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That the manager give an update on the proposals and previous commitments to provide a playground facilities in McAuley Park, Artane, as youngsters in the area are in need of and deserve a play facility.



That the manager give an update on the proposals and previous commitments to provide a playground facilities in McAuley Park, Artane, as youngsters in the area are in need of and deserve a play facility.




The multi-annual programme of playground upgrades presented to the area committee in 2019 identified Belcamp Playground as the priority for 2022.  Certain discussions were held with residents group and local councillors and it is felt that a small play-lot in McAuley Park could be delivered in 2022 but this would require a significant contribution from the discretionary fund.



Contact:         Fergus O'Carroll,

Senior Executive Parks Superintendent, North City Parks District.

Tel:                222 2265

Email:             parks@dublincity.ie



Order:  Agreed. 


Councillor Heney queried how much match funding would be required to deliver the small play-lot in McAuley Park. The Parks services will require matching funding from the Area Office in the order of 60,000 euros to implement the above.


Councillor Lyons queried if the proposal to have a small play lot in McAuley Park would deem that their playground need is met?  He referenced the Playground Audit from 2017 that identified 3 areas for play grounds for parks but only one has been delivered. Fergus O’Carroll stated that the priority for the Parks Department is that existing playgrounds are brought up to modern safety standards.  There is only a finite amount of money and delivering new playgrounds at the expense of the upgrading programme of existing playgrounds would not be a good spend of public money.  It was agreed with residents on site in McAuley Park that the provision of a small play-lot for younger children is their priority to be delivered and that further spaces for older children would be delivered incrementally.


Councillors MacDonncha and Stocker queried the procedure and time line for submissions to the 2022 Discretionary Fund.  Manager Derek Farrell confirmed that the area office will examine the funding required for the area & will then email the members seeking their suggestions for the discretionary fund with a view to having a meeting mid-way through February.  At that juncture it is hoped that both Parks and Roads will have their works programmes finalised and the meeting will encompass all. 


Councillor Brabazon asked could a report be done on what has been spent and what commitments are outstanding from the 2021 allocation.  A presentation & report detailing what was spent in the 2021 Discretionary fund and Covid spend will be delivered at the February NCAC.


Manager Karl Mitchell stated that the discretionary process would be strategic this year, instead of having a wish list that quadrupled the discretionary budget and wasn’t feasible to deliver on.  There is a finite amount of money 810,000 & the area office will examine the works programmes of other central departments to see where leverage funding might be appropriate with the discretionary fund.  The collective membership will agree a fair split across the area, so that it’s not replicating the core works of central departments, to get an even balance across the North Central Area in terms of spend. 


Councillor O’Toole has a suggestion for his colleagues on the NCAC for a use of the discretionary funding in one project and will email the members with his proposal.


Councillor Cooney queried how much discretionary funding there is and would there be a possibility of accessing further funding.  Deputy Chief Executive, Kathy Quinn stated that she couldn’t give definitive information other than to say there are two pieces this year, the usual 3m discretionary fund and the 1m per year coming through the capital programme across the 5 area committees, so 3m over three years for minor capital works.  She hopes to have more information for the February council meeting regarding the additional spend that the councillor is referring to.