{meta} Agenda item - Presentation on SHD0015/22: Location Harold's Bridge Court' and No.s 1-3 Clare Villas, located at Harold's Cross Road & Greenmount Lane, Harold's Cross, Dublin 6W.

Agenda item

Planning and Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Act 2016

Planning and Development (Strategic Housing Development) Regulations 2017

Notice of Strategic Housing Development

Application to An Bord Pleanála

The Adroit Company Ltd. intends to apply to An Bord Pleanála for permission for a strategic housing development on a site that includes lands at ‘Harold’s Bridge Court’ and No.s 1-3 Clare Villas, located at Harold’s Cross Road & Greenmount Lane, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6W. The site is bounded: (a) to the north, by the rear of existing dwellings (No.s 1-8a Parnell Road & No. 20 Greenmount Lane) and commercial development (i.e. “Greenmount Office Park”) fronting onto Parnell Road, (b) to the south and east by commercial development i.e. “Greenmount House” and “Argus House” office buildings, and residential development i.e. “Boyne Court”, (c) to the east by Harold's Cross Road, and (d) to the west by Greenmount Lane and to the south-west by Limekiln Lane.

The proposed development provides for 194 no. dwellings comprised of studio, 1, 2 & 3 bed apartment units in 4 no. 2-9 storey blocks (Blocks A-D). The development also includes 1 no. commercial / retail unit (c.175m2) at ground floor level of Block A, 1 no. creche (142.2m2) at ground floor level of Block C and 22 no. artist work studios and exhibition space (1,958m2 GFA) at ground & 1st floor level of Block D, all on a site area of 1.01Ha. Permission is sought for the demolition of all existing buildings on site (c. 5,356m2), i.e. (a) 4 no. 3 storey duplex residential buildings (i.e. 48 no. dwellings, c. 3,542m²) and 2 no. 1 storey detached dwellings i.e. No.s 49 & 50 (c. 40m² & 41m² respectively) all within Harold's Bridge Court, (b) 3 no. 2 storey houses at No.s 1-3 Clare Villas (c.331m² in total) and (c) an existing warehouse (c.1,248m²) and ancillary structures (c.154m2) fronting onto Greenmount Lane.  Vehicular access to the proposed development will be via Harold’s Cross Road, utilizing the existing entrance to Harold’s Bridge Court. Limited vehicular traffic will be allowed enter the site from Greenmount Lane, with no vehicular traffic progressing through the entire development. Pedestrian and cyclist access is proposed via Greenmount Lane, Limekiln Lane and Harold’s Cross Road. The proposed development consists of the following: Block A is a four to seven storey building accommodating 56 no. dwellings comprised of 29 no. 1 bed & 27 no. 2 bed apartments. Block A also includes 1 no. commercial / retail unit (c.175m2) at ground floor level, with a communal amenity room (c.35m2) and 2 no. communal roof gardens (c.144m2 & c.39m2 respectively) on the 6th floor. Bin and bicycle stores, sub-station & switch room are accommodated at ground floor. Block B is a two-three and five-nine storey building accommodating 56 no. dwellings comprised of 2 no. studio units, 20 no. 1 bed, 32 no. 2 bed & 2 no. 3 bed apartments. Block B also includes a communal amenity room (c.53m2) on the 3rd floor, with a communal roof garden (c.164m2) also on the 3rd floor. Bin and bicycle stores are accommodated at ground floor. Block C is a four to eight storey building accommodating 57 no. dwellings comprised of 15 no. 1 bed, 39 no. 2 bed & 3 no. 3 bed apartments. Block C also includes a 1 storey creche (142.2m2) at ground floor level, with associated outdoor play space (c.233m²), bin stores at ground floor level and a communal amenity room (c.50m2) on the 7th floor, with a communal roof garden (c.169m2) also on the 7th floor.  Block D is a four to five storey building accommodating 25 no. dwellings comprised of 1 no. studio unit, 16 no. 1 bed, 7 no. 2 bed & 1 no. 3 bed apartments. Block D also includes 22 no. artist work studios and exhibition space (1,958m2) at ground & 1st floor level, and communal open space (c.124m2) at 2nd floor level. Bin and bicycle stores are accommodated at ground floor.  The proposed development provides for public open space (c.1,355m2), hard and soft landscaping & boundary treatments. Communal residential amenity areas and open spaces are provided for in the form of communal roof gardens and communal rooms associated with the individual blocks. Additional communal open space is provided at ground level totalling c.577m². Private open spaces for the proposed dwellings are provided as terraces at ground floor level of each block and balconies at all upper levels.  Car parking is to be provided in the form of surface and basement level car parking (65 no. spaces in total).  Blocks B & C are located above the proposed basement, which accommodates 58 no. car parking spaces (including EV parking), 4 no. motorcycle spaces and 426 no. bicycle parking spaces (inclusive of 8 no. cargo bike spaces & 48 no. electric bicycle spaces). There are an additional 7 no. surface level car parking spaces proposed (including 4 no. club car spaces), and 50 no. surface bicycle parking spaces. Bicycle parking is also accommodated at ground floor level within Blocks A, B & D (104 no. spaces in total).  The proposed development includes for all associated site development works above and below ground, bin & bicycle stores, plant (M&E), 2 no. sub-stations, public lighting, servicing, signage, surface water attenuation facilities etc.  The application contains a statement setting out how the proposal is consistent with the objectives of the Dublin City Development Plan 2016-2022, and also contains a statement indicating why permission should be granted for the proposed development, having regard to a consideration specified in section 37(2)(b) of the Planning and Development Act, 2000, as amended, notwithstanding that the proposed development materially contravenes a relevant development plan or local area plan other than in relation to the zoning of the land.  The application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, during public opening hours at the offices of An Bord Pleanála and Dublin City Council. The application may also be inspected online at the following website set up by the applicant: www.haroldsbridgecourtshd.ie.  Any person may, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by An Bord Pleanála of the application and on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 (except for certain prescribed bodies), make a submission or observations in writing to An Bord Pleanála, 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, relating to the implications of the proposed development, if carried out, for proper planning and sustainable development in the area or areas concerned, and the likely effects on the environment or the likely effects on a European site, as the case may be, of the proposed development, if carried out. Submissions or observations duly made will be considered by An Bord Pleanála in making a decision on the application.  Such submissions or observations must also include the following information: (a) the name of the person, authority or body making the submission or observations, the name of the person, if any, acting on behalf of that person, authority or body, and the address to which any correspondence relating to the application should be sent, (b) the subject matter of the submission or observations, and (c) the reasons, considerations and arguments on which the submission or observations is or are based.  An Bord Pleanála may grant permission for the strategic housing development as proposed, or may grant permission subject to such modifications as it specifies in its decision, or may grant permission in part only, with or without any other modifications it may specify in its decision, or may refuse to grant permission for the proposed development. An Bord Pleanála may attach to a grant of permission such conditions as it considers appropriate.  Any enquiries relating to the application process should be directed to the Strategic Housing Development Section of An Bord Pleanála (Tel. 01-8588100). A person may question the validity of a decision of An Bord Pleanála by way of an application for judicial review, under Order 84 of the Rules of the Superior Courts (S.I. No. 15 of 1986), in accordance with sections 50 and 50A of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (No. 30 of 2000), as amended. Practical information on the review mechanism can be found in the Judicial Review Notice on the An Bord Pleanála’s website: www.pleanala.ie or on the Citizens Information Service website: www.citizensinformation.ie.


Order: Noted.