{meta} Agenda item - Garda Report's - Chief Superintendent Mark Curran, Superintendent Gerry Donnelly, Inspector Kathy O'Neill (for Joe O'Connor) and Inspector Martha Francis.

Agenda item


Order:  An Garda Síochána discussed the statistics for DMR North.


Chief Superintendent Mark Curran spoke regarding the recent murder at Moatview.  The Coolock District has been prioritised for extra resources and these are due on the 20th of February, this will consist of 4 Sergeants and 20 Gardaí.  Cllr O’Toole pleased to here that more resources are being provided, as Coolock needs special resources as in the NEIC,   Cllr Lyons requested more checkpoints in the area.

Superintendent Gerry Donnelly spoke regarding the Statistics for the Coolock area. The Late Night Soccer Leagues in Darndale have been very popular, a significant number of teenagers 16/17 year olds are participating.  It is very encouraging to see them playing and interacting with the  guards.  Cllr Batten asked can something more severe be done to address the serious criminal activity.    Superintendent Gerry Donnelly advised that the proper approach is in place  -  visibility and interaction.  There is a lot more visibility of Garda within the community,  there is an increase in the deployment of armed resources, there are a lot of covert operations in place.   Superintendent Gerry Donnelly also advised they are looking at setting up a programme in small policing areas like the one that was run in the inner city.  Cllr stocker and Cllr Brabazon spoke regarding the increase in burglaries in the Clare Hall area and that it can take 6 to 7 hours for the guards to respond to burglaries. Superintendent advised if there are concerns to contact Sergeant  Dan Creedan  directly by e-mail at  daniel.creedon@garda.ie.

 Cllr Gilliand spoke regarding the positive effect the policing plan in Darndale has had on the area.  Cllrs requested that the Midnight Soccer Leagues to continue, Garda Louise Byrne can be contacted when back from from leave regarding this request @ louise.m.burns@garda.ie.

 Coilín O’Reilly spoke regarding a new anti-social policy which will be implemented into Dublin City Council later in the year.  This anti-social policy will help make the Council become more pro-active in relation to anti-social activity and resume some significant  evictions next year.    Superintendent Gerry Donnelly spoke regarding how drug offences are affecting Garda resources; Chief Superintendent Mark Curran advised that on a macro level it is the regular users of cocaine who are driving the demand for it, need to educate and change people’s behaviour.   Sergeant Monaghan discussed “Case Management” with regards to Juvenile offences.    Coolock has 2 full time Juvenile  Officers and Swords has 1.


Inspector Sínead Greene spoke regarding the statistics for the Raheny/Clontarf area.  The policing unit are working on an Older Persons Strategy.  Cllrs requested more Gardaí to patrol dart stations and asked how this patrolling works.  Inspector Sinead Greene advised 2 Gardaí patrol the Howth to Bray dart route.  This came into effect on the 2nd December and is patrolled by two plain Garda for ten hours a day.  Elaine Mulvenny advised Solar Panels will be put in at Kilbarrack Dart Station to make it safer for people getting to and from the dart.  There was a request by Cllr’s for Clongriffin Dart Station to be patrolled also, Inspector Sinead Greene advised Clongriffin Dart Station can be looked at going forward.  There was a discussion regarding the increase in Domestic Violence.  Rose Wall, Community Law and Mediation spoke how the housing crisis has had an effect on this increase of Domestic Violence, a lot of family members are living together and this can increase the risk of domestic violence incidents. 



Inspector Martha Francis spoke regarding the statics for the Santry area.  There is an increase in anti-social activity in local parks.  There are Crime Prevention Talks in local schools, the Garda have stalls in local shopping centres to provide information on community safety.  There have been meetings also with local Neighbourhood Watch groups.  Cllr Batten spoke regarding reports of intimidation between Aldi and Forestwood on Santry Avenue.  Sergeant Aidan Monaghan asked for this information to be passed onto him and he will investigate further.  Cllr Lyons spoke regarding the new Kilmore Safety Forum, which will commence in March 2020.  Derek Farrell and Madeleine Ebbs met with Sergeant Aidan Monaghan to discuss items to get the forum up and running.