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Agenda item


The Lord Mayor requested permission of the City Council to take Emergency
Motions. Accordingly, the City Council suspended Standing Orders to agree the
following emergency motions without debate:


Emergency Motion No. 1:

“This Council welcomes the government’s recent decision on access to information for those affected by “historical” abuse and their commitment to work with the Data Protection Commission to fully vindicate the rights of people who experienced forced family separation abuses. We ask that the Lord Mayor write to the Minister on behalf of the Council stressing the urgent need to establish the swift recruitment of data protection law expert committees who are independent of government Departments and Tusla, and who will administer the data protection obligations.”

Submitted by Councillors  Máire Devine,  Cieran Perry,  Catherine Stocker,  Michael MacDonncha,  Tina MacVeigh,  Hazel De Nortúin,  Alison Gilliland,  Declan Meenagh,  Darragh Moriarty,  Donna Cooney,  Daithí Doolan,  Seamas McGrattan,  Daniel Céitinn,  Larry O’ Toole,  Dermot Lacey,  Pat Dunne,  Colm O’Rourke,  James Geoghegan,  Deirdre Conroy,  Janice Boylan,  Mannix Flynn.  Anthony Connaghan, Michael MacDonncha,  Ray McAdam,  Deirdre Heney


Emergency Motion No. 2:

“Dublin City Council condemns in the strongest possible terms the racist tweets sent to An ArdmhéaraHazel Chu. Dublin City Councillors stand with our Lord Mayor against these objectionable tweets. Racism has no place in Irish society and we, as members of political parties from across the political spectrum, will call out every time all of those involved in such behaviour. Dublin City Council is committed to social inclusion, celebrating diversity and to tackling racism where ever and whenever it raises its head.”

Submitted by Councillors Daithí Doolan, Claire Byrne, Mary Callaghan, Lord Mayor Hazel Chu, Caroline Conroy, Donna Cooney, Hazel de Nortúin, Tara Deacy, Dearbháil Butler, Janet Horner, Darcy Lonergan, Tina MacVeigh, Carolyn Moore, Sophie Nicoullaud, Cat O' Driscoll, Michael Pidgeon, Patricia Roe, Catherine Stocker, Cieran Perry, Ray McAdam and Deirdre Heney


Emergency Motion No. 3:

“This motion seeks that City Councillors are urgently updated on the progress of adding the Player Wills Factory Building to the Record of Protected Structures (RPS), recommended by the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH) following the adoption of a motion by the Dublin South Central Area Committee on 21 November 2018, almost two years ago. Furthermore, this City Council immediately mandates the Executive begin the process of adding this building to the RPS.”

Submitted by Councillors Darragh Moriarty, Máire Devine, Michael Pidgeon, Tina MacVeigh Michael Watters


Emergency Motion No. 4:

“The City Council calls for equality of treatment for traditional Christmas street traders on Henry Street. We regard it as fundamentally unfair that resumption of the market should be completely ruled out this year even where restrictions are eased to the extent that shops on Henry Street are open as normal. We call on City Council management to work with street traders to facilitate the resumption of the market this Christmas, subject to all necessary public health measures appropriate to the level then in place.”

Submitted by Councillors Janice Boylan, Christy Burke and Daniel Ceitinn.


Emergency Motion No. 5:

Aware that the Government proposes to allow shops to open next month;

this City Council expresses its disappointment at the contradictory decision by the City management not to allow any traditional trading outdoors on Henry Street this Christmas while the Government allows indoor trading in all the Henry Street shops;

we call on the Chief Executive to rescind his decision and explore all options to allow casual trading on Henry St this Christmas while ensuring that all protocols and precautions re public health are observed

Submitted by Councillors Joe Costello, Declan Meenagh, Dermot Lacey, Mary Freehill, Alison Gilliland, Jane Horgan-Jones, Darragh Moriarty, Kevin Donoghue


Emergency Motion No. 6:

“Dublin City Council emergency motion to be sent to Eamon Ryan Minister for Transport. We the undersigned city councillors are very concerned at the way NTA have bye passed elected members of Dublin City Council from participation in the 3rd round of public consultations.   We received 48 hours’ notice of a briefing for Councillors on 4th November, quite a few of us had already committed to other meetings which couldn’t be changed at such short notice.   The Rathfarnham to City Centre forum meeting is set for the same date and time as the Council’s Statutory Budget meeting.  The NTA were informed of this fact and rather than facilitate democratically elected representatives they responded by saying that ‘they would make our apologies to the Community Forum’.

These actions are a very serious assault on our ability to represent those who have elected us, and an attack on the democratic structures of The State, furthermore its unacceptable behaviour of a non-elected State Body towards the democratic process.”

Submitted by Councillors Mary Freehill,  Mannix Flynn,  Anne Feeney,  Dermot Lacey,  Kevin Donoghue,  Alison Gilliland,   Joe Costello,  Declan Meenagh,  Darragh Moriarty,  Ann Feeney,   Christy Burke,  Daniel Ceitinn,  Vincent Jackson,  John Lyons,  Tara Deacy.


Emergency Motion No. 7:

“Recently Dublin City Council and Clúid announced that they would be reducing the redevelopment of Labre Park by 50%. This redevelopment has been planned for over 20 years and considering the repercussions of this development and lack of documentation to qualify this decision, this Council agreed to bring the issue to the Housing SPC, including all related documents, before a decision is finalised.  This will allow all members to be aware of the unfolding situation.”

Submitted by Councillors Sophie Ni Coullaud, Hazel de Nortúin, Anthony Flynn and Daithí Doolan.


Emergency Motion No. 8:

“In the event of the rejection of Report 310/2020 Dublin City Council requires the drafting of a new plan that would see Dublin City Council lead the design and oversee the development of public housing on the site. That this new plan would draw on our learnings from the development of St. Michael’s Estate and our engagement with the EIB for funding and would also seek full support from the Department of Housing. That this new plan would be drafted in collaboration with the Public Housing Working Group of the Housing SPC and would appropriately engage with the Oscar Traynor Lands Consultative Forum. To this end we call on An Ardmhéarato seek an urgent meeting with the Minister for Housing to discuss with the CEO, the Housing Manager, the Chairperson of the Housing SPC and Group Leaders putting this approach in place for the Oscar Traynor lands.”

Submitted by Councillors Alison Gilliland, Donna Cooney, Patricia Roe, John Lyons, Michael MacDonncha and Tina MacVeigh.