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Decisions published

12/07/2021 - Motions ref: 95    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: South East Area Committee

Made at meeting: 12/07/2021 - South East Area Committee

Decision published: 16/09/2021

Effective from: 12/07/2021


Motion 1 from Councillor Mary Freehill

Further to my motion last month in relation to provision of public seating on Rathmines Plaza and also to make space for table and chairs it is agreed that


1.    The bench that is already in poor condition be removed to provide for more tables and chairs around the canopy of the Swan Leisure Centre.  This would be a very real asset to the Rathmines area as the amount of open dining space in the area is very limited.


2.    The process of taking Rathmines Plaza in charge commence forthwith.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 2 from Councillor Mary Freehill

That DCC take in charge the strip of land on the east corner of Grosvenor Square and Leinster Road Rathmines, (I have already been in contact with Development Dept. regarding ownership).  Furthermore, that through discussion with the Biodiversity Officer, we agree this area be designated a biodiversity area.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 3 from Councillor Mary Freehill Taken with Item 6.i, Motions 6, 9 and 10

On foot of the Traffic Report agreed at June City Council meeting which states there must be a clearance of 2.5 meters on footpath; to protect residents of narrow roads in our area, that a working group comprising Traffic and Planning Departments and councillors be established to focus on finding a sustainable parking solution to protect residents of these narrow roads in our area.  Furthermore in the meantime that both departments agree to a zoom meeting with affected residents to discuss possible options and protection from being clamped in the meantime until we find a solution.

Order: Agreed.


Motion 4 from Councillor Tara Deacy

That this committee agree to create a breast-feeding area in Stannaway Park to allow new and nursing mothers a place to meet and socialise. To add to the new benches put in place and to install a cover/shelter be in through trees planting around it or a physical shield. Please see photo attached as an example.


Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 5 from Councillor Tara Deacy

Based on the needs identified through the excellent video ‘My home is Crumlin’ created by young people through Blooming Crumlin, that this committee agree to identify a suitable area/building/premises for young people to ‘hang out’, for those young people interested in the arts and other activities to call their own. This could take place in collaboration with youth services and also through collaboration with the CYPSC locally.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 6 from Councillor Mary Freehill Taken with Item 6.i, Motions 3, 9 and 10,


This committee expresses serious concerns to NTA and An Bord Pleanála if they recommend a 24/7 Bus Gate on Rathmines Road. Local residents accept the need for this gate at rush hours but not on a nonstop continuous basis.

Such a proposal would have serious implications for the residents and commercial life of the village of Rathmines

·         It would landlock residents of Grove Park making it impossible for them to enter and egress their road

·         it would turn Rathmines shopping area into a ghost town and have serious implications for the commercial life which would make it impossible for Rathmines small traders in the area to survive who depend on the weekly shopping of local residents

·         A 24/7 bus gate would drive traffic into small narrow roads which would have serious safety implications for local residents of these road.

Order: Motion amended to include An Bord Pleanála and Agreed.


Motion 7 from Councillors Pat Dunne, Carolyn Moore and Tara Deacy

That this Area Committee recognises the opportunity to greatly improve the public domain entrance to Eamonn Ceannt Park at the Rutland Grove, as part of the Part 8 development of a new depot. 


We commend Parks Management for their engagement with local residents and ask that the observations of those residents be fully considered as part of the development. 


We also refer to Part 8 Ref 176/2007 for the pavilions which included the provision of 30 new car parking spaces and is still valid. These car parking spaces have still not been provided and this is causing ongoing issues for local residents with illegal and dangerous parking. We now ask that the provision of legal parking spaces be included as part of the depot development, that cycle parking is provided, that enforcement of illegal parking is increased, and that the public realm improvements at the entrance be also included.


We believe that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to enhance this section of the park and will support any necessary increase in the funding allocated to this project to achieve these objectives.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 8 from Councillor Pat Dunne

This Area Committee notes with concern the withdrawn of the local Dog Warden Service from Dublin 12 which was servicing Eamonn Ceannt and Brickfields Parks. We call for the immediate restoration of this service.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 9 from Councillor Mary Freehill Taken with Item 6.i, Motions 3, 6, and 10.

There have been incidents of double yellow lines being painted out with grey paint. The latest being on Mount Argus Road.  It is important that the Traffic Department takes urgent action and furnish the clampers with maps where parking is not allowed.  In the Mount Argus Road case, parking on the pinch point where the DYLs have been painted out means that traffic cannot get through.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 10 from Councillor Deirdre Conroy Taken with Item 6.i, Motions 3, 6, and 9.

That this committee supports the request that the Traffic Department and Parking Enforcement can ban speeding on The Grove, the entrance to Terenure Rugby Club which has caused locals significant problems over the past number of years with speeding cars all day and night. The enquirer states that the club grounds, Lakelands are visited by 1000s of people to enjoy the park and look at the swans who are breeding now. However the cul de sac is narrow and the speed of traffic will cause serious injuries if it continues.  In the first instance Dublin City Council must review the traffic movements on Greenlea Grove and address traffic calming measures, including ramps and double yellow lines BECAUSE the parking on the Grove makes the Cul de Sac narrow and dangerous. The local resident recommends the solution to this problem is to provide an alternative entrance from the main road where there is wider access.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 11 from Councillor Deirdre Conroy

That the South East Area Committee asks the manager if a new underground waste collection system can be developed in Dublin City and its busy urban villages. I have seen these in Llubljana in Slovenia when I wrote a Travel Feature there in 2018, there was no litter on any path or road, so that far more litter is concealed and removed.


Many more residents in DCC are advising that they have seen these underground waste bins in other cities and notifying me and requesting DCC take this on. In particular, throughout South Georgian Core, where there is a mix of residential and offices. Details below:

Fitzwilliam Street Upper Refuse collection is a constant issue. As we are classified as primarily a business district by the various waste disposal companies, opportunities to leave out rubbish are very limited and very few companies are interested in collecting domestic waste.


Those that are, have very limited time slots, use plastic bags and only collect every 2 weeks. The system is VERY un-user friendly and results in bags being left on the streets, pigeons ripping them open, and if you miss the strictly speaking 2 hour slot to leave your bags out, you then have a month long build-up of rubbish rotting in your house before the next collection. It is a system which is not fit for purpose and very unhygienic. Demonising and fining residents is not the answer to the problem.  Providing a refuse collection which facilitates people's life styles is. One size fits all might be convenient for the operator, but not the customer.


So for solutions. A very simple and effective solution used in many countries in Europe, is the Finish system of deep hole collection points (see photos attached).  A company called Molok provides it https://www.molok.com/. It is a system available in Ireland as there is an agent listed. However, I would suggest contacting the parent company to find out how larger cities have implemented the system.


In my opinion it is precisely what the council needs to adopt and run itself. It is an investment in infrastructure. 


A fleet of trucks are needed to collect the waste which is deposited in branded bags bought by residents. The residents then bring them to waste disposal points to deposit them, avoiding clutter on the streets and pigeons feasting on left over rubbish. It is a tidy hygienic collection SYSTEM. The collection points are disguised deep holes in the ground, with huge bags inserted in the drums, which are neatly and simply extracted and dumped in the truck. It is very labour efficient and safer than picking up and handling thousands of bags. It is also very space efficient and not intrusive. Holes are dug into the ground at convenient locations so people can walk to them..... just like the old system of post boxes. The key thing is the council must devise and adapt its collection routine to meet the demand of the areas.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 12 from Councillor Claire Byrne moved by Cllr. Lacey

That this Area Committee calls on the Area Manager to extend the pedestrianisation hours of Parliament Street to support businesses through this stage of the pandemic.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Motion 13 from Councillor Claire Byrne Moved by Cllr. Lacey.

That this Area Committee calls on the Area Manager to reinstate the bollards and flower pots that were recently removed from Pigeon House Road, and to consider making the traffic calming measures here a permanent feature.

Order: Report to Councillor.


Emergency Motion from Councillor Mannix Flynn

That this south-east area meeting of Dublin city council calls on the CEO Owen Keegan and Mr Brendan O Brien to immediately revert the traffic signals to their original settings in order to avoid the massive continuation of traffic-congestion on our city streets as our city opens up.

Order: Report to Councillor.