{meta} Agenda for Dublin City Joint Policing Committee on Tuesday 8th May, 2018, 2.30 pm

Agenda and minutes

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Contact: Ruth Treacy 

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Minutes of meeting held on 6th March 2018


Agreed: Proposed by Cllr. Lacey and seconded by Cllr. McAdams.


Medically Supervised Injecting Facility (MSIF) - Dr. Eamon Keenan, Clinical Lead, Addiction Services (HSE)


Dr. Eamon Keenan, Clinical Lead, Addiction Services and Mr. Joseph Doyle (HSE) provided an update to members on the proposed 18-month pilot project. 

Order: Presentation welcomed by members. 


A planning application has not yet been submitted by the successful bidder.  In the event that planning permission is granted a Monitoring Committee will then be established.  As this is a pilot project it will be subject to review at 6 months, 12 months and 18 months. 

A lengthy discussion followed, during which the following questions / issues were raised:

·        Proposed location of facility and its proximity to school

·        Lack of consultation with affected stakeholders

·        While there is a need for such a facility, the community affected and, in particular the children, need to be considered and there was no reference to them in the presentation. 

·        Who will be on the Monitoring Committee when established and who does the HSE believe to be the key stakeholders?

·        Approximately what numbers are expected to attend this facility and what is the expected peak time of day for these visits?

·        Members feel that numerous such centres are required across the city, as opposed to just one located in city centre location, where services are at saturation point as it stands.

·        Facility will create a legal grey area and members feel it is unfair to expect An Garda Síochána (AGS) to have to use their discretion in each case, particularly when there has been a lack of consultation with AGS.

·        Members feels that the majority of people want detoxification instead of intervention

·        Concern that location will create a ready market for the buying and selling of drugs


A.C. Leahy:  An Garda Síochána supports the proposal; it is Government policy and they will use their discretion, which has always played a part of policing.  They will sit on the Monitoring Committee, if invited to do so, and report back to this committee.  AGS have to look at the reality of the situation on the street.


Brendan Kenny confirmed that a planning application has not yet been submitted to DCC.  Any decision made can be appealed to An Bord Pleanála and The Courts.  Brendan will keep members informed.

Action:  Copy of report to be emailed to members (done 11/05/18)



Fatima Groups United - Mr. Joe Donohoe (JPC Community Rep.)

Mr. Joe Donohoe, Community Representative, to make a PowerPoint presentation


Order: Agreed to defer item to next meeting.


Draft Annual report of Joint Policing Committees

Draft report to follow


Order: Agreed to refer to June City Council meeting


Report of Assistant Garda Commissioner


Order: Report noted.  

Assistant Commissioner confirmed that a total of 3,683 Gardaí are currently employed in the Roads Policing division; it is anticipated that we will return to 2009 policing levels within a few years.

Dublin Port will be assigned 1 inspector, 5 sergeants and 40 Gardaí; all of these will also be trained as immigration officers.

Cllr. Lacey wished to pay tribute to Superintendent Gerry Delmar (Donnybrook Garda Station) on the occasion of his retirement and acknowledge all of his work in the area during his term.


Report of Assistant Chief Executive


Report noted.

Brendan suggested establishing a JPC sub-group to address issues affecting solely the city centre as he has noticed, from reading documents from some of the Area Subcommittee / Fora meetings that the focus is tending to shift away from the policing aspect.



Brendan to talk to Chairperson regarding establishing such a group.

Following a request from Cllr. McAdams it was agreed by members that the Parks Subcommittee is to be listed as a standard agenda item going forward.

Issues relating to public order, on-street drinking, unlicensed street furniture, obstruction of footpaths in both Grand Canal Area and Portobello were raised by Councillors Lacey and Flynn.  It was felt that this supports the need for a city centre committee to be established.



Documentation from Area Joint Policing Subcommittees


Order: Noted.


2018 Meeting dates


July 3rd                  

September 4th

November 6th 


All meetings take place on Tuesdays at 2.30 p.m. in Council Chamber, City Hall





(i)         Assistant Commissioner Leahy gave breakdown of additional Gardaí which             are/will be appointed in 2018:

            DMR East                    = 19

            DMR North Central     = 75

            DMR North                  = 66

            DMR South Central     = 98

            DMR South                 = 46

            DMR West                   = 106


(ii)        Councillor Mannix Flynn requested that Dublin City Council make an audio recording of these meetings going forward.  It was also agreed that the            position taken on this originally be again circulated to members.