{meta} Agenda item - Motions to South East Area Committee meeting 12th February 2018

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Motion 1 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

This committee agrees that an appropriate plaque or similar to mark the famous Phil Lynott “Old Town” video shot at Herbert Park be erected in the vicinity of the band stand there.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 2 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

To ask the manager for an update on the repeated requests from (nearly) all councillors for a traffic plan for Sandymount Green.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 3 from Councillor Ruairí McGinley

That this council, in expressing our sympathy with the families who have died on our roads, notes with grave concern a number of deaths of cyclists on the roads of Dublin city. We call on the Minister for Transport Tourism and Sport to allocate a substantially increased amount for cycling nationally. We note the need to improve cycling infrastructure and overall safety in Dublin city and as councillors we commit ourselves to providing, as far as is practicable and within our competency, funding, better planning, monitoring, and maintenance of cycling infrastructure.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 4 from Councillor Mary Freehill

That the litter bins removed while footpath work was carried out recently on Terenure Road West be reinstated.   The location of the bins is listed in accompanying email.  Litter is a problem locally and the Litter Warden needs to deal with it, especially through schools as during term time the problem is worse.  Furthermore he/she need to contact fast food outlets in the area to make sure that they comply.  The other issue locally is the location of a doughnut van parked at the Kimmage Cross Roads.  Perhaps the Traffic Department or the Gardaí could suggest a safer positioning of the van. 


“The residents’ association has asked me to write regarding two matters:

1 Following the installation of the new footpaths we have noticed that a number of bus stop bins have not been reinstated. There was one at the stop (townward direction) at the corner of Terenure Road West and Hazelbrook. There was also one outbound at The Lovely Food Co. I also think there was one at the corner of Greenlea Road and Terenure Road West. This matter would have been raised a few months ago but there was a misunderstanding regarding who would raise it.

Litter generated from local fast food outlets and coffee shops is increasingly becoming a nuisance in our neighbourhood and having the bins reinstated might help in addressing this. During school time the litter problem is even worse. 2 Since before Christmas there has been a doughnut van operating from the car park at the Londis shop at the Kimmage Cross Roads. Its positioning is awkward and causes problems with parking and access. The committee is of the opinion that it could be relocated to a different part of the car park.”

Order: Report to councillor.


Motion 5 from Councillors Dermot Lacey, Paddy McCartan

This committee, recognizing the huge impact of events with substantial public attendance, in venues such as Croke Park, the RDS and the Aviva Stadium, seeks the introduction of "Residents Only Parking Zones" and requests the manager and the city council Law Officer to explore ways as to how this might be introduced even on a trial basis. In that respect we also propose that the area covered by the existing Anglesea Road Disc Parking Scheme be considered as the area suitable for such a trial scheme.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 6 from Councillor Mary Freehill

That a yellow box be marked at the junction of Airfield Road and Rathgar Avenue.  Due to the tail back of traffic on Rathgar Avenue it is now extremely difficult for residents of Airfield Road to egress.  See details below:

“Regarding the ‘yellow box’ line markings (for the junction along with renewed ‘yellow box’ line markings at the Highfield Road junction) that are planned , is it possible to request a similar 'yellow box' at the junction of Airfield Road and Rathgar Avenue as this should also assist with vehicles blocking our exit and reduce delays.  Currently it is proving very difficult to exit Airfield Road onto Rathgar Avenue, either turning left or right.

Order: Report to councillor.


Motion 7 from Councillors Dermot Lacey and Paddy McCartan

This committee agrees to request the manager as a matter of urgency if she will ensure the upgrade of the sides of the road (both sides) to infill dangerous potholing along cyclist space on Shelbourne Road.

Order: Report to councillor.


Motion 8 from Councillor Mary Freehill

That funding is allocated to resurface Greenmount Avenue and Greenmount Lane, Harold’s Cross.  Because of the heavy trucks accessing the Greenmount Industrial Estate the state of these roads are particularly bad and dangerous for the residents who live there.

Order: Report to councillor.


Motion 9 from Councillor Chris Andrews

This area committee supports the placement of a fitting memorial to the four masters of Cullenswood House, Ranelagh, executed for their part in the rising, be located on the village Triangle in Ranelagh and to mark their ultimate sacrifice in the cause of Ireland’s freedom.

Order: Motion withdrawn.


Motion 10 from Councillor Mary Freehill

That Dublin City Council examines the possibility of installing an “Alleviation Tank” on the Rathmines cleansing yard site.  This could be done during site construction.  Because of the precarious state of our Rathmines and Pembroke drainage system and the number of flooding events especially along the underground Swan River; such a holding tank would alleviate flooding during high rainfall events.  Currently there is such a tank under the Aviva Rugby Stadium and many cities in Europe use this system to alleviate flooding.

Order: Report to councillor.


Motion 11 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this area committee calls on the area manager to install bike parking at the start of the South Bull Wall.

Order: Report to councillor.


Motion 12 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this area committee calls on the area manager calls to re-open the bin on Fitzwilliam Quay along the Dodder, which has been bagged up for some weeks. Can the manager also explain why the bin has been bagged and what the plans are, as this is the only bin on a 2k stretch along the river and dog litter and other waste is now overflowing here on the path? Can the area manager outline how she plans to address this. 


Litter Bin Fitzwilliam Place Grand Canal Jan 2018

Order: Report to councillor.


Motion 13 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this area committee calls on the area manager to please investigate the issue of illegal parking along the canal at Harcourt Terrace. This junction is a vital route for cyclists and pedestrians accessing the canal from Adelaide Road yet cars and vans are frequently blocking the passageway. Can the area manager please outline how she plans to address this? 

Order: Report to councillor.


Motion 14 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this area committee calls on the area manager to stop removing trees from Merrion Square.

Order: Report to councillor.


Motion 15 from Councillor Mannix Flynn

That this area committee of Dublin City Council (DCC) calls on the executive to initiate a full order of protected structure for the entire building including unique roof structure of Pearse Station. This unique structure is in grave danger of being entirely demolished by Irish Rail and a meeting was held recently to discuss this.


Full details on the roof and its structure:

The roof of Pearse Station is the only barrel-vaulted typology of the three principal, former and current, railway termini in Dublin city. It is an excellent example of the dynamic application of iron, constructed c.1880-1884 to the designs of William Turner, the son of the famous iron founder Richard Turner, and is based on the ambitious roof design for Lime Street station in Liverpool, England (by Richard Turner). The principal iron members in Pearse Station, including its arched girders, were made in Chepstow, Wales, while the Dublin foundry of Courtney, Stephens and Bailey supplied the remaining ironwork. The main roof is 155m (510ft) long and spans nearly 27m (90ft); the smaller bay to the south-west is 73m (240ft) long and has a span of almost 20m (65ft). The shed-like design of the roof reflects the fact that the station (originally titled Westland Row station) served as the terminus of the Dublin-Kingstown railway prior to its remodelling as a through-station following the construction of the Loop Line Bridge in 1891.


Pearse Station is presently not listed on Dublin City Council’s Record of Protected Structures other than its front façade and the attendant Westland Row railway bridge. Effectively, the entire station, including its roof structure, platforms, vaults and handsome red brick side walls with pilasters and pedimented window frames (designed by Victorian architects, T.N. Deane & Son) are all statutorily unprotected.

Order: Report to councillor.


Motion 16 from Councillor Mary Freehill

That an on-site meeting is held to discuss the proposed school route to the Harold’s Cross Greyhound Track site which will be a new school.

Order: Agreed.


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