{meta} Agenda for Arts, Culture, Leisure & Recreation SPC on Monday 11th September, 2017, 9.30 am

Agenda and minutes

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Contact: Paula Ebbs 

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Draft Minutes of meeting held 10th July 2017 pdf icon PDF 210 KB


In reply to Cllr. Kelly’s query at the previous meeting the Chair clarified that a Motion that was submitted to the previous Development Plan regarding street names in Irish was submitted by a member of Fianna Fáil.


1.     Minutes of meeting held 10th July 2017.


            Action: Agreed.



Presentation on the Draft Dublin City Parks Strategy 2017 - 2022. Kieran O'Neill, Senior Executive Landscape Architect pdf icon PDF 4 MB


The Parks and Landscape Services Division is concluding its first Dublin City Parks Strategy.  The strategy in summary looks at the wide range of resources and services under the Parks Services portfolio and determines policy and arising actions under the vision of growing towards a greener and more liveable Dublin.


Action: Presentation to go to the 5 Area Committees and then ratified by the full City Council.

Broadly welcomed and suggestions noted.



Report on the Draft City Parks Strategy 2017 - 2022. Kieran O'Neill, Senior Executive Landscape Architect pdf icon PDF 245 KB


Action: Noted.


Cllr Freehill referred to the Canal Banks and the fact that they are maintained by Waterways Ireland and would like a report on the type of co-operation that exists between Dublin City Council and Waterways Ireland.  Cllr Freehill referred to the dangers around cyclying on the Canal pathways and would like DCC to strengthen their working relationship with Waterways Ireland in order to maybe resolve this problem.


Action: Refer to Environment and Transportation to advise on this issue.



Verbal update on JPC Sub-Group on Anti-Social Behaviour in Parks - Declan Wallace, Assistant Chief Executive


Management informed members that at the July meeting of the Dublin City Joint Policing Committee (JPC), Les Moore, City Parks Superintendent gave a verbal report to members on anti-social behaviour issues in parks.  It was agreed that a JPC Parks Sub-Committee be established to address such issues.  Declan Wallace, Les Moore,  Assistant Garda Commissioner Pat Leahy, Cllr Daithí De Roiste (Chairperson) will be members of this Sub-Committee.


Action: Keep this Committee informed of progress.



Report on the Implementation of the Cultural Strategy - Progress on Artists Workspaces - Ray Yeates, City Arts Officer pdf icon PDF 163 KB


The City Arts Officer gave an update on a central part of the Cultural Strategy which is the development of capacity.  Capacity building in neighbourhoods, and throughout the City in the area of Culture means increasing opportunities to participate in quality cultural programmes (access), addressing deficits in infrastructure (artists workspaces) and strategically positioning culture as central to development (cultural plans in new developments, repurposing of buildings for cultural use, cultural regeneration).


Meetings have taken place at senior level to address the deficit in artists workspaces caused by increased rental and property prices.  The thinking on this issue is to look at opportunities for new buildings and older buildings that can be repurposed, without adversely impacting on housing provision.


The City Arts Officer recommended to this SPC that a pragmatic but principled approach be continued and that smaller opportunities for individual artists in local areas be valued alongside larger developments and that, short term, medium term and long term actions are all of value.  He also stated that as in the Poolbeg SDZ the consideration of creative, community and social use includes all areas of culture in the new developments planned in Dublin.


Action: City Arts Officer to set up a sub-committee to assist in driving this project and ask members of this SPC if they are interested in sitting on this committee.

Report back to next meeting.



Verbal update on Luke Kelly Statue - Ruairí Ó Cuív, Public Art Manager


The Public Art Manager informed members that at the City Council meeting of 4th September the Breviate of the Arts, Culture and Recreation SPC was not considered or passed due to time constraints, therefore the report of the Luke Kelly Working Group which was endorsed and agreed by this SPC was not ratified.  The remainder of the agenda items will be considered at a meeting on the 19th September.


Action: Report back to next meeting.



Verbal update on the New City Library at Parnell Square, Margaret Hayes, Dublin City Librarian


The City Librarian informed members that following completion of the scheme design, the architects have been instructed to prepare a planning application for submission in the first half of 2018.  This also follows the completion of investigative works and minor repair works carried out by Dublin City Council on the former Coláiste Mhuire properties in order to prevent further deterioration.  Work progresses.

The Assistant Chief Executive informed members that at the next Board meeting on 25th September, he will resign and Cllr Vincent Jackson, Chairperson will be proposed to replace him.


Cllr Flynn requested a report on the fundraising strategy for this project.


Action: Management will report back on this.


Cllr Moynihan requested a presentation on the UNESCO designation of the City of Literature.


Action: Presentation to be brought to a future SPC


Cllr Freehill requested an update on the George Bernard Shaw House and to receive regular updates on the progress.


Action:  Management to bring a schedule of works to the next meeting and put as an ongoing item on the South East Area Committee.




Management Update pdf icon PDF 4 MB


Cllr Flynn asked Management  to consider contacting the OPW to take in charge    St. Mary’s Abbey which is in a state of neglect.


Action: Management to contact the OPW to ascertain their plan for the building.  Report back to next meeting.


Cllr Freehill requested an update on the 2018 Good Citizens Award.


Action: Management to contact Cllr Freehill directly as report already presented in July.






Cllr Flynn asked what the process was to include female portraits in the Council Chamber as all the current portraits are of men, or indeed should any portraits hang in the Chamber at all.


Management informed members that a motion was adopted by the Protocol Committee in February 2017 agreeing that a portrait of the first female Lord Mayor of Dublin, Kathleen Clarke, be commissioned, the portrait to be of a size and scale that will allow it to replace one of the current portraits that hang in the Council Chamber alongside that of Daniel O’Connell.  The motion was referred to the Commemorations Committee which endorsed it and requested management to investigate costs and process and report back.


Action: Commemorations to identify a budget for this and report back to the Protocol Committee.


Next meeting 13th November 2017


Cllr Vincent Jackson,