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Traffic and Transportation SPC - 8th February 2023 pdf icon PDF 367 KB

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Walking and Cycling Subcommittee - 27th February 2023 pdf icon PDF 698 KB

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Public Transport Subcommittee - 11th May 2023 pdf icon PDF 363 KB

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Canal Cordon Count Report - Brendan O'Brien, Executive Manager pdf icon PDF 724 KB

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Update and progress on the City Centre Study - Brendan O'Brien, Executive Manager

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Irish Road Haulage Association presentation - Eugene Drennan

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Transport Advisory Group, Neighbourhood Schemes & Safe Routes to Schools Programme funding report - Brendan O'Brien, Executive Manager
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Active travel Programme Office update report - Michele Murphy Senior Executive Planner pdf icon PDF 818 KB

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Motion in the name of Councillor Dermot Lacey.

This Committee requests the Traffic Department and the Parks Section of Dublin City Council to examine how natural planting, planter boxes and other more environmentally friendly means could be used in place of plastic bollards and other more concrete type dividers across the various mobility (pedestrian, cycling and motor) routes.


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Motion in the name of Councillor Damian O'Farrell

1.    Motion in the name of Councillor Damian O’Farrell

That this Traffic and Transport SPC urgently requests the Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan and the National Transport Authority to both include and separately provide increased funding for much needed pedestrian crossings and other pedestrian related projects into our ‘active travel’ programme function. 


There has been an impact of the success of active travel on pedestrian related journeys including those of children walking to school. However we are lagging dangerously behind in the provision of safe pedestrian journeys and crossings. 


Over 16 traffic engineers transferred to our active travel programme office leaving ultiple vacancies in our traffic dept and which is severely effecting the quantity of work our traffic department can undertake. There is one neighbourhood engineer attached to the Northside of the city and one to the Southside (separate from TAG). 


Only three pedestrian crossings are being undertaken in the North Central Area presently, all other requests are to go through TAG but there are not enough engineers available. The North Central Area alone requires several more pedestrian crossing installations not to mention other areas of the city. 


Walking is Active Travel and should be recognised as such. 





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Motion from Public Transportation Subcommittee held on 11th May 2023, to bring Traffic & Transport SPC meeting.


Motion in the name of Councillor Deirdre Conroy, Chairperson of the Public Transportation Sub Committee to the Traffic & Transport SPC, requesting this committee writes to the Department of Education to bring forward and address a policy in support for a School Bus System for students within the Dublin Area.


There previously was a school bus system in place, which was very successful in promoting the use of public transportation for the school-going younger generation but for various reasons this scheme was stopped. Currently in place of this scheme are private operators for specific routes providing a service for selected schools depending on the demand in the area. This privately operated school bus system is on the north side of the city but unfortunately, we are not aware of such services on the south side. As the demand for secondary schools is becoming more oversubscribed, students often find themselves at a disadvantage in having to travel a significant distance for a place in a school that may not have private bus services operating from them. Also during school term, we can clearly see the impact of congestion and delays that the school run by private car has on the road network.

Although during the school run times, bus operators put on universal additional buses on routes to meet the increase in demand, but these services are discreet and buses can be already be quite full by the time they pass various schools. This does little to prompt the modal shift to encourage students to take the bus. If there was a dedicated bus service or a bus on the public route service for school going students only, we believe that this would raise a profile of public transportation services for students and provide a friendly and comfortable environment for children at this school-going age.

The purpose of this policy would be;

·         To promote change to public transportation and to allow students to become accustom to taking the bus.

·         To reduce the unnecessary school car run as students would have an alternative

·         To reduce traffic congestion and as a result reduce pollution and improve air quality

·         In providing a dedicated school bus service, this raises the awareness of choice for parents in the use of public transportation and would encourage the right modal-shift.

·         With the integrated ticketing system in place, the travel demand for students on the public routes would be known and this would assist in surveys to determine effective times and routes for dedicated school buses and encourage other students to avail of the service.


As the remit of school bus services at a national level is with the Department of Education and provided via Bus Eireann, unfortunately there is no central system or scheme in place for the Dublin Area for school children. Thus for the purposes presented above, the Department of Education is in the best position to assist in supporting this policy and we welcome the opportunity to work with the Department of Education to develop  ...  view the full agenda text for item 9.

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Motion in the name of Councillor Janice Boylan

To ask the manager and ceo to look at and drastically improve the timeframe around the implementation of pedestrian crossings. At the moment in the central area for example we have 4 agreed which is brilliant, however the time frame in which it takes from request to finished result is way too long and causing undue stress on all concerned. Our communities and in particular our children deserve better than this. Their safety can not be jeopardised by time frames that makes no sense what so ever. When we witnessed and experienced during Covid, how quickly some of these measures could be put in place. Will the manager and ceo now commit to speeding up this process through what ever means are necessary?


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