{meta} Agenda item - Motions on Notice

Agenda item


1)    Motion in the Name of Councillor Dermot Lacey:

It was proposed by Councillor Dermot Lacey and seconded by Council Mannix Flynn that:


“Recognizing the importance of good planning for the future of the City Acknowledging Irelands commitments under the terms of the Aarhus Convention, and thanking the many community, voluntary and civic minded bodies for their work in trying to ensure a better and more inclusive City.


Dublin City Council rejects the terms of the Planning and Development Bill currently before the Oireachtas, which seriously threatens good planning, ignores the Arhaus Convention and significantly reduces the opportunities for Citizens and Councillors to actively engage in the planning process.


The Council further calls on TDs and Senators to use their influence to reject the Bill as it currently stands and to defend the rights of Citizens and Councillors to proactively engage in good planning and to ensure that there is certainty for all – Communities and Developers - in agreed Development Plans.


As the largest Local Authority in the Country the Council further requests an opportunity to present a case to the Oireachtas Committee dealing with the Bill and requests the Planning SPC to prepare a submission for same.”


The motion was put and carried.


Councillors Ray McAdam and Claire O’Connor requested that their opposition to this motion be noted.


2)    Motion in the name of Councillor Mannix Flynn:

It was agreed to defer this motion to the next meeting.


3)    Motion in the name of Councillor Daniel Céitinn

Councillor Céitinn withdrew his motion as the relevant date had passed.


4)    Motion in the name of Councillor Danny Byrne:

It was proposed by Councillor Danny Byrne and seconded by Councillor James Geoghegan that:


“That this Council agrees to give a rates rebate of commercial rates to premises which allow the public to use their toilet facilities.”


Head of Finance, Kathy Quinn informed Members that there was no current facility available within the regulations to implement Councillor Byrne’s motion. Consequently, the Lord Mayor ruled it out of order.


5)    Motion in the name of Donna Cooney

It was proposed by Councillor Donna Cooney and seconded by Councillor Catherine Stocker that:


“Dublin City Council as part of the major emergency management and flood emergency plan agrees to engage communities at risk of mayor flooding in a flood drill after a simulated flood emergency, involving DCC emergency services, the coastguard, residents in the flood risk areas and provide a training exercise for emergency services and community volunteers.”

Assistant Chief Executive, John Flanagan informed Members that the existing emergency management plans are currently being reviewed and that once complete they will assess the feasibility of a full flood drill and training exercise that will involve the community.

The motion was put and carried.


6)    Motion in the name of Councillor Nial Ring:

It was agreed to defer this motion to the next meeting.


7)    Motion in the name of Catherine Stocker:

It was proposed by Councillor Catherine Stocker and seconded by Councillor Mannix Flynn that:


“That this council commends the work of the Parks department in implementing the collaborative Story Trail project in St Anne’s Park, and agrees to allocate resources to introduce this project to one park in each of Dublin City’s 5 administrative areas in collaboration with the Fighting Words charity and local DEIS schools.


The motion was put and carried.


8)    Motion in the name of Councillor Vincent Jackson:

Councillor Vincent Jackson requested that his motion be moved for report and that the report to be circulated to all Members:


“That Dublin City Council bring in proper enforceable bye laws in relation to redundant Cars / Vans littering the suburban streets of Dublin it is not uncommon to see cars parked outside on the public road with no car tax, insurance for many years, in many cases these vehicles are basically rotting on the public road and will almost certainly never drive again what recourse have neighbours / Dublin City Council have to clear these vehicles from our streets.”


The request to move the motion for report was agreed.

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