{meta} Agenda for Traffic and Transport SPC on Wednesday 14th November, 2018, 3.00 pm

Agenda and minutes

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Contact: Mary Boyle 

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Minutes of meeting held on 12th September, 2018 pdf icon PDF 207 KB


Minutes agreed.



Letter dated 12th October, 2018, from the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, regarding regulation of rickshaws pdf icon PDF 93 KB


Letter noted.



College Green Plaza - verbal update


Mr Brendan O’Brien, a/Executive Manager (Traffic), said that City Council is looking at 3 options: are there grounds for a judicial review; whether to prepare a new submission; or examine what the City Council can do under its own powers.  Members expressed preference for examining measures that the Council could implement without the need for planning permission.  Members were not in favour of a judicial review.  In reply to Members, Mr O’Brien said that even if there are grounds for a judicial review, it does not mean that the City Council will take a judicial review.  It may be more productive to look at what we can do under our own powers in the short term. Mr O’Brien expects that by the next SPC, he will be able to report definitively on what is being done   


Verbal report noted. A report will be brought to the next meeting of the Transportation SPC in relation to the City Council’s decision on College Green.



Bus Connects public consultations - verbal update


Mr Brendan O’Brien, a/Executive Manager (Traffic) said that in relation to the public consultation on the redesign of the bus network, the NTA received 30,000 submissions which it is working through.  It will take some months to come back with the actual emerging options.    In relation to the bus routes, the NTA today launched a non-statutory public consultation on the first 4 continuous bus corridor routes.  Mr O’Brien replied to Members questions.


Update noted.


Traffic Advisory Group and Neighbourhood Scheme processes - presentation


Mr Andy Walsh, Senior Engineer, gave a presentation on the current Traffic Advisory Group process and changes that have been made, and on the proposed implementation of the Neighbourhood Traffic Schemes.  It is proposed to select one scheme for each of the five Areas of the city in late spring.  Mr Walsh said that there will be at all times a live Neighbourhood Traffic Scheme study in each of the five Areas.





Dublin City Street Nameplates - Draft Interim Report to follow


Mr David Smith, Principal Designer, Atelier TypoGraphic Design, introduced his report.  Members referred to various issues in relation to street nameplates.    Mr Smith replied to Members’ queries. 


Report noted and, in addition, the following measures were recommended by the SPC:


1.     That ‘mixed case’ design (example 4 on page 11 of the report) is used to ensure compliance with Universal Design standards.

2.     That colour is used to initially differentiate English from Irish.

3.     That comprehensive design, fabrication and placement standards are drawn up

4.     That a new script is commissioned by the City Council for the Irish language.



Proposed Draft Dublin Agglomeration Environmental Noise Action Plan, December 2018 - November 2023 pdf icon PDF 2 MB


Mr Brian McManus, Head of Traffic Noise and Air Quality Unit, gave a report on the proposed Draft Noise Action Plan.  The Draft Plan, which is for the 4 Dublin Local Authorities, has gone to public consultation.  It deals with policy and how actions will be implemented in relation to improving the ambient sound quality.  Transport is the main contributor to ambient noise in the city.


Report noted.



Velo City Dublin 2019 - verbal update


Mr Clive Ahern, Administrative Officer, gave an overview of VeloCity Dublin 2019 which will take place in June next year.  It is an international cycling conference which seeks to improve policies, planning and the provision of cycling.  A further update will be brought  to the SPC in 2019.





Minutes of Cycling and Walking Sub-Committee meeting held on 27th June, 2018 pdf icon PDF 263 KB


In relation to the Liffey Cycle Route, Mr Brendan O’Brien, a/Executive Manager (Traffic), said that a report is expected from the NTA in the next couple of weeks setting out the preferred option for the route.


Minutes noted


Transportation SPC meeting dates for February and April 2019 pdf icon PDF 6 KB





Motion in the name of Councillor Damian O'Farrell: "That this Transport SPC agrees that all DCC 'Parking Tag' charging anomalies should be fixed as a matter of urgency and a report brought back to the next Transport SPC."


Motion agreed.  A report to be submitted to a future meeting of the SPC on this issue.



Motion in the name of Councillor Ciarán Cuffe: "That the 'green man' period at pedestrian signals throughout the city centre be increased by one second in order to better facilitate more vulnerable road users who would benefit from additional crossing time."


Following discussion, Councillor Ciarán O’Moore proposed that the Motion be amended by putting a second on amber time also.  The Motion as amended was agreed.  A report on the matter to be submitted to a future meeting of the SPC.



Motion in the name of Councillor Deirdre Heney (regarding part 1): "Following a recent successful prosecution by Gardaí in a court case involving animal cruelty against a carriage horse owner in Dublin, and in order to reduce/eliminate cruelty to horses in our city, that Dublin City Council: 1. Review its Horse Drawn Carriages bye-laws 2. Work with An Garda Síochána, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, the DSPCA, the Control of Horses Act 1996, Dublin City Council's Control of Horses Bye-laws 2014 in order to bring about greater enforcement of existing legislation and 3. Arrange the introduction of routine welfare checks of horses (including checks on harnessing etc) by a qualified equine veterinarian or suitably qualified authorised officer. (The Motion was referred to the Arts, Culture and Recreation SPC in relation to parts 2 and 3).


Councillor Deirdre Heney said that the Motion was submitted from an animal welfare point of view and asked that the Committee try to put pressure on the Minister to take the matter seriously.  The Chairperson noted the area is under-resourced and suffering from a lack of meaningful legislation to control horses in the city, and that he fully supports the Motion.  Mr Brendan O’Brien, a/Executive Manager (Traffic), said that he and Mr Kevin Meade, a/Executive Manager, would be meeting with the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport about this matter.


Motion, in respect of Part 1, agreed.



Motion in the name of Councillor Paddy Smyth: "This committee calls on the Minister for Transport to amend the Road Traffic Act to allow for the introduction of 'Living Streets' i.e. traffic restrictions on urban residential streets similar to those used in Germany (Spielstraße) and the Netherlands (Woonerf) in which pedestrians/cyclists are prioritised over motor vehicles." "(Background: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Living_street . A living street is a street designed primarily with the interests of pedestrians and cyclists in mind and as a social space where people can meet and where children may also be able to play legally and safely. These roads are still available for use by motor vehicles, however their design aims to reduce both the speed and dominance of motorised transport. This is often achieved using the shared space approach, with greatly reduced demarcations between vehicle traffic and pedestrians. Vehicle parking may also be restricted to designated bays.


Motion agreed on the basis that there needs to be some legislative change the thrust of which is that the vehicle does not have right of way in a Living Street Scheme.



Motion in the name of Councillor Patrick Costello: "That this committee agrees to amend Dublin City Council street nameplate policy so that where a street is named in honour of someone a secondary sign of similar design is provided which gives a brief one sentence description and their dates of birth and death are included. This is standard practice in other cities, such as Paris for example, and will ensure the knowledge of the person honoured is carried on along with their name."


Motion deferred.



Motion in the name of Councillor Ray McHugh referred from the South Central Area Committee meeting of 18th July, 2018: "To call on Dublin City Council to investigate if it is possible to introduce bye-laws to compel bicycle couriers operating commercially to have identification registration displayed and insurance cover, and if not to write to the Minister of Transport, Mr Shane Ross, requesting to bring in legislation to compel cyclist couriers working for delivery companies to display registration identification and insurance."


Motion agreed.