{meta} Agenda for Protocol Committee on Thursday 1st April, 2021, 8.00 am

Agenda and minutes


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Minutes of the meeting held on 18th February 2021 and matters arising. pdf icon PDF 343 KB


Order: Agreed


Standing Orders Working Group Update pdf icon PDF 201 KB


The Chair of the Standing Orders Working Group, Cllr. Anne Feeney outlined a variety of recommendations aimed at improving the efficacy of Council meetings. Following a constructive debate the Members were in general, very supportive of the measures proposed.


Order: It was agreed that before new Standing Orders are brought before Council the recommendations should be circulated to Group Leaders so that they may be discussed and reviewed by all political groups. Following feedback from Group Leaders the Working Group will bring back revised Standing Orders to the next meeting.


Illumination of City Hall


Request from the LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Foundation to illuminate City Hall in rainbow colours on May 28 in support of LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day



Order: It was agreed to defer a decision on this request until the new Illumination Policy has been agreed.


Request from the Emer Casey Foundation to illuminate City Hall on 8th May 2021 in support of World Ovarian Cancer Day



Order: It was agreed to defer a decision on this request until the new Illumination Policy has been agreed.


Illumination of City Hall Policy pdf icon PDF 126 KB


The Members accepted that an agreed Illumination policy for City Hall was necessary so that a consistent approach could be adopted in dealing with requests. However, they thought the proposed policy was overly complex and bureaucratic.


Order: It was agreed that the Manager would review the draft policy with a view to bringing a simplified version back to the next meeting.  


Counselling and Support Services for Elected Members pdf icon PDF 129 KB


The Committee welcomed the provision of Counselling and Support Services for Elected Members, especially in light of the pandemic, which has seen an increase on the demands of Councillors. The Manager confirmed that where appropriate Members could avail of an alternative therapy service provided it was approved by Corporate Health Ireland.


Order: Report Agreed


O'Connell Plinth Artwork pdf icon PDF 225 KB


Order: Report Noted


Planning Observations made at Area Committees pdf icon PDF 100 KB

Additional documents:


The City Planner confirmed that any observations or recommendations made by the Elected Members at Area Committee meetings cannot be taken into account in the determination of the planning application. Submissions must be formally submitted in accordance with the provisions of the Planning and Development Regulations’.


The Members thanked the Manager for his comments and accepted the position as stated.


Order: Report Noted.

It was agreed to circulate to all Councillors the processes and email addresses for registering observations on planning applications. The Manager would also clarify the position of fees in relation to observations on SHD’s.


Motion in the name of Cllr. Dermot Lacey that "This Committee notes the dichotomy between the opening sentence of the reply to Question Number 33 at the March City Council and its reference to "Elected Members" and the subsequent references to "Dublin city participates in Eurocities with executive representatives" and the further reference to Officials participating in the various Fora, calls for a full outline of who attends these events/meetings/fora and a full discussion on which of these should instead be attended by the elected representatives. pdf icon PDF 331 KB

Additional documents:


The Members were supportive of the motion and thought it highlighted the lack of Councillor participation, not just in Eurocities, but in other international organisations as well as the perceived downgrading in the importance of the Twinning strategy.


Although Members welcomed the provision of information and briefings on Eurocities they made clear their desire to participate actively, which would be best served by having a Dublin City Elected Member appointed to the general body of Eurocities at the upcoming AGM.  


The Members also commented on the launch of the Belfast to Dublin Economic Corridor strategy. They acknowledge that while it was an excellent and well delivered event, they were extremely concerned about the lack of any speaking role for Elected Members from any of the 8 Local Authorities involved in the Dublin to Belfast Economic Corridor.


Order: The Motion was agreed. It was also agreed that the Chair of the Protocol Committee would write to the Chief Executive to communicate the Members desire for Councillors to be actively involved with the Eurocities project and their more general concern regarding the lack of direct involvement of Councillors in national and international networks. The Chief Executive would also be invited to attend the June Protocol Committee meeting.


Manager's Report


·         The Manager informed Members that on the advice of the Law Agent, Dublin City Council would not be seeking second legal opinion on CETA as requested in Emergency Motion No.1 that was passed at the March 1st City Council meeting.  The Law Agent advised that the matter has been referred to the High Court by a sitting TD. (Costello v Government of Ireland & Ors 2021/1282P). In light of this development, it is not considered appropriate for Dublin City Council to obtain legal advices on this matter in advance of the conclusion of the High Court case.


Order: The Manager to circulate position to all Councillors.


·         The Manager informed Members that the Modern Gov voting system would be used at the April meeting. The use of the system was crucial to the effectiveness of remote Council meetings. A number of measures including the muting of microphones and the discontinuance of text voting would be introduced to ensure its successful implementation. 




·         Cllr. Flynn requested that the Lord Mayor make a statement on her intention to stand for election to the Seanad. He felt that it would be appropriate considering her position as Lord Mayor and First Citizen.  


Order: The Manager agreed to convey the request to the Lord Mayor.


Proposed Date of next meeting: 29th April 2021


Order: Agreed.