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Motion 1 from Councillors Kevin Donoghue, Claire Byrne, Danny Byrne, Daniel Ceitinn, Mannix Flynn.

The South East Area Committee welcomes the work done in relation to the Cabbage Patch. We are calling on the Parks Department to engage a design team to develop an outline master plan for the Cabbage Garden commensurate with the Public Consultation held in 2019 and to proactively engage on a regular basis with the South East Area Office, to progress the rejuvenation of the Cabbage Garden for the betterment of all stakeholders.


Motion 2 from Councillor Danny Byrne

That this committee would request the ESB to come before our committee so that we can discuss the future of the Georgian Museum.


Motion 3 from Councillor Mary Freehill

It is agreed that DCC contact the Dept. of Defence and the Minister for Defence to request the handing over of the playing fields at the rear of Cathal Brugha Barracks Rathmines (which are accessed separate to the Barracks from Grosvenor Lane) into the charge of the City Council Sports Dept.  There is a very serious shortage of public playing pitches in the Dublin 6 area.  Demand has increased in recent years partly due to the inclusion of young females which we very much welcome.  As a Local Authority we want to facilitate all young people in the area and recognise that access to sport is an essential component of their development and healthy living. While this proposal is to make the pitch available to all groups in the area, one example of the demand for pitches can be show by the Ranelagh Gales need:

·         In 2020 Ranelagh Gales had 320 boys under the age of 12 and 305 girls. As a club, they are committed to gender parity by 2023. Having proper facilities such as toilets and dressing rooms are vital for keeping young teenage girls involved with sport through to adulthood,  as there is a big dropout rate at this age. 

·         Their numbers in 2021 are estimated to be over 700 for the juvenile section but this is unknown until play resumes after Level 5 restrictions are lifted. Also, in 2020 they were unable to allow 2016-born players to join due to the lack of playing space available to them.  . If RG growth rate continues they could have over 1,500 members by 2025.

Opening up the grounds would also give local primary schools a much-needed pitch to use. There are many interested parties in the Cathal Brugha site and perhaps there is a larger scale plan in terms of the development as a whole. However, green space, particularly publicly owned is sacred in the city and we need more of it. If the Council acquired this pitch, I think the GAA and DCC could come together to invest properly in a future pitch project.


Motion 4 from Councillor Mannix Flynn

That this committee of DCC call on the CEO of Dublin City Council, Mr Owen Keegan, to issue a formal apology for DCC’s involvement in the Mother and Baby Homes’ history.  This apology and public announcement is long overdue and should have been issued as soon as DCC learned of their involvement, no matter how slight, in the Mother and Baby homes’ horrendous history. Further, that all archival material, relating to Mother and Baby homes and DCC’s involvement be made publicly available wherever possible, for those who are seeking to find their true identity.  Dublin City Council must do everything in its power to assist the many wounded survivors of this appalling period in our history.


Motion 5 from Councillor Mannix Flynn

That this committee of DCC call on the CEO, Mr Owen Keegan, and DCC, to withdraw their application for the burning of another 90,000 tons at the Waste to Energy facility in Dublin Bay and instead to put all the energies of Dublin City Council into protecting the environment at Dublin Bay by ensuring better air quality and a better managed waste disposal program which includes a major emphasis and education programs on recycling. Every single DCC councillor was opposed to this Covanta facility over the long period it took. Communities campaigned for years against this environmental injustice. Not to mention the scandals of financial oversight and the huge financial resources that went into this, Dublin City Council executive pursued this madness and are now adding insult to injury by telling us that there will be no increase in pollutants, no increase in traffic, and that more or less the burning of thousands of tons of waste is good for us and sustainable. Everybody should read Professor Joe McCarthy’s independent report on this facility and indeed its threat to the environment and local communities.


Motion 6 from Councillor Deirdre Conroy

That this committee would support 30kmh on the Palmerston Road and Palmerston Park routes, where buses and cars can travel fast, especially speeding to get through the traffic lights at the junction on to Highfield Road.


Motion 7 from Councillor Deirdre Conroy

That this committee would support resurfacing of footpaths and roads along Palmerston Park for pedestrians and cyclists, as COVID19 has increased walking in the area, and all areas, paths need resurfacing where they are broken.


Motion 8 from Councillor Deirdre Conroy

That this committee would support Crumlin GAA club to secure additional playing pitches, which caters for both adult and juvenile participants. I understand that this request has been brought to Parks Department before, but I am contacted by the club’s Finance and Development Committee to advance this process.


Crumlin GAA


Crumlin GAA was established in 1970. It’s a community based organisation run totally by volunteers and we provide GAA games to boys, girls, men and women of Crumlin and the surrounding areas. We are based in Pearse Park where we have 1 full size pitch, 1 small pitch which we call the “camogie pitch” which is used for juveniles and a small juvenile pitch. We have access to no other playing pitches.


A tremendous amount of hard work over the last number of years has resulted in an increase of playing members, particularly at juvenile level. We welcome all members of our community and believe we create an inclusive environment that is reflected in the diversity of our playing members. We are also the only club in Crumlin that offers young girls the opportunity to play a field sport. Women’s sport has never been as popular as it is now, with incredible role models across an array of sports for young girls to look up to, and we want to give all girls the opportunity to play games and witness the physical and social benefits that playing team sports can bring.


At the moment, for boys we have Under 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 & 16 hurling and football teams and for girls we have under 10, 12, 13 16 and minor camogie and football teams. We also run a crèche / nursery in Pearse Park which is for under 8s down to 5-year old’s and to give you an idea of numbers, we have over 120 children attend with average numbers for each session at about 70. At adult level, we have 2 hurling teams, 1 camogie team, 2 men’s football and 2 ladies football teams.  There is huge work being put in by so many but we find it very difficult to function due the lack of playing pitches, a problem we are seeking to address.


We are all aware of the issues the Crumlin area faces on a daily basis. The benefits of keeping our young people active and out of harm’s way are immeasurable. Some of our club members would testify that it was their participation in sport and the sense of identity it gave them that stopped them from choosing a different path. All the research around anti-social behavior shows a direct link to a lack of facilities in the community. Our work is far more than just providing games but in order to provide games we need additional pitches.


Motion 9 from Councillors Deacy, Dunne, Feeney, Conroy and Freehill

There has been a visible increase in litter in the Kimmage/Rathmines ward in recent weeks. I ask that this committee agree to address this issue particularly in the areas most impacted or ‘black spots’. I have attached a map and wish to identify with the guidance and input of community groups Week 2, 3, 4 and 6 as areas in need of attention. We ask that DCC look to create long term solutions in collaboration with local groups. Specifically that we agree to look at an initial increase in the frequency of street sweeping in said areas identified on the map and perhaps a scheduled  regular check of blackspots.


Motion 10 from Councillor Mary Freehill

That this committee requests a meeting with the ESB to discuss the location of Electric car power points in LAC area.


Motion 11 from Councillor Mary Freehill

That this committee agrees to have a special meeting with the Traffic Department to discuss traffic issues in the area, so that we can get up to date on plans.  Furthermore get agreement that this committee is consulted in advance of any traffic initiatives affecting this area.


Motion 12 from Councillor Pat Dunne

That this committee requests the area manager to plan a permanent memorial within the Kimmage-Rathmines ward in memory of local people who died due to the Covid pandemic. 


Motion 13 from Councillor James Geoghegan

That the South East Area Committee;

·         having unanimously approved Item 1 report on 8th of March 2020;

·         in consideration of the recent introduction of 30km/hr on Garville Ave Upper, Brighton Square and Brighton Ave; and

·         having regard to the temporary introduction of 30km/hr on the Strand Road, Sandymount

agrees to request the relevant Department in Dublin City Council to implement a temporary introduction of 30km/hr zone on Brighton Road pending the introduction of its long term change and for safety reasons related to all of the surrounding roads now operating at 30km/hr.


Motion 14 from Councillor James Geoghegan

That the South East Area Committee agrees to request the traffic department to investigate the implementation of a number of design measures on Mount Pleasant Avenue Upper and Lower including the repair and widening of footpaths, the installation of continuous pedestrian crossing at a number of locations (including the junction with Richmond Hill, Richmond Place, Alma Road and Belgrave Square) as well as painted speed limit signs on the road surface.


Motion 15 from Councillor James Geoghegan

That the South East Area Committee recognises the continued work of Ranelagh Community Response in their support for vulnerable members of the community over the past 12 months and supports their request for additional benches on Ranelagh road (as per attached) to provide more seating space for elderly members of the community, and the installation of planters that can be supported by the work of Ranelagh Tidy Towns.


We propose three or four seating places for Ranelagh Village. There are three Housing centres for vulnerable and elderly people in Ranelagh, Ranelagh Close (DCC) Woodstock Court Elder Care (DCC) and Cullenswood (DHA).


Recent submissions to the Ranelagh Area improvement plan have identified the lack of street seating and bins. Places for Elderly, people with mobility difficulties and the general public, to take a break walking, sit and observe the active community.


Street furniture as has been installed in Dundrum in recent years would be an example, the lack of space on paths is a challenge, we have identified a number of locations where these can be placed. See map as an example of three potential locations we will review others should we be successful in obtaining funding. We would also assist with the maintenance of planters through the Ranelagh Tidy towns group. 


These proposals would enhance our village environment for all. The cost of each location would be approx. €10,000 , we would also be willing to fundraise to address any shortfall should that situation arise and would be confident of doing this in a short time so as Ranelagh Residents can enjoy them this Summer , all in consultation with local groups .


The work of Ranelagh Community Response over the last year has demonstrated a broad skill set delivering and addressing the needs of Elderly, Volunteers, local Business and many local groups during very difficult times. Delivering win-win situation for everyone involved working closely with DCC, HSE and Garda, involving other local organisations Ranelagh Gaels, etc. 


Motion 16 from Councillor James Geoghegan

That an inspection be carried out of the footpaths at Ramleh Close and Ramleh Park in Milltown, Dublin 6, which has a significant elderly resident population and which contains many hazardous pavement cracks.


Motion 17 from Councillor James Geoghegan

That the South East Area Committee agrees to adopt the Ranelagh Improvement Groups proposal for Ranelagh as set out in the attached document and requests a report on its implementation and the resources that are required to fulfil its ambitions.


RVIG propose the refurbishment of the section of pavement in Ranelagh village bordering houses Nos 70-88 (even nos. only}.  This section of streetscape forms the longest uniform continuous coherent terrace of Victorian houses in Ranelagh Village. It is a very important part of the architectural heritage of Ranelagh. The perspective of the terrace has been enhanced by the planting of trees on this stretch of streetscape by Dublin City Council some years ago.


Two elements detract significantly from the terrace.


Firstly, the treatment of gardens and front railings is very disjointed because of some hard surfacing of gardens and removal of railings and some boundary walls. This problem is difficult to rectify with no obvious immediate solution except perhaps but attaching appropriate conditions to future planning permissions for work on any house in the terrace over the coming years.


Secondly, the surface of the footpath has been cut open on many occasions for services maintenance and many repairs are very poor in quality. The pavement now has a random jigsaw/’cut and paste’ appearance.  Furthermore, it has a significant number of uneven joints at cuttings constituting a hazard to pedestrians and constituting an impediment to a more age friendly walkability for the older segment of population in the Ranelagh area.


In the 2000’s many old concrete footpaths in the village in a similar condition were replaced with granite kerbing and concrete paving stones. This greatly improvement the appearance and the paving stones approach has facilitated easy uniform replacement whenever services maintenance required excavation. But there has been little or no footpath renewal in the Ranelagh village area since 2009.


We are proposing the renewal of the segment outlined earlier with a somewhat similar approach to the earlier work, but with a variation. Given the quality of the Victorian terrace in question, we propose that the paving be with granite kerbing and granite paving stones. This could either be of the bright grey variety, used in parts of the city or preferably the yellow tinted variety used in some Georgian and Victorian streetscapes in Dublin. This latter type would reflect the yellow brickwork of the terrace.


The length of pavement in question is approximately 75 metres, and while the width varies, it is on average approximately 3 metres, or a little less, thus giving a pavement area of 225 Sq. metres. We are aware from an industry source that granite paving is expensive, approx. three times the cost of concrete. So the extra cost of granite over concrete would be approximately €4000-5000. (€32 vs €12 per sq. metre).


We believe that this proposal with a really quality finish with the yellow tinted granite would greatly enhance this streetscape and terrace be adopted.


Given the lack of pavement work in Ranelagh in recent years, the proposed work could justify been funded from the general overall pavement renewal budget. Alternatively, it might be part funded from the general budget and part funded from the South East Area fund.


Motion 18 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this Area Committee calls on the Area Manager to install better lighting on Denzille Lane. The lane currently has very poor lighting and the small group of houses on the lane are subject to anti-social activities, which have become much worse since the pandemic.  


Motion 19 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this Area Committee calls on the Area Manager to write to IPUT to ask them to put measures in place and take immediate action to address the issue of anti-social behaviour in Wilton Park. 


Motion 20 from Councillor Claire Byrne

That this Area Committee calls on the Area Manager to put in place an effective waste and litter management plan for the South East Area to address the increase in litter on our streets and in our parks as a result of the pandemic.  Can the Area Manager outline what is required to ensure we have clean streets and parks for the summer months and beyond as we begin another period of living outdoors? 


Motion 21 from Councillor Danny Byrne

That this area committee would agree to ask the Chief Executive to investigate the land holdings of the council in terms of providing more allotments.  During the pandemic in particular people are spending more times outdoors and there seems to be waiting lists for any allotments that do exist.  The provision of more allotments would be very positive in terms of peoples’ physical and mental health.


Motion 22 from Councillor Carolyn Moore

This committee finds that the disabled parking space outside the Bank of Ireland at 1 Rathfarnham Road does not safely meet the requirements of drivers with a disability in terms of facilitating parking and allowing clearance for safe exit and entry to a vehicle by a driver or passenger with a disability, and calls on the area manager to provide for a larger, more accessible space. There are ample parking facilities available close to the village - on street parking should prioritise fully accessible, regulation disability spaces.


Motion 23 from Councillor Carolyn Moore

This committee, in its ongoing efforts to deal with increasing levels of dog fouling throughout the South East Area, will look to follow the successful initiative employed by our North Central colleagues and trial the provision of free fouling bags to be distributed via local shops and newsagents. 


Motion 24 from Councillor Carolyn Moore

This committee recognises that the provision of traffic calming measure at the junction of the upper Rathmines Road and York Road, near Kildare Place school, is now long over-due, and calls on the area manager to urgently provide a solution that will a) slow down traffic as it rounds the wide bend on the upper Rathmines Road and b) ensure that pedestrians of all ages and abilities, including the children from Kildare Place school, can use this junction safely. A pedestrian crossing, a traffic island, a ramp, a traffic island, a solar-powered speed indicator would be good and much-needed interventions here. 


Motion 25 from Councillor Paddy McCartan

That the South East Area Committee calls for the opening of Fitzwilliam Square Park to the public, and for Dublin City Council to engage with the leaseholder Fitzwilliam Square Association Ltd, to achieve this goal.  As we seek to maximize our use of green spaces in our current environment it is appropriate that 200 years later we finally allow access to the last of the 5 Georgian squares of Dublin.