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Motion 1 from Councillors Kevin Donoghue, Danny Byrne, Mannix Flynn, Claire Byrne and Daniel Ceitinn

This area committee agrees that an oversight and consultative committee for the development of the Irish Glass Bottle site and Poolbeg West SDZ shall be established, as previously committed to.


The composition of the oversight and consultative committee should include:


1. An independent chairperson 

2. Councillors from the SEIC

3. Local residents,

4. Members of the IGB housing action group,

5. Other appropriate members,


as determined and finalised at a meeting of local area councillors and relevant management to be held within 3 weeks of the passage of this motion, with a view to establishing the committee within 6 weeks.

Order: Deferred to April SEAC Meeting.


Motion 2 from Councillor Daniel Ceitinn

That Dublin City Council shall install opening hour’s signage at Elizabeth O’Farrell Park which sets out off- and on-lead times for dogs in line with the City Council’s policies.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 3 from Councillor Daniel Ceitinn

That Dublin City Council shall engage with the Irish Cancer Society and Raytown Men's Shed to install a daffodil bench in Ringsend Park.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 4 from Councillor Tara Deacy

In recent months several residents have been in touch regarding the state of our cities footpaths.  These photos were taken by a constituent walking home from work through Harold’s Cross, but these sights are familiar to us all in almost every part of the South East Area.  How is this an acceptable way to leave a footpath, not only is it dangerous, but it also makes the footpath more tricky to navigate for some and it looks horrendous.  I ask that this committee agrees to take action on this poor workmanship, to ensure this type of practice is discontinued and if footpaths need to be repaired that they are repaired fully and permanently rather than this piece meal effort.   


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Order: Report to Councillor.




Motion 5 from Councillors Anne Feeney, Tara Deacy, Pat Dunne, Carolyn Moore, Mary Freehill and Deirdre Conroy

That this Committee requests an urgent meeting with the CEO and Assistant CEO Environment and Transportation regarding the failure to ensure that resources are available to deliver on the final phase of the Herzog Park works, which form part of the Rathgar Village Improvement Plan as set out in the Part 8 permission.


The outstanding works in Herzog Park and adjoining car park were committed to four years ago. Funding was made available and a Part 8 approved by the South East Area Committee.   The final phase of this long overdue project, includes realignment of the front boundary of the park and a revised plan for the car park layout.


The SEAC has been advised by the Director of Services (latest February 2023) that “once the design process has been completed it is proposed to prepare a tender for work to the car park area in 2023 and complete the work in 2023.  When these works are carried out, further landscaping inside the park wall, will be agreed as part of the works to complete this project”.


However, following the topo and GPR surveys being completed after four years of waiting, we have now been advised that resources, that were working on this project, have been reassigned with immediate effect to other projects in DCC, with no replacements or plan for completion of the Herzog project.  This is completely unacceptable.  This funded, planned for and much anticipated project must be completed in 2023 as committed to by DCC.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 6 from Councillors Kevin Donoghue, Danny Byrne, Mannix Flynn, Claire Byrne and Daniel Ceitinn

This area committee calls on the Chief Executive to engage with the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) and the Minister for Finance to seek the transfer of NAMA’s interest in the Irish Glass Bottle Site to Dublin City Council as part of NAMA's wind up and as soon as practicable.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 7 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this Area Committee calls on the Area Manager to please consider installing a 'welcome' sign at the junction of Clanwilliam, Grand Canal Street Upper and Grand Canal Street Lower.  The wording proposed by local residents is 'Welcome to the Grand Canal Quarter'. It would be north-south inclusive and would also be the gateway to the Grand Canal Dock, via east facing Barrow Street and Macken Street. Proposed locations are just before the traffic lights at Clanwilliam where it would be visible to motorists turning left or right or could also go across the road at the bridge but then it would mainly be seen by pedestrians rather than motorists.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 8 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this Area Committee calls on the Area Manager to write to the ESB for a full update on the plans for the reopening of the Georgian House Museum, number 29 Fitzwilliam Street.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 9 from Councillor Mary Freehill

To reiterate that the motion agreed in September 2020 to resurface Oaklands Drive, Rathgar be acted upon.  Furthermore that we receive a report on why this work was not carried out to date.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 10 from Councillor Mary Freehill

To reiterate the proposal already agreed by council to do a pilot scheme on repair of footpaths in Harold’s Cross village from Kenilworth Cross to the canal.  It was agreed through several conversations and motions at Age Friendly meetings that this pilot would try out ways of working more effectively with utility companies to get repairs done more effectively in the interest of safety of pedestrians.


When this was agreed, the National Transport Authority (NTA) showed an interest and said they were prepared to part fund the pilot scheme.  It was agreed that the scheme will investigate ways of reinstating openings permanently in the first instance and highlight where powers of the council need to be strengthened to ensure greater co-operation from utility companies.  All of this is in the interest of footpath safety which is an issue for pedestrians, especially older people with mobility difficulties.  The number of litigation cases in the courts in this regard highlights the urgency of this initiative.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 11 from Councillor Mary Freehill

That the Parks department investigates the possibility of implementing a speed limit in our Public Parks.  There have been a number of incidents where children have been knocked down by scooters and cyclists especially in Bushy Park.  While I am aware this is an area that requires legislation, in the interim we agree to investigate how co-operation with the Gardaí could make our Parks a safer place.


Furthermore that the council considers a poster / Information campaign reminding people of all ages of their responsibilities to protect the rights of others.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 12 from Councillor Pat Dunne

This area committee notes with grave concern the continued increase in homelessness in the Dublin City Council area and also nationwide.  We believe that the increases would have been even greater but for the Government's temporary eviction ban which expires on 31st March 2023.


We call on the Government to now extend this eviction ban for another period of at least 12 months.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 13 from Councillor Mary Freehill

That this committee agrees to allocate sufficient funding for road cleansing especially next autumn to remove leaves from footpaths.  Furthermore that the council makes contact with institutions to get them to take responsibility for sweeping footpaths adjacent to their premises and this includes DCC blocks of flats.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 14 from Councillor James Geoghegan

That the South East Area Committee agrees that the relevant department in Dublin City Council would explore supporting the construction of a small box which would facilitate a community library, similar to the one already in place for adults in Dunville Avenue, designed for children on Dunville Avenue and would engage with relevant parties interested in this proposal.

Order: Report to Councillor.



Motion 15 from Councillor Danny Byrne

That this area committee would seek to set up a number of repair cafés in the South East Area.

Order: Report to Councillor.





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