{meta} Agenda for Protocol Committee on Thursday 7th January, 2021, 8.00 am

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Minutes of the Meeting held on 26th November 2020 and matters arising. pdf icon PDF 315 KB


Order: Minutest Agreed


International Relations - Twinning Policy pdf icon PDF 405 KB


Grainne Kelly provided a report on the background of the Twinning Programme and updated the Members on the recent developments with the various cities that the City Council has formal twinning arrangements with including Barcelona, Beijing, San Jose and Liverpool. She informed the committee that the Local Government Act 2001 sets outs the legislative framework for twinning and confirmed that it was a reserved function of the Council.


The Members thanked Grainne for her report and for her contribution to the twinning project over the years. They noted that many productive relationships had been developed as a result of twinning and that this collaboration had brought cultural and economic benefits to Dublin City. However, Members expressed the view that the twinning project needed to be reinvigorated to ensure these relationships were maintained and built upon and for twinning to continue to deliver positive outcomes for Dublin.     


Cllr. Dermot Lacey and Cllr. Deirdre Heney were of the view the direction of the Twinning Programme should fall within the remit of the Protocol Committee. The Manager informed Members that currently responsibility for Twinning rests with the Economic Development and Enterprise SPC.


Order: It was agreed that the Chair of the Protocol Committee and the Chair of the Economic Development and Enterprise SPC would meet with Grainne Kelly to discuss how best to develop the Twinning Programme and move it forward. The Chair will report back to the Committee in due course. 




Accessibility Works at the Mansion House


The Manager informed Members that wheelchair accessibility to the Mansion House has proved problematic since the removal of the ramp several years ago. The installation of the lift helped to improve the situation, however it was not a satisfactory resolution to the problem due to limitations in terms of capacity and operating time.  A new solution involving providing access through the current garden has been identified. Due to the significant impact of the proposed works it will involve multiple Departments and require consultation across several Committees. To date a capital budget has been assigned, a Design Team appointed and a Steering Group setup. It is envisaged that a presentation on the proposed works will be made to the Protocol Committee at its next meeting.


Order: Noted  


Standing Orders Working Group


Order: It was agreed that the Standing Orders Working Group would meet on a more regular basis to review how motions are dealt with at City Council meetings. The Chair asked members to revert to their groups on the matter and to forward any proposals or suggestions to the Working Group.


Information Technology Working Group


The Manager informed Members that due to a delay in the awarding of the contract for the development of the new CRM System, the meeting of the IT Working Group has been rescheduled to 25th January. She also confirmed that the terms of reference for the group are draft and can be amended.


Order: It was agreed that the Working Group would be the point of contact between the elected members and the Transformation Unit on the development of the Councillor portal. The Manager will write to Group Leaders regarding membership of the Working Group with a view to bringing on board a more diverse range of views and technical abilities.


Manager's Report


·         The Manager reported that although the Council meeting on the 11th January would take place entirely remotely the two hour duration limit would still remain as the Lord Mayor, Chief Executive and Meetings Administrator are required to be in the same room for the meeting.


·         There is agreement that the Council meeting on the 11th January will be adjourned to 18th January to deal with motions on notice.


·         A submission has been made to the Lord Mayor for a Special Council Meeting on Traveller Specific Accommodation. The Manager is to contact those Councillors who made the request to confirm if the meeting is still required following developments at Area Committee level.


·         City Hall will be closed to Councillors for the month of January due Covid-19. Ray Glynn will ensure that any post received is forwarded to the Councillors home addresses.


·         The Training schedule has been circulated to all Councillors. Upcoming events include Councillor specific Health & Safety Training on 14th January, an AILG Planning Webinar on 22nd January and Resilience Training on 5th February. Cllr. Deirdre Heney requested that Dementia Awareness Training be provided as soon as possible. Ruth Dowling confirmed that this would be pursued with Brendan Kenny’s office who devised with first Dementia Training session which was delivered in 2020.   




·         Councillor Dermot Lacey expressed his disappointment that Councillors were not consulted or informed about the removal of parking on Castle Street. As a point of courtesy Councillors should have received notification.


Order: The Manager agreed to convey the Councillors disappointment to the Assistant Chief Executive in Charge of Environment and Transportation.


·         Councillors raised concerns regarding requests for extensive documentation by some members of the PPN. They requested clarification on the role of PPN members and their appointment to committees.


Order: The Manager agreed to seek clarification and to bring guidance on the issue to the next meeting.    


·         Cllr. Deirdre Heney informed Members of the sad news that Cllr. Catherine Stocker had suffered a very close family bereavement. 


Order: It was agreed that the Chair of Protocol, Cllr. Anne Feeney would send a sympathy card to Cllr. Stocker, extending condolences on behalf of members of the Protocol Committee. 


Date of Next Meeting: 18th February 2021.


Order: Agreed.