{meta} Issue - items at meetings - Hybrid meeting facilities in the Richard O'Carroll Room

Issue - meetings

Meeting: 21/09/2023 - Protocol Committee (Item 10)

Hybrid Meeting Facilities in the Richard O'Carroll Room


Cllr. Janet Horner had expressed concerns with the Hybrid facilities in the Richard O’Carroll Room following a meeting of the Walking & Cycling Sub-Committee, where the meeting could not continue due to issues with the microphones not being charged.


The Manager reported that the audio visual and conferencing facilities in City Hall would be upgrade in the next few months and this would include the Richard O’Carroll Room. In the meantime an additional microphone had been installed and calibration of the system in the Richard O’Carroll Room has been carried out. The Manager would also request Ray Glynn to ensure the microphones were charged and ready for use when needed.


Order: Noted.