{meta} Agenda for Traffic and Transport SPC on Thursday 23rd February, 2017, 3.00 pm

Agenda and minutes

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The Chairperson welcomed Mr Martin Hoey, new representative for the Public Participation Network, to the Committee. The Chairperson noted that no further hard copies of the Agenda will be issued to the sectoral Members of the SPC. The Agenda will be circulated to sectoral Members by email and the Modern.gov App.


Minutes of meeting held on 23rd November, 2016 pdf icon PDF 76 KB


Minutes agreed.  In relation to Item 5, it was agreed to request an update from the NTA on the Sandymount/Merrion to Blackrock Corridor Study.



Letters dated 18th October, 2016, from Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, and 7th November, 2016, from the Chief Executive, NTA, regarding public transport fares pdf icon PDF 300 KB


Letters noted. 



Letter dated 7th November, 2016, from the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport regarding fitting of self-driving software to all new Luas rolling stock pdf icon PDF 112 KB


Letter noted



Canal Cordon counts 2016 pdf icon PDF 1 MB


Mr B O’Brien, acting Executive Manager (Traffic), gave a presentation on the canal cordon counts.  In reply to Mr Richard Guiney, he said that the City Council would be happy to work with Dublin Town on a survey on origin/destinations of cars at different times of the day. 

Report noted.



10 years of the Heavy Goods Vehicle Management Strategy pdf icon PDF 374 KB


Mr B O’Brien, acting Executive Manager (Traffic), gave a presentation on the operation of the 5+axle cordon and replied to Members’ questions.  The City Council is looking at a number of ways to manage the rebate system to hauliers.  In relation to increased HGV activity on Strand Road, the Council is in discussion with the Gardaí about additional enforcement. The Gardai can  now see the time of issue of a permit.  There is maximum vehicle height legislation in place and over-height vehicles should be reported.  As part of the City Centre Study, the Council proposes to move towards a managed delivery system. 


Report noted.



Velo-City 2019 pdf icon PDF 349 KB


Ms Sarah Scannell, Cycling and Walking Officer, gave the background to the selection of Dublin city to host Velo-City in 2019.  Dublin’s theme will be Cycling for the Ages.  Various committees are being set up to prepare for the event.  Councillor Dermot Lacey congratulated the officials, the Lord Mayor, Councillor Andrew Montague and the Chairperson for their input.


Report noted.



Traffic Management changes, North and South Quays pdf icon PDF 3 MB


Mr B O’Brien, acting Executive Manager (Traffic), gave a detailed presentation on the proposals for additional bus lanes on the North and South Quays.  The approach is based very much on what is contained in the City Council’s Development Plan, National Transport Authority strategy and the Government’s Smarter Travel policy, to prioritise pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.  The proposals will allow Luas Cross City to be operated in an efficient manner.  It is proposed to hold a six week non-statutory public consultation commencing on 27th February, 2017, and report back to the SPC on the consultation.  It is hoped to have the measures in place in August 2017 to allow Luas Cross City testing.  Mr O’Brien replied to issues raised by Members.


Report noted.



College Green update/Car Park Signage update


Mr Frank Lambe, Senior Executive Officer, gave an update on College Green.  Arup Consultants have been engaged to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment, and are leading a team which will prepare an Environmental Impact Statement based on the Assessment.  A design team has been appointed, which will work with the Consultants with the intention of having all the required documentation lodged to An Bord Planála in April 2017.  It is intended to make a presentation to the City Council in the first instance.    As part of the public consultation process, a public discussion workshop was held in the Mansion House with over 200 people in attendance and the report is available on the website.  On-street interviews were carried out with over 400 people in January on College Green, and the City Council hosted an on-line public consultation with over 1,000 contributions from the public.  Subject to planning approval by An Bord Planála, it is hoped to commence works on the new civic space by January next year.


Mr B O’Brien, acting Executive Manager (Traffic), said that a team is mapping  all the signage in the city centre, including car park signage, and are starting to devise an area wide signage scheme.


Reports noted.



Liffey Cycle Route update


Mr Christopher K. Manzira, a/Senior Engineer, gave an update on the Liffey Cycle Route.  A Consultant was engaged to carry out a screening for an Environmental Impact Assessment.  The report will be circulated shortly.  Councillor Janice Boylan detailed the concerns of schools on North Brunswick Street, and of local residents and businesses regarding the proposed diversion of traffic from the Quays into the Stoneybatter area under Option 7.   She said the plan is not the best and needs to be revised with full community consultation, including the businesses and schools.  The Chairperson said that all reasonable alternatives will have to be considered and noted that extensive public consultation will be carried out.  Mr Manzira said that when the diverted traffic volumes have been quantified, it will help to identify the appropriate interventions in the area including on North Brunswick Street. He may be in a position to report in more detail to the next SPC meeting.


Report noted.




Minutes of Cycling and Walking Sub-Committee meeting held on 6th October, 2016 pdf icon PDF 190 KB


Minutes noted.  Councillor Mannix Flynn said that a protocol is needed on walking tours regarding the size of the groups and guidelines on the use of footpaths.   The Chairperson asked that the Manager come back to the Committee on the issues involved.


4th Generation Bike Share - stationless (verbal)


Mr D Brady, Assistant Chief Executive, said that it is proposed to being a report to the next SPC meeting on non-stand App-led bike sharing.


Report noted



Pay and Display Parking Meter Rental project pdf icon PDF 113 KB


Mr Kevin Meade, Senior Executive Officer, explained the rationale for changing from purchasing to renting parking meters, and the savings involved for the City Council.  Mr Meade replied to issues raised by Members. It was agreed to submit a report to the SPC on the aspect of advertising on the new parking meter screens.


Report noted.



Luas Cross City works verbal update - Mr Derek Dixon, Project Engineer, Dublin City Council Luas Cross City Liaison Office


Mr Derek Dixon said that the rail is complete and the overhead contact system works are underway.  It is expected that the line will be operative by the end of December, 2017.  In response to issues raised by Members in relation to lack of consultation with car park operators on diversionary signage, and the lighting and maintenance of sites, Mr Dixon said that issues as raised are reported to Transport Infrastructure Ireland, which is responsible for the project, and to the contractor.  Mr Dick Brady, Assistant Chief Executive, also confirmed that concerns are brought to the attention of TII and the National Transport Authority.    It was suggested that Irish Parking Association should contact TII directly with issues.


Report noted.



Motions pdf icon PDF 59 KB


(i)  Motion in the name of Councillor Paddy Smyth:


 “Given the significant danger posed to cyclists by the flagrant disregard of parking prohibitions in cycle lanes by motorists (both private and commercial), this committee calls on the council's parking enforcement unit to develop a program whereby any offending vehicle will be immediately towed and pounded and that the tow-truck personnel proceed to the location as soon as possible following notification of offending vehicles by the public via a dedicated phone number (voice or text) or via Twitter using the hashtag  #FreeTheCycleLanes.”


Following discussion, a majority of Members voted in favour of the Motion.  Motion agreed.



(ii)              Motion in the name of Councillor Ray McHugh:

This SPC agree to write to the Minister for Transport Mr Shane Ross concerning the delay in the introduction of legislation of Rickshaws, and ask the Minister to use his position to introduce Regulations as a matter of Urgency.”

             The Motion was proposed by Councillor Ciarán O’Moore on behalf of

             Councillor Ray McHugh.  Motion agreed.



(iii)            Motion in the name of Councillor Michael Mullooly agreed to be referred to the Transportation SPC by the South Central Area Committee at their meeting of September, 2016:


“This Area Committee calls on Dublin City Council to review its policy on parking permits   to allow for the allocation of parking permits to medical and healthcare services who need local parking for emergency calls but the cost of parking on a daily basis without a permit is prohibitive and a threat to services.”


Councillor Paul Hand clarified that the Motion referred to a specific General Practice where GPs and patients were not allowed to park in front of their premises. It was agreed to contact Councillor Michael Mullooly for details and to look at the situation. Motion noted.