{meta} Agenda item - European Programme Support Office - Anthony Flynn, Executive Manager, CRES

Agenda item


Copy of Progress Report was provided in advance of the meeting in the ModGov pack

Anthony Flynn presented to Members and ended by acknowledging the work of Ciara O’hAodha as Interim Head of the EPSO and wishing her well in pending maternity leave.  The Chair thanked the Presenter and she and other Members acknowledged the work of Ciara O’hAodha and opened the floor to questions and answers.


Cllr. Freehill asked what the current position was on DCC working with other institutions, in particular academic institutions to enhance and extend the value and use of any programmes DCC were going to engage in, and to explore possibility of Members engaging in it to.


She acknowledged recent sanction from Department in relation to EPSO posts and noted that a European Office had already been in existence in DCC up to 2014/2015. 


She looked for clarification on the Dublin Belfast communications and spoke about the Peace Programme, Urbact and Interreg. Two meetings have been held to date of the Dublin Belfast Economic Corridor but a programme has not as yet been agreed.


She put question to the Presenter around the City of the Isles Committee, a Committee she set up as Lord Mayor 21 years ago, and had this Committee been disbanded?


Cllr. Cooney asked for a list of applications made for open calls for European Programme Funding and asked what funding applications have been made in relation to Resilience of Cities in face of climate change. 


Cllr. MacDonncha concurred with Cllr. Freehill regarding the Dublin Belfast Economic Corridor and asked for an update to be circulated to Members in advance of the next SPC and that the DBEC be included as an agenda item on the next SPC. 




The Presenter replied as follows:


Higher education institutions continue to be involved in the Horizon process and he welcomed the opportunities for Members to engage in that process going forward.  From recollection, the City of Isles Committee has not met for a long time and DCC are currently involved with an EU proposal with Wales.  Regarding Department sanction of posts for EPSO, the matter is with HR and in queue along with other posts requesting to be filled from other Departments.  An update was provided on the Dublin Belfast Economic Corridor under agenda Item 8 EDE Management Reports and he proposed that Mary MacSweeney give further clarification on the DBEC under this item. The Chair agreed.

With regard to Open Calls he advised that a list had been provided and included in his report which was published on Modgov.  The Presenter agreed to circulate the list to the Members and he reiterated the purpose of the EPSO was to notify the relevant Departments of open calls for funding applications, but that it was up to the relevant Department to pursue further as the skillset lies with the relevant DCC Department.  DCC made a submission to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan which was acknowledged by the Department, but DCC were not successful in funding application.  Funding applications are being made with regard to the green agenda presently.  CARO looking at making application for City of Dublin in relation to resilience and climate action and Presenter proposed to ask Sabrina Dekker to provide Cllr Cooney with further information if she required. 


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