{meta} Agenda for South Central Area JPC on Friday 31st July, 2015, 3.00 pm


Venue: Council Chamber, City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin 2.. View directions

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Minutes of Meeting held on 24th April 2015 pdf icon PDF 686 KB


Dublin South Central Joint Policing Work Plan January to June 2015


Garda Reports


Community Safety - Restorative Justice


Anti-social Behaviour - DCC Estate Management Reports


Street Crime/Issues - Parks Security/Bye- Laws

(i)               Response from the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government in relation to the misuse of Motor Vehicles (public spaces) Bill 2012.

(ii)              Copy of the Parks and Open Spaces Bye Laws 2002


Actions agreed at January Meeting

(a) List of Community Safety Committees included on the flow chart

(b) List of key DCC personnel included on the Work Plan


Date of next meeting


A. O. B



                                 (i). Motion 201 from Councillor Pat Dunne referred from the June Area             Page Committee Meeting.

This Area Committee supports the installation of CCTV cameras at the entrance of Tyrconnell Park, Ring Terrace and Jamestown Avenue.  The Area has been hit badly by a spate of break ins and the residents are requesting the CCTV camera’s to link in with a text alert system they wish to initiate.


                               (ii). E-mail from Deputy Joan Collins received 23rd of July with 4 issues:-

1.      I have been alerted that the Guards Counter Terrorism division has launched an operation of new & Irish Muslims and if they are been influenced by ISIS. Will the Guards bring a report to the meeting of this operation; a local man in my area of Inchicore has been contacted by the counter terrorism division and the questions he was asked were very intrusive?


2.       I want a report of the issues around Bluebell flats and Old Folk area  into drug dealing and criminal behaviour. Is there a joint operation from the Council and the Guards in dealing with this serious issue  and a report on how the CCTV operates in the flats? How they are  monitored, who monitors them, are they checked as incidents are reported and how the CCTV are been utilised with any operation from the Guards?


3.       Will the Guards and DCC present a report into the ongoing anti

social and criminal activity (that has been reported to me and I             presume other Reps) in the Croftwood Gardens area of Ballyfermot  and if a specific operation is been launched to deal with this ongoing  



4.        Is it standard procedure that all local stations have defibrillators on their premises?


(iii)       Letter from the Liberties Club (SICCIA) in connection with Youth Justice             

                      “Camp Diversion” whereby a group of young people, mainly from the

                      Oliver Bond flat complex attended the project, through SICCDA’s

                      Liberties Club.