{meta} Agenda for Traffic and Transport SPC on Wednesday 3rd February, 2021, 3.00 pm



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Minutes of Previous Traffic & Transport SPC Meeting held on 04th November 2020 pdf icon PDF 368 KB


Minutes of Walking & Cycling Sub-Committee 12th October 2020 & 30th November 2020 pdf icon PDF 397 KB

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Minutes of Public Transport Sub-Committee 22nd October 2020 pdf icon PDF 382 KB


Pre-Draft Consultation of the City Development Plan ( Deirdre Scully )


Updated cycle parking guidance ( Chris Manzira ) pdf icon PDF 265 KB


Parking enforcement proposed policy change to include fixed penalty notices ( Dermot Stevenson ) pdf icon PDF 350 KB


Update on Consultation process College Green Dame Street (Verbal) Brendan O'Brien


Motion in the name of Cllr. Jane Horgan Jones

For an assessment of the advantages and the disadvantages of running bus routes

against the flow of traffic on the quays in the city centre to be undertaken by Dublin

City Council, with a view to the findings being presented to Dublin Bus and the NTA.

For example, buses heading to Heuston  station would no longer  would no longer run on the south-side of the river, they would run on the Northside on the river-side of the road, adjacent to the boardwalk.  The potential advantages of this are as follows:


·         Make better use of footpaths on the riverside

·         Increased use of riverside footpaths can reduce antisocial behaviour on the boardwalks

·         Reduce conflict between bus passengers and cyclists at bus stops on the business/shop side of the road and so allow the bike lane to revert to the left side of the road, from the current riverside bike lane. This is a more suitable side of the road for cyclists.

·         Reduce bus passengers clogging up footpaths on the building-side of the quays.

·         Makes it easier for restaurants and cafés to open out on to the footpaths, as there would no longer be bus stops. This would be more beneficial to the sunnier north-side of the quays

·         If cyclists could use the contraflow bus routes, it would allow cyclists cycle in either direction on both sides of the river. This could potentially reduce the amount of space needed for the bike lane




Motion in the name of Martin Hoey PPN

That Dublin City Council upgrades all of its disability car and bicycle parking spaces to bring them into line with the guidelines as published by the Irish wheelchair association starting with the retrofitting of 3 proper wheelchair accessible parking spaces on Lombard Street to include proper access and road markings link to guidelines