{meta} Agenda for North Central Area JPC on Monday 17th April, 2023, 10.30 am

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Minutes of meeting held 16th January 2023 pdf icon PDF 231 KB


Councillor Brabazon gave apologies & requested Councillor O’Toole to chair the meeting.





Domestic Violence Presentation

Inspector Noeleen Mc Kenna or Superintendent Ronan Barry to give Verbal update.


Superintendent Ronan Barry gave a verbal update on An Garda Síochána’s (AGS) actions regarding Domestic Violence. Anyone who is a victim of domestic violence is assigned a mentor and the incident is investigated. The approach of using a Domestic Abuse Co-ordinator (DAC) is working very well. There will be an official presentation to the JPC soon.


Cllr Cooney asked about the incidence of domestic violence victims having to leave their accommodation and register as homeless. Ronan responded to say the priority would be to have the victim stay in their accommodation and for the perpetrator to leave. AGS have a victim lead approach. Keeping a victim in their own environment is priority. Use other resources if required.


28th April is “go purple day”. AGS are organising an event, Ronan will send out additional information on the local events that will be held. This is a national programme. 



Darndale Implementation Oversight Group pdf icon PDF 342 KB

Dympna Mc Cann  see attached


Dympna McCann gave a synopsis of what is contained in her report.


Cllr O’Toole emphasised the importance for AGS to continue to keep on top of / tackle anti-social behaviour.


Cllr Cooney, thanked the IOG for their work.



Safety Forums pdf icon PDF 365 KB


Belmayne/Clongriffin              Deirdre Murphy                                   See Attached

Darndale                                 Dympna Mc Cann                               See Attached

Donaghmede/Edenmore        Sheila Duffy                                        See Attached

Kilmore                                    Derek Farrell                                       See Attached


Additional documents:


Reports were noted.




Derek Farrell Verbal Update


Derek Farrell gave his apologies. Report postponed till the next meeting.



Garda Reports pdf icon PDF 500 KB

Santry – Superintendent Darren Mc Carthy                          See Attached


Coolock – Superintendent Ronan Barry                                See Attached


Raheny/Clontarf – Superintendent Majella Armstrong          See Attached


Additional documents:


Superintendent Majella Armstrong was welcomed as the new Superintendent for the Raheny/Clontarf area by the Committee.


Superintendent Ronan Barry went through the report statistics for Coolock district.

Increase in burglary related incidents. There have been successful captures. Firearm incidents are down. Mobile phone theft has increased. There has been an increase in fuel thefts. However AGS have a new system in place for detection.

Domestic Violence reports have increased. AGS encourage reporting. There has been notable drug captures in Q1 of 2023. There has been an increase in check points. Community Policing and satellite clinics continue.


Superintendent Majella Armstrong went through the report statistics for Raheny / Clontarf district. Assault causing harm has had a 100% detection rate. There has been a reduction in minor assaults. Increase in burglaries. Robberies are currently at 75% detection rate. Robberies have increased and Majella has requested additional checkpoints. Theft from the person has increased. Theft from shops has increased, which could be associated with the increase in the cost of living. Majella has initiated an operation to address the issues around theft. Domestic Violence Liaison Officer has been appointed and will assist with increased reporting.


Inspector Luke Lacey attended the meeting for Superintendent Darren McCarthy H District and went through the report statistics.


Cllr Ó' Muirí welcomed Superintendent Armstrong to the area. Cllr Ó' Muirí is concerned about the increase in burglaries and asked if there is a reason?

Cllr Ó' Muirí highlighted issues with the Rosemount building site off the Malahide Road, residents have reported break ins which they attribute to the lack of security on the site. Follow up requested.

Cllr Roe, refered to the increase in break in’s and theft. Questioned whether hall door camera’s assist and when a resident rings AGS does it go to a general call centre or direct to the station.

Cllr O’ Toole emphasised that we need to encourage residents to contact AGS.


Superintendent Armstrong will follow up regarding the Rosemount site. All calls to AGS through 999 come in through a central call centre and dispatched out to the areas. Response depends on resources. 


Cllr Cooney spoke regarding the robbery from a person incidents and the psychological impact that has on the victim and the wider community. More visibility required.


Cllr O’ Toole supported the request for more visibility of AGS as it does help.



New Garda Station

Chief Superintendent Mark Curran has advised that this matter is in the hands of the OPW and Dublin City Council at the moment  An Garda Síochána are satisfied that this matter is progressing.



Update submitted within the agenda.



Councillor O’Toole has requested to know what is An Garda Siochana’s plan of action with regard to rally's and pickets against refugees.


Councillor O’Muiri has requested Scrambler bikes in Fairview Park be discussed.




Next Meeting 17th July 2023


Cllr Ó' Muirí raised a concern about the increase of scrambler bikes using Fairview Park. Issue is at the Tolka River end of the park. There is a risk of an incident, disturbs the peace and the general safety for people using the park. There is a local group of residents who wish to meet with AGS around this issue. Does AGS have a plan? What station is responsible?


Cllr Cooney reported that she has been speaking with AGS regarding this issue. AGS have agreed to increase patrols within the park. It had stopped but has started again. There are safety concerns. Cllr Cooney asked what is the status re confiscating scrambler bikes?


Cllr Gilliland commented that the issue with scrambler bikes is not only in Fairview Park but across the area. Should we be advocating for scrambler bikes to be registered?


Cllr O’Toole commented that he is aware that legislation is proposed but this could take a long time to be actioned. One of the risks is irresponsible cyclists using footpaths.


Superintendent Ronan Barry emphasised that the scrambler issue is a national problem. AGS has looked for more powers. The issue is difficult to police. Chasing a bike can cause additional danger. Would encourage members of the public to report as this can focus attention. High visibility of AGS is important as a deterrent. Electric scooters and quads are an issue as well. Other countries have taken the lead regarding registration of bikes. There is a regulation discussion required.


Cllr Ó' Muirí asked is there a policing plan for Fairview Park? Can visibility be increased and requested AGS meet this small group of residents?


Superintendent Armstrong reported that there has been 26 reported incidents involving scrambler bikes in the first quarter of 2023. Work is ongoing with this issue. AGS have met with Parks Department to see if any preventative measures can be looked at, e.g. swing gates. There is ongoing discussions regarding increased visibility. AGS will not chase a scrambler bike due to the risks. AGS will arrange to meet with the local group.


Cllr Cooney thanked AGS, she advised she would have concerns regarding the kissing gate suggestion as they can cause access issues for other park users. Would prefer another solution.  


Cllr. O’ Toole agreed, kissing gates can cause access issues and doesn’t appear to solve the scrambler issue completely.



Next Meeting will take place on Monday 17th July 2023 via Zoom at 10.30am.