{meta} Agenda item - Motions 13th October 2023.

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Motion 1 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

This committee requests the Manager to examine what measures can be implemented, possibly in conjunction with the BusConnects plan to reduce the excessive noise from traffic, partially caused by the road surface and the speed of cars along Dartry Road / Milltown Road, which is having a major impact on the quality of life for residents of South Hill backing on to that road.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 2 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

Following the placing of appalling graffiti in Herbert Park to ask the manager if he can respond to these issues raised by residents


1.    Are either of the playgrounds in Herbert Park covered by CCTV?

2.    If not, is there anything preventing its installation?

3.    Are any of the entrances in Herbert Park covered by CCTV?

4.    If not, is there anything preventing its installation?

5.    Are there any plans to install zebra crossings at the entrances to the park on Herbert Park Road?  Both can be very difficult to cross and the risk of an accident seems indefensibly high.

6.    Are there any plans to install lights in the park?  It’s completely unlit after dark and feels very unsafe to walk through alone.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 3 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

To ask the Manager to respond to the issues raised in the letter submitted with this motion regarding the stench on Sandymount and Merrion Strands and to organise a round table meeting involving the relevant agencies and Councillors and Sandymount and Merrion Residents’ Association (SAMRA) to agree an approach to resolve these issues once and for all.


“Good morning Dermot.

Thanks for the report.  Thanks also to you and James for raising the 'noxious smell' at the South East Area Committee meeting on Monday last.  


The report is very comprehensive and it's good to see a broad stakeholder involvement which also includes the relevant scientific and technical skills.  However I share the concerns as outlined in email of 11/11.


I note that the Elm Park outflow is part of a bigger problem in the Dublin Bay area.  I have a major concern about the pace of implementation of solutions by the BWTF (set up in 2019) along with the absence of deadlines for completion of necessary works.  


The current noxious smell is a health hazard and must be addressed as a matter of urgency.  We need immediate action on testing (in addition to the water tests) the sludge deposits to determine their composition and put in place an environmentally sensitive protocol to clean up the beach.  It might also be worthwhile checking to see if there is a relationship between the composition of the sludge deposits and the chemicals used in modern day cruiser waste disposal systems.  The problem seems to have worsened considerably since the cruisers started mooring in the bay instead of going into Dublin port.”

Order: Agreed.


Motion 4 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

This committee requests the Manager to take the action identified as necessary to deal with the safety issues outlined in the email submitted with this motion.


“Sir / Madam,

I wish to draw your attention to the below safety issue and I would request Dublin City Council review and action to mitigate against risk to pedestrians at this location.



  • Location - Milltown Commercial Centre, Milltown, Dublin 6.
  • Issue - On a daily basis vehicular traffic mounts the public footpath at this location as an informal drop-off location for the existing commercial premises (pharmacy, spar, drycleaners) etc.  This is a major road traffic safety Issue.
  • In addition to the commercial provision at this location the Milltown village centre scheme provides for a crèche and Montessori at first floor level catering for over 60 children per day.
  • On exiting this crèche onto the public footpath there is no impediment to vehicles traversing directly in front of this doorway (which is now a daily occurrence and as recently as yesterday there was a near collision between a child exiting the crèche and a car using the footpath to drop off dry cleaning in adjacent premises).
  • On numerous occasions over the past months vehicles traveling at an estimated excess of 20km/hr have had close encounters with children exiting the crèche at this location.
  • Such parking and use of this location as a vehicular route is not permitted by the planning granted for the subject commercial premises and as such this action is an enforcement issue for Dublin City Council planning department.
  • Separately however, in addition to this enforcement issue, access to this location is in the gift of Dublin City Council and it is respectfully suggested that appropriate bollards are located upon the public footpath in this location to ensure the safety of pedestrians upon this public thoroughfare is maintained (and preferably that no car has access to use of the are in general - noting that no planning for parking was ever permitted in this location).


In support of this view I attach copy image of illegal parking behind the existing dedicated off street parking:




I request that consideration of this issue be given priority, given the child safety concerns and the likelihood that it is only a matter of time until a child may be knocked down.


Having been made aware of this issue it is incumbent on Dublin City Council to put a plan in place to rectify this situation and ensure your duty of care to pedestrians in this location is met.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 5 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

This committee requests the Traffic Advisory Group (TAG) to examine how safety could be improved at the junction of St. Alban's Park and Ailesbury Gardens; measures suggested by residents include; an additional ramp, solid white line around bend defining two-way nature of road, footpath build out.

Order: Report to Councillor.



Motion 6 from Councillor Fiona Connelly

I propose that the Parks Department examine all the tress in the Mount Drummond Estate, Harold’s Cross for safety.  Following a recent storm one was blown down and as they were all planted at the same time, it would be a good precaution to inspect all the trees in the estate that were planted at that time.  This estate is one of the poorest estates in terms of green space both public and private and it is of urgent importance that the existing greenery is well maintained and that DCC replace the fallen tree.



Order: Agreed.


Motion 7 from Councillor Fiona Connelly

Over the past few years this committee along with the Harold’s Cross Age Friendly got agreement that an electronic notice board would be erected in Harold’s Cross Park to help make people aware of local events.  This committee along with Harold’s Cross Age Friendly on a number of occasions intervened to get constructive help from Jamie Cudden in Smart Cities and arranged electronic connectivity to the site. 


This committee reiterates the already agreed commitment to erect the Electronic Notice Board in Harold’s Cross Park, which is very much in keeping with the concept of peoples’ public park and the Council’s commitment to service citizens, especially in this case older people, many of whom are isolated and need this communication help from the Council.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 8 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this area committee calls on the Area Manager to please install more bike parking in Portobello, particularly in the Lennox Street area.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 9 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this area committee calls on the Area Manager to work with the residents and businesses of Temple Bar and the Gardaí to develop an overall strategy for the area to deal with the litany of ongoing issues such as drug dealing and abuse, anti-social behaviour, litter, cleanliness, the laneways, bin storage, lighting (public and private) noise, planning and an increase in policing.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 10 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this area committee calls on the Area Manager to please fix the uneven footpath and improve the lighting on the pathway between Pine Road and Bremen Road.  The current pathway is dangerous from both a trip hazard and personal safety perspective.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 11 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this area committee agrees to write to IPUT Real Estate Dublin, requesting an urgent meeting with local residents of the Windsor Terrace area to discuss the range of ongoing issues with developments in the area.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 12 from Councillor Daniel Ceitinn

That Dublin City Council will engage with the Minister for Housing, Local Government, and Heritage to seek the transfer and full ownership of interest in the Graving docks and associated lots which are held in public ownership by the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) and Waterways Ireland to avoid a market sale of public land which is ideally situated for development for community amenity and potential public housing.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 13 from Councillor James Geoghegan

That the South East Area Committee agrees to write to the Chief Executive of Transdev Ireland to upgrade their CCTV cameras located at Beechwood, Ranelagh and Cowper Luas stops to provide better assistance for crime detection and prevention for An Garda Síochána following recent incidents of crime in the area.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 14 from Councillor James Geoghegan

That the South East Area Committee requests that the following items be carried out or considered;

Ø  The installation of clasps or new pedestrian gates which close automatically at the entrances to Herbert Park, off Clyde Lane.

Ø  A safety inspection to be carried out at the junction of Clyde Lane adjacent to St. Conleth’s College, either with a view to re-installing the mirror that previously was present there, or an alternative measure.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Emergency Motion  from Councillor Mannix Flynn

That this meeting of the South East Area Committee supports the residents of Sandymount and their respective residents’ association in their call not to have a container storage facility at Dublin Bay, the UNESCO protected environment and calls on the Dublin Port Company not to proceed with this development in this unique protected environment, which is an enormous, amenity for the citizens of Dublin and the wider public. 



Given the serious nature of the ongoing undermining of the unique Dublin Bay, such as the continuing pollution of the waters with raw sewage etc., the threat of this development going ahead would be a further nail in the coffin of the demise of Dublin Bay. 


One has only to remind oneself of Sean, Dublin Bay, Loftus and his campaign to save Dublin Bay some years back; this development is the latest attack on Dublin Bay and natural amenities.


This issue not only affects the residents of Sandymount, but the wider community of Dublin who use this amenity; let us not forget the issues that were impacted on the residents of Pigeon House Road regarding Marine Terminals Ltd. (MTL) containers, roll-on, roll-off, ferries and the long campaign that those residents had in order just to get a night sleep.


Some of the residents vacated the area because of the impact on their health from these containers and the noise.  This is an emergency situation for our natural environment that is protected under European environmental law.  As the broader public are unaware of this issue, it is a duty of elected representatives, to support the protection of this unique facility, the renowned Dublin Bay.

Order: Agreed.




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