{meta} Agenda item - Draft Dublin City Development Plan 2022 - 2028 - Update - Deirdre Scully, Deputy City Planner, Planning & Property Development

Agenda item


Copy of presentation was provided in advance of the meeting in the ModGov pack


Deirdre Scully presented to Members. The Chair thanked the Presenter and opened the floor to questions and answers.


Cllr. Freehill wished to acknowledge the work of the Presenter and the wider team and welcomed the draft Plan.

She commented on the following; a recent Irish Times article and gave praise to both John O’Hara, City Planner and the Lord Mayor on DCC’s plans to curb build to rent (BTR) developments and studio and one bedroom apartments; the possible adaption of older people’s homes to allow for 2nd income and allow them to stay in their homes; the welcoming of the tightening up of Z15’s and the 25% community allowance.


Cllr. Batten expressed concern with the lack of transport needs being addressed in areas of development and how the Council are addressing this in line with the draft Plan.


Cllr. Heney asked for explanation of definition “15 minute City”, she commented unfavourably on the takeover of build to rent in Clontarf ward, she sought clarification of plans for BTR developments with fewer than 100 units, and queried if the discouragement of certain BTR schemes under the City Development Plan would be overruled by Government.


Cllr. Cooney sought clarification on Z15 / Z12 and commented on SDZ’s and the need for connection between planning applications and LAP’s.


Odran Reid commented on the industrial/employment issues and many Industrial/Retail Parks in the fringes of Dublin City are currently old/underutilised and what plans are there for future development and economic growth in local areas.


Aidan Sweeney reiterated Odran Reid’s comments and the need to look at Dublin as a whole and the need for all plans to be aligned. He commented on city centre core shift around retail and how these retail units could not easily be switched to other uses, commercial mix in the City and preserving the right mix in terms of night time economy.


The Chair agreed with the comments made by Cllr. Freehill and commended the work of the Lord Mayor in giving the PR that was needed in terms of DCC’s stance on curbing BTR developments and studio and one bedroom apartments. She put question to the Presenter around the provision of schools/lack of schools giving rise to objections to developments and possible conflict between the less than 100 unit BTR developments and the Multi Unit Development Act.



The Presenter replied as follows:

The Presenter thanked the Members for their praise and wished to thank the dedicated team in the Planning Department who have worked on this draft Plan.  She commented on the BTR and advised the existing housing model is not a sustainable development and the Council seeks to see future developments being more flexible in design and form e.g. BTR developments which have the ability to develop into long term housing developments in the future. The Development Plan supports age friendly sustainable planning and redevelopment. Transport and development work hand in glove. The Council works closely with the NTA in ensuring that the draft Development Plan aligns with the NTA Strategy.  The Presenter agreed to email Cllr Heney directly regarding the definition of 15 minute city.  She outlined the reasons for DCC not supporting under 100 BTR developments and that DCC are not in breach and are in compliance with the guidelines.


Clarification was given on the following  ; differences between Z15’s and Z12’s,  one of which is the increase of open space provision to 25%, mixed use zone and regeneration zoning, retail space change of use in draft Development Plan, Metropolitan Plan for Dublin, night time economy under culture and economic sections of draft Development Plan, requirement of developers to get sanction from Department for developments of 500 and over in advance of planning application and how developer would have to look at services in the area including schools etc., Multi Unit Development Act / BTR requirements.





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