit as the area is under a lot of construction at present.  The service is provided for older primary children who are unaccompanied generally from second class to six class.  We currently have a school warden in the vicinity that we might be able to move if we find suitable location.  We will monitor this and come back with an update


Q.42    Councillor Fiona Connelly

Could the sign on Parnell Rd at the corner of Clogher Rd towards Dolphin’s Barn Bridge be repaired?





Road Maintenance Services is currently preparing tender documents to procure a contractor to carry out nameplate installation in the South City.  The installation of a new sign at this location will be included in this contract.


Q.43    Councillor Fiona Connelly

Who is responsible for reinstating the double yellow lines on Kimmage Road Lower? They were recent road works and the lines have not been replaced outside Red Rice Take Away down towards Mount Argus Estate.



The works were undertaken by Reach Active on behalf of the ESB and the contractor has now been instructed to replace the line markings as a matter of urgency.


Q.44    Councillor Fiona Connelly

Could double yellow lines be painted on the corners of Larkfield Park and Larkfield Grove and Larkfield Grove and Clareville Road?  There is a persistent issue of illegal parking during school drop and collection times.



It is not current Dublin City Council policy to provide parking restrictions where restrictions are already covered under legislation.  Under Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations 1997 section 36:2:c “A vehicle shall not be parked - within 5 metres of a road junction;”


Instances of illegal or obstructive parking should be referred to Dublin Street Parking Services, DSPS (email info@dsps.ie or tel. no. 01 602 2500) or An Garda Síochána for enforcement.


Q.45    Councillor Paddy McCartan

To ask the Manager to deal with the following issue from a constituent, who writes:


“I am a resident of Simmonscourt Road in Ballsbridge which is scheduled for daily street sweeping as per Dublin City Councils maps.


The location has not been swept for months and with numerous events on over the bank holiday weekend in the locality it was in a horrendous condition over the weekend and today.  There was no remedial action taken on Sunday or Monday and there is still a large amount of debris on the road and blocking drains.


Over the course of the weekend there was registration for the Dublin City Marathon, a Hyrox gym event in Simmonscourt Pavilion, a Leinster rugby match, Boiler Room DJ set in the RDS along with associated footfall for the Dublin Marathon and protest at the US embassy.  There were tens of thousands of visitors accessing events along Simmonscourt and zero evidence of street sweeping.


I have highlighted the lack of street sweeping previously with the department in Dublin City Council, but I have noted no improvement in frequency or standard of street sweeping.


When I emerged from my home with my 2 year old on Sunday morning I was greeted to the sights of multiple puddles of vomit, discarded laughing gas aerosols, empty and broken glass bottles of alcohol, dirty nappies strewn in hedges, a string of half-drunk pints along the RDS, discarded vapes, various amounts of litter and bins overflowing.  I have attached a number of photos to illustrate the condition the neighbourhood was left in for three plus days.


In addition, as the leaves have not been swept for the last number of weeks, they are now compacted into a wet mulch presenting a slip hazard on Simmonscourt Road.


I have noted street sweeping occurred on Anglesea Road today, but Simmonscourt road remains untouched.


I would be grateful if you could raise the issue of street sweeping on Simmonscourt Road with the appropriate department head with a view to ensuring daily sweeps of rubbish and leaves are conducted and a more comprehensive plan implemented around events in the RDS and over bank holidays. 


In addition, storm drains will be at increased risk of blockages given the amount of leaves and debris on the road at the moment.  These may benefit from preventive maintenance in order to mitigate our flood risk coming into winter."  See photo below:





Waste Management Service clean Simmonscourt Road on a weekly basis with a mechanical sweeper.  We had this street inspected recently and the biggest issue there was leaves which we have started clearing on the 6th November 2023.  Our Area Inspector, Geraldine Toner, geraldine.toner@dublincity.ie can be contacted to arrange an onsite meeting if required.

Q.46    Councillor Claire Byrne

To ask the Area Manager can he please provide a timeline on when the drinking water fountain will be installed in Ringsend Park?



The drinking fountain is being installed in Ringsend Park as part of Irish Water’s reinstatement package, following works completed in September 2023.  Landscaping will be undertaken in November and paths upgraded after that, the water fountain will be installed when the landscaping phase of the scheme is nearing completion.


Q.47    Councillor Claire Byrne

To ask the Area Manager can he please prune the trees and fix up the flower beds at the bottom of the trees outside the houses on Ringsend Road (across from the bus station).



These trees have been reported previously on several separate occasions for inspection, which has been carried out.  Pruning is still not required as they are only in their youthful stage and are just beginning to develop crowns.


There are no flower beds along this section of street and we don’t encourage planters or planting at the bases of trees as this encourages rot and earlier decline of trees.


Q.48    Councillor Claire Byrne

To ask the Area Manager can he please provide an update on the provision of a mobility hub in the South East Area as part of the Pathfinders Project and can he provide details of what locations have been considered and the timelines for delivering on this.



Could the councillor give more information regarding which project she is asking for more information on and the specific location she is referring to.


Q.49    Councillor Claire Byrne

To ask the Area Manager can he please improve the street and curb cleaning of (details supplied).



Waste Management Service are currently clearing litter and leaves from the above mentioned streets and we will ensure that this work is carried out to as high a standard as possible.


Q.50    Councillor Claire Byrne

To ask the Area Manager can he please address the issue of dog fouling on Long Lane and if increased presence of enforcement officers in the area would be helpful.



Waste Management Service will ensure that dog foul is removed during the cleaning of Long Lane and we will arrange for a litter warden to include this location as part of their patrol.


Q.51    Councillor Claire Byrne

To ask the Area Manager can he please urgently fix the footpath outside (details supplied), which was left in disrepair with tarmac dumped outside it after works were carried out.  It is now a serious trip hazard. 



Road Maintenance Services has been in communication with the ESB on the 8th of November 2023 to carry out remedial works on the footpath at this location.


Q.52    Councillor Claire Byrne

To ask the Area Manager can he please provide details on when the last cleansing of Simmonscourt Road took place, and can he please increase the cleansing schedule for this road.



Waste Management Services Division cleans Simmonscourt Road on a weekly basis with a mechanical sweeper.  We had this street inspected recently and the biggest issue there was leaves, which we have started clearing on the 6th November 2023.  Our Area Inspector, Geraldine Toner, geraldine.toner@dublincity.ie can be contacted to arrange an onsite meeting if required.


Q.53    Councillor Fiona Connelly

Could the lighting department inspect the lights in Mount Argus Estate as parts of the estate are badly lit and residents have difficulty navigating the estate in the dark?

The trees in the estate also need to be inspected for pruning so that they are not impacting on the lighting of the footpaths in the dark.



The street lights in Mount Argus estate are due to be upgraded to LED street lights under the current Lighting Upgrade Project and it is expected that this upgrade work will be completed in the next 6 to 7 months or so. In the meantime the existing street lighting will continue to be night scouted and maintained.


With regard to trees a few locations have been identified for pruning and Parks Services will be requested to attend to those.


Parks Service will carry out an inspection of the estate as requested and carry out any necessary work.


Q.54    Councillor Pat Dunne

My Constituent reports can this issue be addressed:

“130 to 154 Clonard Road.  I would like to highlight that there is a section of this road, between two speed ramps, that is a safety hazard to pedestrians and importantly children playing.  While there are speed ramps on the road, in this section which is approximately 100 metres, cars speed between the two ramps. 


In the past 6 months two children have been hit by cars; I know at least the 2nd of these was reported to guards.  Thankfully there were only minor injuries but I can assure you that unless there is speed mitigation action (additional ramps / signage) I have no doubt it is only a matter of time before a child is seriously injured or killed. 


This road is a busy road in tight area due to commuters taking short cuts and with future plans for road traffic in the area it is only likely to get busier again.  Please take this request seriously, children's safety and lives depend on corrective action.”



Following an assessment of Clonard Road, the Transport Advisory Group (TAG) area engineer does not recommend the installation of additional speed ramps on Clonard Road as they are appropriately located between properties no 130 – 154.


However, there will be 5 no. of 30km/h road markings installed along the entirety of Clonard Road to alert drivers to the legal speed limit on residential roads.


Vehicles that do not adhere to the road regulations should be reported to the local Garda station.


Q.55    Councillor Pat Dunne

Can the Manager clarify the issue at (details supplied)?



Job was varied to tenant’s responsibility and was informed on same.  The tenant was contacted again this morning 08/11/23 and we have been informed that the tree has been removed.



Q.56    Councillor Pat Dunne

Can the Manager reply to (details supplied)?



Housing Maintenance Joinery Workshop will replace this hall door early in 2024. 


Q.57    Councillor Pat Dunne

Can the Manager reply to (details supplied)?



Housing Maintenance Joinery Workshop have only recently received the order for replacement windows at this property.  It will be next year before any realistic update can be given on the manufacture of these windows.


Q.58    Councillor Pat Dunne

Can the Manager ensure that all streets in the Dublin 12 be swept in the coming period to ensure that fallen leaves and weed residue is lifted.



Waste Management Service operate a leaf clearing programme throughout the city over the autumn and winter months.  Priority is given to tree-lined streets and paths with heavy pedestrian use and areas particularly prone to flooding.  In addition we assist resident groups in clearing leaves from their areas and remove the collected leaves for them.  We will ensure that the Dublin 12 area is included as often as possible during the course of this programme.


Q.59    Councillor Pat Dunne

Can the out of commission litter bin outside Crumlin Shopping Centre be




Waste Management Service had the litter bin at the above mentioned location reinstated on the 2nd November 2023.

Q.60    Councillor Daniel Ceitinn

To ask the Manager if he will install additional bike parking at Irishtown Stadium.



The location will be examined to determine if there is a suitable space in the public   realm for the installation of cycle parking.


Q.61    Councillor Daniel Ceitinn

To ask the Manager if he will install public lighting along south Dock road particularly near Camden Lock.



There is no footpath on this section of South Dock Road to install a pole.  However an additional building mounted light will be considered for installation on the gable end of the building (H75 Camden Lock) subject to getting permission from the owner.  We will contact the owner and ask for permission.


Q.62    Councillor Daniel Ceitinn

To ask the Manager if he will install an external light at a council property (details supplied).



The tenant was contacted yesterday by Electrical Services as they had no record of installing any light at this property.  However the tenant informs that the light is working now and was repaired recently.   


Q.63    Councillor Daniel Ceitinn

To ask the Manager for an update on the container cafe for Sean Moore park.



We are currently assessing a feasible location for the modular café and public toilets this is proving challenging due to the presence of high voltage cables and excessive costs associated with servicing of the site.


Q.64    Councillor Daniel Ceitinn

To ask the Manager if the Council will seek to acquire a derelict site which has gone up for sale (details supplied) for development of community services and public housing.


Derelict Sites have advised they have an active file on this property. A section 8(2) Notice of Intention to Make an Entry on the Derelict Sites register was issued on the 20th June 2023 and representations were received in relation to same.  The request to acquire this Derelict Site will be referred to the Property Development Department for consideration.


Q.65    Councillor Daniel Ceitinn

To ask the Manager for a breakdown of council owner land and property in the South East Inner City local electoral area by ED, excluding public housing, in tabular form



The information requested by the Councillor is not available from one source and therefore it will take a little more time to get the information together. We are currently compiling a report and will get it to the Councillor as soon as possible.


Q.66    Councillor Daniel Ceitinn

To ask the Manager to install a pedestrian crossing on South Lotts road in the vicinity of number 17 to provide a safe crossing point for residents near the shops.



The issue outlined above requires further investigation by the Area Engineer.  A service request has been created to effect this action (details supplied refers).  The Councillor will be informed of the recommendation in due course.


Q.67    Councillor Daniel Ceitinn

To ask the Area Manager if he will engage with the Ringsend and District Historical Society to advance a proposal for a vintage style commemorative lamppost.



I have made contact with Public Lighting Section who are happy to have an exploratory discussion on this however they point out that the development of a vintage lamppost could be very expensive.  The work may involve the development of a pattern that would typically be required for vintage columns (e.g. cast columns), complying with various standards such as EN40 for columns etc.  They indicate that the pattern (e.g. casting) on its own could cost €50,000 plus without even making a column.


Q.68    Councillor Daniel Ceitinn

To ask the Manager if the council has any plans for improving the public space at Bremen Road / Kyleclare Road. 



ESB Networks are proposing to continue the route of new cabling through this area, until routes are confirmed and this work is complete, it would be a waste of limited resources to put any plans in place for open space upgrades.


Q.69    Councillor Daniel Ceitinn

To ask the Manager if he will have the netting on the ball court at O'Rahilly House repaired.


Housing Maintenance Engineering Section will arrange to have the netting inspected on the ball court in O’Rahilly House.  


Q.70    Councillor James Geoghegan

To ask the Area Manager for an update as to the status of the drainage system on Park Avenue and Donnybrook Road, where blockages are extremely common on days of high rainfall.



Park Avenue:

16 of 16 gullies were inspected on 05/11/202.  No further defects to the two known defects currently on the Division’s repair list (broken gully pipeline connection to the public sewer, kerb on gully) were noted.   


It is anticipated works on the two repairs detailed above will be completed in Q1 2024.


Donnybrook Road:

The gullies in this area were cleaned again the week commencing 06/11/2023.  They were last inspected on 20/10/2023.


The existing gully repair works in this area are included in the Division’s Contractor Programme of Work for completion in Q2 2024.  



Q.71    Councillor James Geoghegan

To ask the Area Manager if the cycleway / pathway between Beatty’s Avenue and the railway bridge across the Dodder at the Aviva Stadium could be prioritised for leave cleaning and sweeping where a number of accidents have occurred recently involving pedestrians and cyclists.


Waste Management Services Division will ensure that the above mentioned cycleway / pathway is included as often as possible in our cleaning and leaves removal schedules.


Q.72    Councillor James Geoghegan

To ask the Area Manager to explore the installation of a pedestrian crossing at the junction of Sandford Road and Marlborough Road addressing the concerns set out in the email below:


“Specifically a pedestrian crossing which would safely take pedestrians across Marlborough Road.  Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to cross safely at that junction, as, at no point, does the traffic stop completely; there is either a flow onto and / or from Marlborough Road.

Given the number of children crossing at this road every day, it is surprising that it does not have a pedestrian lights crossing.

I have attached a photograph marked in yellow to show the junction.





The issue outlined above requires further investigation by the Area Engineer.  A service request has been created to effect this action (details supplied) refers.  The Councillor will be informed of the recommendation in due course.


Q.73    Councillor James Geoghegan

To ask the Area Manager if it is possible for the lollipop lady to present at Kildare Place National School, Rathmines at 1:30pm as well as 2:30pm to assist the younger junior infant children crossing the road at that time; if it is possible to provide a timeline of when the new school zone is likely to be installed outside Kildare Place National School, Rathmines.



The public consultation for the proposed School Zone outside Kildare Place is due to take place in November.  Following the consultation, all the comments and observations be will reviewed and, where appropriate, make required changes to the design.  Works will then be scheduled for installation.

The School Warden Service is provided for unaccompanied children, over the age of 8, crossing to and from school.  School children in the junior side of primary school cannot leave unaccompanied, and therefore would not normally qualify for a school warden.  However, we are reassessing each 1.30 crossing on a case by case basis and depending on the numbers of factors e.g. the amount of children crossing.  Many of our old 1.30 crossing were underutilised.  A number of site visits were carried out and the number of children crossing did not meet the warrant for a school warden.  It was noted that the majority of children crossing the road were for the local crèche.


We will keep this crossing in mind and reassess in the near future if necessary.


Q.74    Councillor James Geoghegan

To ask the Area Manager if he can provide an update on the status of Terenure Library.



Preparations in terms of bringing Terenure Library to part 8 are nearing completion.  The plans will be brought to Council by early 2024.


Q.75    Councillor James Geoghegan

To ask the Area Manager if there is a funding stream that could further support Terenure Growers in their endeavours at Eaton Square.



A Community Grant of €500 has been approved for the group, which they will receive shortly.


The area office is also organising the distribution of winter bulbs to the group and the Community Team have been in touch to facilitate this.


Q.76    Councillor James Geoghegan

To ask the Area Manager  about public waste bin collections in Ballsbridge village and whether improvements can be found to avoid seagulls and vermin attacking the bins and creating significant overflows of rubbish on the streets.



Waste Management Services Division have the litter bins in Ballsbridge village emptied daily three times a day, twice during the morning and also late afternoon.  We also ensure that any spillages from these bins are cleared as promptly as possible.


Q.77    Councillor James Geoghegan

To ask the Area Manager what solution can be brought to bear on bins located on the footpath blocking pedestrians adjacent to Scoop Ice Cream on the Ranelagh Road; noting that these bins have caused significant obstruction to vulnerable and elderly persons living in the nearby Woodstock complex.



This businesses have nowhere within the curtilage of their premises to store their wheeled bins.  The bins are in no way a source of litter or a nuisance due to odour, overloading etc.  They have no option to take up a bag collection as they are not located in a designated bag collection area.  The footpath is wide enough to accommodate the bins, passing pedestrians, wheel chairs etc. 

I am not going to enforce the bye-laws on this occasion as they have no other option but to have wheeled bins.


Q.78    Councillor James Geoghegan

To ask the Area Manager what is the update in respect of the tea rooms in Palmerston Park.



The contract for works to convert the depot building in Palmerston Park to a tearoom incorporating publicly accessible toilets will commenced January / February 2024.



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