{meta} Agenda for Planning and Urban Form SPC on Tuesday 26th February, 2019, 3.30 pm

Agenda and minutes

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Minutes of the meeting 27th November 2018 pdf icon PDF 270 KB

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1.      Minutes of meeting 27th November 2018

Minutes: Agreed



Matters arising

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2.    Matters arising

A one page document was requested to explain what the Minister is proposing re. the “Draft Urban Development and Building Height: Guidelines for Planning Authorities”. Assistant Chief Executive mentioned that a briefing note will be presented to the City Council Meeting on the 4th March.



Basement Impact Assessment pdf icon PDF 661 KB

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3.  Basement Impact Assessment Policy

Discussion followed. The SPC members welcomed this report and felt that it was very timely considering the development going on in the city at the moment.  This policy has been modelled on London as we are now following similar trends. This policy will be adopted as part of the Development Management process as soon as possible.

Agreed: To endorse this policy



Z 6 / Z 7 Lands Review pdf icon PDF 413 KB

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4.     Z 6/ Z 7 Lands Review

Discussion followed. The SPC members welcomed this report and congratulated the Dublin City Planner and the Team for such a comprehensive report. Members asked that the full picture for communities be kept in mind. The urban and Placemaking design element is very important, together with a good mix of retail, industry, housing, social infrastructure and traffic planning.

Agreed: Report Approved



Liffey Street Pedestrianisation pdf icon PDF 2 MB

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5.      Liffey Street Pedestrianisation

Presentation given on Liffey Street Public Realm Improvement Scheme

The project comprises the entire lengths of Liffey Street Lower, between Bachelors Walk and Middle Abbey Street, and Liffey Street Upper, between Middle Abbey Street and Henry Street.  This is a considerable transit route for over 35,000 pedestrians every day but only 1,000 vehicles. The main objective is to improve the public realm, introduce greening, introduce seating and enhance the experience for pedestrians and local business.


           Discussion followed. The SPC members welcomed this report for information   purposes.



List of completed Acquisitions 01/07/2018 to 31/12/2018 pdf icon PDF 230 KB

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6.    List of Acquisitions 01/07/2018- 31/12/2018

Discussion followed.

Agreed: List Noted



Vacant Sites ( 10 largest sites with a planning history) pdf icon PDF 56 KB

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7.    Vacant Sites Register ( 10 largest sites with a planning history )

Discussion followed

           Agreed: Report Noted




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Motion in the Name of Cllr. Ciaran O'Moore

In light of the housing crisis situation and the vast number of temporary log cabins in gardens across Dublin. Can Dublin City Council request that the planning dept. demonstrate a degree of flexibility in the planning regulations and grant for example a five year licence to allow a cabin in the garden. This licence could only be applied for when a relative allows a son or daughter / immediate relative to place a temporary cabin in their garden. This will give families or individuals an opportunity to save for a deposit for a house. Currently the average house price in Dublin is 375,000, if people are paying excess of 2000 euros a month rent they will never be able to save the deposit of 37000 thousand euro.


This is a positive step forwarding in supporting people to save for a deposit to come out of the rental market.


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 8a Motion in the name of Councillor Ciaran O’Moore


Agreed: Report on the matter to next Council Meeting on Monday 4th March

Agreed: Motion noted



Motion in the name of Cllr. Rebecca Moynihan:

In light of the possible development of Player Wills that this Area Committee agrees that the addition of Player Wills to the record of protected structures is expedited as a matter of urgency and that this motion is forwarded to the Planning SPC and the full DCC council meeting for agreement.


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8b. Emergency Motion from Cllr. Rebecca Moynihan

Motion deferred as Cllr. Rebecca Moynihan not present.




Motion on the name of Cllr. Dermot Lacey:






This Committee requests a Report from the Manager on how DCC is engaging with the HSE and the Department of Heritage and Culture to recognize and enhance the great historic value of these sites.

(This is a hugely important historic burial ground, it dates from the 1690s

 It is currently neglected and dilapidated as you can see from attached photo.

 It is owned by the HSE, as is the Weir Home adjoining a Protected Structure and on the NIAH.

 Is it possible to engage with the HSE to get conservation led improvements to the burial ground, and carry out a study of its historic importance, who is buried there etc

 The latter would be a significant contribution to Liberties and indeed national history, including on religious diversity, minorities, immigration, urban development and industrial initiatives.

 There are links between the Dublin Quaker community at that time with America so there is an international dimension.

Conservation led improvement schemes for St Luke's and St James burial grounds in the Liberties are a model.)


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8c. Motion in the name of Councillor Dermot Lacey


Agreed:  To write to the HSE and the Minister on behalf of this SPC and copy of letter to be circulated to the members.



Date of Next Meeting:

Next meeting: Scheduled for the 30th April 2019 @ 3.30 in the Council Chamber, City Hall

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10. Date of next meeting

Next meeting:  Scheduled for 25th June 2019 @ 3.30 in the Council Chamber, City Hall




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9. A.O.B.

Agreed: April meeting to be deferred to June as Local Elections are to be held on the 24th May