{meta} Agenda for Traffic and Transport SPC on Wednesday 10th April, 2019, 3.00 pm

Agenda and minutes

Venue: Council Chamber, City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin 2.. View directions

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Minutes of meeting held on 30th January, 2019 pdf icon PDF 153 KB


Minutes agreed



Minutes of Special Meeting of the Transportation SPC on Liffey Cycle Route, 3rd April, 2019 pdf icon PDF 127 KB


Minutes agreed



Velo City Dublin 2019 - presentation pdf icon PDF 987 KB


Ms. Antonia Martin, Administrative Officer, gave a presentation to the Committee on Velo City Dublin 2019.  A copy of the presentation is attached. 


Discussion followed and Ms. Martin answered Members questions regarding the upcoming event which will take place in Dublin from 25th to 28th June, 2019.


All details are available at www.velo-city2019.com 



Cycle Safe Initiative - presentation pdf icon PDF 2 MB


A presentation was given by Mr. Christopher Manzira, Senior Transportation Officer, Sustainable Mobility & Projects, on the Cycle Safe Initiative. Funding became available in 2018 from the Minister of Transport to implement cycle safety infrastructure with a focus on technological solutions to enhance cycle safety using smart technology.   A copy of the presentation is attached. 


Mr. Manzira outlined the challenges, solutions and implementation details of the initiative and answered Members questions on his presentation. 


Members welcomed the initiative.


Presentation noted



Bleeperbike - presentation by Mr. Hugh Cooney CEO of Bleeperbike pdf icon PDF 6 MB


Mr. Kevin Meade, SEO, informed the Committee that Bleeperbike, currently the only provider of Stationless Bike hire in the City Council area, have been awarded a new licence by DCC to continue their operations for a further three years.  Mr. Meade told the Committee that DCC are currently inviting licence applications for a second service provider.


Mr. Hugh Cooney CEO of Bleeperbike presented his report to the Committee on their experience from the previous 10 months of delivering Stationless bike hire in the city. He detailed usage and the routes taken through the city.


Mr. Cooney answered Members questions on the scheme.


Report and presentation noted




Suffolk Street Improvements pdf icon PDF 2 MB


Report on Suffolk Street Improvement/College Green


Ms. Patricia Reidy, a/Senior Engineer, City Centre Projects presented the report on improvements to Suffolk Street, giving details of the ongoing trial pedestrianisation of Suffolk Street which is extended to March, 2020.


Ms. Reidy also told the Committee of DCC’s intention to host Summer Sunday events in College Green this year.  Three low key events will take place on 21st, 28th July and 4th August, 2019.  Part of College Green will be pedestrianised from 7am to 7pm on the day of the event. The North/South Bus Corridor and Luas Cross City services will not be affected.   


          Report and update noted


Cordon Count 2018 - presentation


Mr. Brendan O’Brien, a/Executive Manager (Traffic) gave a presentation to the Committee on the Cordon Count, 2018.  The combined report by National Transport Authority and Dublin City Council is available to download at the following link: https://www.nationaltransport.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Canal_Cordon_Report_2018.pdf


Mr. O’Brien detailed DCC’s role in the Cordon Count 2018.   He highlighted data in the report showing 3 out of every 4 cars coming into the city during peak times had only one occupant.  Also taxis only deliver a relatively small number of passengers into the city in the morning peak.  Other noteworthy data showed 52% of people coming into the city during peak hours use public transport, the majority by bus.   The amount of people walking and cycling was relatively static over recent years.  70% of people coming across the canal cordon in 2018 were using sustainable modes of transport, the highest amount ever.


The Members welcomed the information provided in the report and hoped that it would inform further sustainable transport initiatives especially with regard to walking and cycling.


Presentation noted


Dublin City Council Policy on A Boards - verbal update


Mr. Kevin Meade, SEO, gave a verbal report on the licensing of advertising boards on the public footpath/road to the Committee.


The report noted that the Council had engaged with various stakeholders – businesses, business representative organisations and Disability Groups on the issue.


The proliferation of advertising boards was brought into sharp focus by Make Way Day 2018 when it was noted that one of the biggest issues faced by those with disabilities or visually impaired in traversing the City is the proliferation of advertising boards, with resultant access issues especially on streets with heavy pedestrian volumes.


The report also noted that Section 254 of the Planning & Development Act, 2000 provided for a licensing system for such advertising boards.


The Committee noted that it is the Council’s intention to introduce such a licensing system within the coming months.


Licensing conditions will be quiet stringent with locations and sizes of such advertising boards and minimum clearance distances specified.


The report also pointed out that the Council had the power to remove unlicensed advertising boards under Section 71 of the Roads Act 1993.


Report noted



Draft Parking Control Bye-Laws 2019 - Report on public consultation. pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Additional documents:


Mr. Dermot Stephenson, Parking Enforcement Officer, presented the report on DCC Parking Control Bye-Laws 2019 to the Committee. 


Members agreed to recommend Dublin City Council Parking Control Bye-Laws, 2019, to the City Council for adoption. 


Report noted and recommendation agreed


Parking Enforcement - verbal update pdf icon PDF 2 MB


Mr. Dermot Stephenson, Parking Enforcement Officer, gave presentation on DCC’s Parking Enforcement Section to the Committee.


A copy of the presentation is attached.


Presentation noted



Draft Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws 2019 pdf icon PDF 305 KB

Additional documents:


Ms. Helen Smirnova, Senior Executive Engineer presented the report on the Draft Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws 2019 to the Committee.


Members agreed to recommend the Draft Dublin City Council Special Speed Limit

Bye-Laws 2019 to the City Council for approval to initiate the public consultation process. 


Report noted and recommendation agreed


Minutes of Cycling and Walking Sub-Committee meeting held on 12th December, 2018 pdf icon PDF 310 KB


Minutes agreed



Motion in the name of Councillor Patrick Costello (deferred from meeting of 14th November, 2018): "That this committee agrees to amend Dublin City Council street nameplate policy so that where a street is named in honour of someone a secondary sign of similar design is provided which gives a brief one sentence description and their dates of birth and death are included. This is standard practice in other cities, such as Paris for example, and will ensure the knowledge of the person honoured is carried on along with their name."


Motion fell



Motion in the name of Councillor Ciarán Cuffe "That this committee notes the recent rise in usage of electric scooters and other emobility options in Dublin City, and while welcoming the rise in low-carbon mobility; is concerned at the risks to riders and pedestrians; notes the difficulty in registering such mechanically propelled vehicles; and requests the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport to examine best practice in other jurisdictions and as a matter of urgency put in place regulations concerning their use."


Motion agreed



Minutes of Special Meeting of Transportation SPC on Liffey Cycle Route