{meta} Agenda item - At the City Council meeting on 10th January 2022 the following motion in the name of Lord Mayor Alison Gilliland was agreed: "Dublin City Council commends the cross cutting climate action lens permeating all aspects of our Development Plan 2022 - 2028 and recognises the imperative of realising and indeed surpassing the climate mitigating and climate adaptation objectives of our DCC Climate Action Plan. To support full oversight of the realisation of our climate action objectives and actions Dublin City Council agrees to the scheduling of annual special meeting of the full Council to review progress of our Climate Action Plan."

Agenda item

The following themes will form the basis of the discussion:


           Update on Achieving Climate Action Plan Targets

           Greening of the City and the Biodiversity Strategy

           Delivering a District Heating Scheme


The following presentations were given to members on the themes agreed for this meeting:


Climate Change Action Plan Update: Journey to 2030 and beyond 

   Sabrina Dekker, Climate Action Co-Ordinator

• Greening of the City and the Biodiversity Strategy – Les Moore, Head of Parks

   Biodiversity and Landscape Services & Lorraine Bull, Biodiversity Officer

• Dublin District Heating Scheme - James Nolan, Senior Executive Officer  


A copy of these presentations can be found in Appendix A attached to these minutes.


After each presentation, the Lord Mayor invited speakers from all parties to contribute to the debate.



The following motions were proposed at the end of the meeting:


Motion No. 1


Motion in the name of Cllrs Declan Meenagh Lord Mayor Alison Gilliland, Deputy Lord Mayor Joe Costello, Mary Freehill and Dermot Lacey


“That Dublin City Council

      Declares that we are in a climate and bio-diversity emergency

      Believes that the EU can’t continue to buy fossil fuels from Russia in light of their recent war crimes in Ukraine.

      Believes that in light of the emergency that local government needs to be empowered to take radical action to tackle climate change.

·         As such we agree that:

      Dublin City Council will draw up and publish a plan to promote community engagement throughout the City; this plan to include the establishment of one-stop shops to provide information and advice on climate action at local level and to assist in securing grants and other funding for local climate initiatives.

      The Climate Action SPC and the Protocol Committee consider joining the European Green City Accord. We note this accord focuses on 5 areas of importance to climate change: Air quality, Water, Nature/ Biodiversity, Waste/Circular Economy and noise, things we are already working on.

      CODEMA and the EU Projects Office to provide an update on the implications and opportunities for the city of the new REPowerEU 2030 policy and other EU climate opportunities.

      Commends the work of CODEMA in delivering solar on DCC buildings and agrees to a radical increase in rooftop solar on our social houses.  We note a recent CODEMA report which says there is the potential for 10.5 MWh in solar from DCC housing stock. We believe that this power could be used for household use, EV charging and could be sold to the grid to help fund the instillation of the solar power. We believe DCC tenants should benefit from free electricity generated by these panels”


It was proposed by Cllr. Dermot Lacey and seconded by Lord Mayor Alison Gilliland that the motion be referred to the Climate Change, Environment and Energy SPC for consideration.   The motion was put and carried.



Motion No. 2


Motion in the name of Councillors Daithí Doolan, Míchéal MacDonncha, Anthony Connaghan, Janice Boylan, Séamas McGrattan, Daniel Céitinn, Máire Devine.


“This City Council commends An tArd Mhéara for calling tonight’s important meeting on Climate Change.


That this Council fully recognises the challenges posed by Climate Change. We are committed to a just transition to a green economy. 


We welcome Dublin City Council’s Climate Action Plan as a very positive first step in ensuring we tackle the causes and effects of Climate Change. We firmly believe by acting together, Dublin City Council, local communities and businesses can surpass the objective of DCC’s Climate Action Plan.


To fully realise and surpass our objectives we commit that Dublin City Council will examine the Community Wealth Building model with a view to incorporating it into their Local Economic Community Plans (LECP).


Community Wealth Building has emerged as a powerful approach to local economic development and has been particularly successful in Preston, England, North Ayrshire, Scotland and Cleveland, Unites States.


The model will allow local communities across Dublin City to leverage existing resources, such as procurement, to meet local needs while creating quality employment, promoting equity and environmental sustainability.


Dublin City Council will initiate dialogue with public bodies and semi-state companies to identify their potential role in the strategy.


The development of Community Wealth Building will be a key part of any agreed annual special meeting to review progress of our Climate Action Plan.


We agree that the Lord Mayor will engage with councils in Preston, North Ayrshire and elsewhere to discuss how we can best develop Community Wealth Building in Dublin City.”


It was proposed by Cllr. Michael Pidgeon and seconded by Lord Mayor Alison Gilliland that the motion be referred to Finance SPC for consideration.   The motion was put and carried.




Motion No. 3


Motion in the name Cllr Deirdre Conroy

“To ask the Chief Executive and Dublin City Council to address Irish Government and support a major global challenge, Climate Change, which is also a threat to our heritage, by facilitating apprenticeship for retrofit and support offshore windfarm on the east coast.


To ask Dublin City Council to address planning appropriately, in time, on climate change development necessity for reduction of Green House Gas and Electricity, in particular Electricity Net Zero by 2035.


It was proposed by Cllr. Dermot Lacey and seconded by Lord Mayor Alison Gilliland that the motion be referred to the Climate Change, Environment and Energy SPC for consideration.”   The motion wasput and carried.



Motion No. 4


Motion in the name of Councillors Michael Pidgeon, Claire Byrne, Caroline Conroy, Dearbháil Butler, Hazel Chu, Carolyn Moore, Donna Cooney, Darcy Lonergan, Janet Horner.


·         “Recognises the climate emergency and understands the role of Dublin City Council in taking urgent action on the climate, energy, and biodiversity crises

·         Respects our local,  national and international climate targets and commitments for both 2030 and 2050 

·         Recognises in light of the war in Ukraine and other global events the need to rapidly move our city away from fossil fuels

·         Recognises the on going work within Dublin City Council to both mitigate and adapt to climate change

·         Agrees to take all actions necessary to reach our climate targets

·         Ensures full integration of local, national and international policies and cross departmental coordination and cooperation in implementing climate policy

·         Agrees to climate proof all investment decisions, infrastructure developments and activities to achieve climate resilient outcomes

·         Agrees to establish a Climate Budget for Dublin City to mainstream climate into the decision making process and ensure budget decisions are in line with climate targets 

·         Agrees to take full advantage of national and international climate supports 
Supports a just transition to a zero-carbon city

·         Will prioritise and accelerate the implementation of policies and projects that will help reach those targets and build resilience 

·         Will develop costings of the Climate Action Plan to budget for its implementation

·         Will continue to work collaboratively and focus all efforts on reaching Dublin becoming a net zero, climate resilient City by 2050.”


It was proposed by Cllr. Dermot Lacey and seconded by Lord Mayor Alison Gilliland that the motion be referred to the Climate Change, Environment and Energy SPC for consideration.   The motion wasput and carried.






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