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Motion 1 from Councillor Mannix Flynn

This meeting of the South East Area Committee calls on Dublin City Council, Housing Department and Approved Housing Bodies to address the issue of discrimination and inequality regarding Part 5 tenancies and the like, who are experiencing exclusion from amenities that are attached to the apartment complexes; further that a clear policy regarding pet ownership for such tenants be initiated so as to give clarity to rights and due process to affected tenants.  Also that a full audit of Part 5 tenants who have been excluded from amenities as a result of Dublin City Council initial agreement be initiated by the council immediately to address this issue of othering and inequality. 

Order: Agreed.


Motion 2 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

This Committee requests the Manager to include Rugby Road and adjoining roads on the next resurfacing programme (as detailed in the photographs and email submitted with this motion) and to report to the Committee on any aspects of this that may be relevant.


“I am contacting you about the state of Rugby Road (of which I am a resident) and the surrounding roads of Oxford Road and Mountpleasant Place (next to the Hill pub) in Ranelagh.

I attach photos of just my street (Rugby Road) to show how bad things have become after multiple construction jobs on the street over the last few years. The road is in a bad state and needs a complete resurface- not just a patch-up job which seems to have been the policy in the past and makes the street look worse.”

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 3 from Councillor Fiona Connelly

I would like to propose a motion that the Traffic Department examine the no right turn from the Lower Kimmage Road onto Aideen Avenue, as it is posing a danger to residents in particular children who are playing out as drivers use the illegal turn as a rat run.  Could the Traffic Department consider interventions that would create a safer space for all residents of Aideen Avenue and Aideen Drive?  This illegal turn impacts on many adjacent roads in the area as the cars continue east bound through the estate onto the Harold’s Cross Road.

Order: Due to Fórsa industrial action commencing 11th September, this item has not been completed.


Motion 4 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

This committee thanks the many DCC staff for their work during and following Storm Betty.  In order to try and minimise future damage and destruction the committee requests a full analysis of those areas close to Sandymount Strand, including Marine Drive and Lea and Gilford Road and Avenue, that are prone to flooding, involving appropriate assessment of dangerous trees and blocked drains that add to the problems.

Order: Report to Councillor


Motion 5 from Councillor Fiona Connelly and Dermot Lacey

We have heard there are plans to move the Community Gardaí from Rathmines Garda Station to Terenure.

This would be a very serious retrograde step for the Rathmines Community and the decision needs to be urgently reversed.  The whole concept of Community Gardaí is that they know the area this is developed by having their office located locally which gives them every opportunity to pick up on what is happening on the ground. 

 It’s also important that the local community have easy access to their Community Garda.  If they are in Terenure this will not happen.

Rathmines has suffered very badly from state withdrawal of public services locally over recent years, the local Citizens Information Office (CIB) was closed despite the DCC area committee making representations to the Minister for Social & Family Affairs, sadly without success.  The Area Partnership Office was removed from Rathmines to Crumlin which terminated Home Work clubs and Mothers and Babies Support groups. 

Since the CIB office closed people are relying on the Gardaí to help fill up forms, this should not be the work of Gardaí but it goes to show when one arm of Government decides to terminate public service that the need doesn’t go away.

Therefore this committee calls on the Superintendent to urgently reverse the decision and agree that our Community Gardaí stay in Rathmines Garda Station.  Rathmines is a community like everywhere else and needs the protection of the Gardaí.

Order: Refer to South East Area Joint Policing Committee.


Motion 6 from Councillor Hazel Chu

A temporary segregated bike lane by wands for Milltown Road, Dublin 6 especially heading into the city centre.  Understand that the plans for the Dodder Greenway when constructed would provide for cycle infrastructure for residents to commute but the direct route for many school children to and from Milltown Road.  Currently there is part of a cycle lane from Alexandra College to Ranelagh that does not continue all the way and between 8am to 9am the narrow road operates as a dual carriageway by drivers in parts, posing a danger to cyclists. I ask that a continuous segregated cycle lane be trialled for the whole stretch.

Order: Agreed


Motion 7 from Councillor Hazel Chu

That the Manager develops a traffic management plan for Milltown Village and Road.  Starting from Ranelagh Road down to the junction of Alexandra College.

Order: Report to Councillor


Motion 8 from Councillor Hazel Chu

That cycling be made not illegal in Herbert Park and a segregated lane be provided through or on the periphery of the park.

Order: Report to Councillor. Refer to Active Travel Unit.


Motion 9 from Councillor Hazel Chu

For the reinstatement of appointed resident group members opening and closing of Ranelagh Park.  Since the change from resident closing to one individual designated by DCC closing and opening the park, the park has seen an increase of antisocial behaviour and also later opening and earlier closing times, which means during winter times the park will close at 4.30pm.  Ranelagh Park being a safe access route for residents and school children should not be closed so early and the residents who were in charge of opening and closing previously catered to that.  I would motion for that protocol to be reinstated.

Order: Motion referred back to Parks.


Motion 10 from Councillor Hazel Chu

For a temporary two way road sign for local access be placed on Belmont Avenue outside St. Mary's School.  Currently there are road markings which many drivers do not pay attention to and residents at Belmont Gardens have reported that the face abuse for travelling down towards Donnybrook from drivers coming towards them.  Understand the report to determine a decision of the future traffic plans for Belmont Avenue is to be presented to Councillors soon but there will still be a period before an enacted decision.  I am proposing that a temporary sign be erected to ease the tensions and it can be reviewed once a decision is made.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 11 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

This committee requests urgent action by DCC, the Environmental Protection Agency, National Parks and Wildlife Service and any other relevant body to initiate appropriate efficient removal of harmful opportunistic algal sludge to the rear of the houses at the Merrion Gates end of Strand Road and to deal with the causes of same, with regular public updates on progress.  Details of same and photographs supplied with this motion.

Order: Due to Fórsa industrial action commencing 11th September, this item has not been completed.


Motion 12 from Councillor Carolyn Moore, Tara Deacey, Fiona Connelly and Pat Dunne

That this committee congratulates the Bloomin’ Crumlin group on the publication of its Biodiversity Action Plan and commends the group for its ongoing efforts working to improve biodiversity, provide access to nature and enhance the public realm in the local area.  In welcoming the publication of this plan, this committee undertakes to use this report to inform us in our decision-making, working together with the local community to support the delivery of key actions to improve the biodiversity of the Crumlin and Kimmage areas.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 13 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this area committee calls on the Area Manager to put in place more bins along the walkway along the Irishtown Nature Reserve to the Poolbeg Lighthouse and to increase the frequency of emptying the bins.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 14 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this area committee calls on the Area Manager to resurface the road on Lincoln Place and Westland Row.  The pot holes are absolutely lethal for cyclists on this route.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 15 from Councillor Danny Byrne

That this area committee supports the reintroduction of the 9% vat rate for food related businesses and that we write to the Minister for Finance requesting that the 9% rate be extended to the end of 2024.

Order: Not agreed.


Emergency Motion from Councillor James Geoghegan

That the South East Area Committee write urgently to the Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth;


·         urging the Minister and relevant officials to engage with representatives of early childhood education providers, particularly sessional pre-school education providers, concerning their current funding regime;

·         acknowledging that there are a number of smaller independent pre-school education providers within the South East Area and Dublin which have expressed major concerns about their future viability;

·         recognising that parental choice and flexibility for parents is extremely important in the provision of childcare to support working parents; and

·         pressing the Minister and officials to provide solutions that will forestall proposed organised protest that will see many childcare providers shut on the 26th of September.

Order:South East Area Committee write to the Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth.





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