{meta} Agenda for Planning and Urban Form SPC on Tuesday 23rd February, 2021, 3.30 pm

Agenda and minutes


Contact: Aileen Mac Dermott 


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Minutes of Meeting 24th November 2020 pdf icon PDF 259 KB

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Cllr. Ray McAdam asked Cllr. Dermot Lacey to step in as Deputy Chair as a contingency plan in case any technical problems, Cllr. Dermot Lacey agreed.




1.      Minutes of Meeting 24th November

Minutes: Agreed



Matters arising

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2.           Matters arising

·         PPN need to nominate a 2nd person to the Planning and Urban Form SPC in advance of the next meeting 27th April 2021. 

·         Update on Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF)

Richard Shakespeare gave an update on outcome of the meeting with The DHLGH on the 1st October, regarding the Council’s bid. Minister to announce successful applicants on a phased basis, between March and April. It is hoped to get some significant projects approved.


·         Ancillary Family Accommodation.                                                                   Action following meeting: John O’Hara made representation in November to the department of Housing and Planning-Building Control Section to seek a review of the height regulations from 2.4m to 2m in respect of attic conversions. He got a reply in February stating that The Department is preparing an update to its loft conversion guidelines, which should be published in early 2021.

·         Criteria for Selecting Council Owned Sites for Disposal.                          Submitted to the City Council in December and approved



SHD Process pdf icon PDF 599 KB

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3.    SHD Process


Process documents sent to all SPC Members prior to meeting.

Discussion followed and Dublin City Planning Officer answered questions raised by the Members. The additional information stage has increased from 6 to 8 months to 12 to 14 months.

Agreed: That John O’Hara will produce a map of the SHD projects in the Dublin City Council Area.

Presentation Noted.



Dublin City Council EU Programme Participation Strategy 2021 - 2027 preparatory process pdf icon PDF 2 MB

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4.       Dublin City Council’s European Participation Strategy 2021-2027


Mary MacSweeney, Deputy Head of Enterprise & Economic Development, Dublin City Council and Ciara O’ hAodha, Senior Economic Development Officer gave a presentation. They gave the following outline.


Project Overview:

An external co-ordinator, Urban Mode Ltd, was appointed to progress European project proposal potential. A project proposal was developed to examine the Council’s capability and capacity for developing European funding opportunities for the upcoming 2021 – 2027 European Funding Programme. The Corporate Policy Group, which met on 25th September was informed of this approach.


The preparation process involved a 3 stage approach being carried out:




Stage 1

Complete Internal Organisation Survey

October 2020

Stage 2

Develop & Deliver Staff Information Sessions

November 2020

Stage 3

Develop European Programme Strategy Document

December 2020


Next Steps:

·         Implementation of Strategy

·         A European Programme Office is now being researched for establishment within Dublin City Council.


Discussion followed and Mary answered questions from the Members. Submission was lodged on Monday to EU. DCC is represented well through the Irish Regions European Office which is based in Brussels. The development of strong partnerships with other European Cities is vital.


     Presentation Noted.



Disposal of Freehold and Leasehold interests by DCC pdf icon PDF 561 KB

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5.         Disposal of Freehold and Leasehold interests by DCC.

Martina Bracken and Olga Harney from the Dublin City Valuer’s Dept. presented their report, which had been circulated to the members prior to the meeting. Some of the main issues covered were:

·         What is Freehold

·         What is Leasehold

·         How is the Market Value determined

·         How is the Market Rental Value determined

·         Heads of Terms of a Property Sale

·         Heads of Terms for Grant of a Lease

·         Ground Rent Disposals

·         Valuation of Fee Simple with statutory entitlement

·         Restrictions on the right to buy out a Fee Simple Title

·         Valuation of Fee Simple with no statutory entitlement

·         Domestic Fee Simples


Discussion followed and Martina answered questions from the Members.

Agreed: That the Report be sent out to all Area Committees.

Presentation Noted




Retail Impact Study pdf icon PDF 9 MB

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6.       Retail Impact Study


Neil Bannon Executive Chairman of Bannon Commercial Property Consultants for Dublin City Council gave a verbal briefing on the recommendations of the report already circulated which was followed by Q & A session.

Some of the main points of the presentation:

A.    Capitalise on City’s Real Experiences

B.    City Activity Zones

C.   Street Hierarchy

D.   Linkage & Connectivity

E.    Data & Communication

In 2019 there were 8 million tourists, 125,000 students and an estimated 250,000 persons working within Dublin City. As a result of the pandemic these numbers have plummeted. The main issue now from the Members is “How do we get people back into the City”.


Agreed:  That the report be sent out to all Area Committees.

Presentation Noted



Sub Group on Capturing Public Gain for Land Re Zoning

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7.      Sub Group on Capturing Public Value from Development Lands

Cllr. McAdam gave a brief update

It was agreed at the CPG meeting in December that a Sub-Committee to comprise 5 members of the SPC (3 elected members) plus a max of 2 nominated external members to be agreed by the Chair of the SPC.


The Terms of Reference are as follows:


1.    To briefly review the findings of the Kenny Report and subsequent relevant Government initiatives and how they could be applied in today’s socio-economic climate


2.    To analyse current mechanisms for capturing land value uplift from development, including Capital Gains Tax, Section 48 Development Contributions, Part V Social Housing requirements and how such revenues are deployed.


3.    To analyse relevant international approaches, particularly from the Netherlands, Austria and the UK, to ascertain which approaches may be adaptable to, and effective, in the Irish context.


4.    To make recommendations on an effective financial and governance mechanism to capture public value from development which achieves quality urban regeneration/placemaking supported by upfront hard and soft infrastructural provision, whilst achieving reasonable returns on investment.


5.    To provide the report and recommendations within 6 months.

Action: Cllr. McAdam requested that interested parties contact him by this coming Friday 26th February and he hoped to have the first meeting within the month.




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8.   A.O.B.




Proposed Date of next meeting: 27th April 2021

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9.      Date of next meeting 27th April 202I[AM1] 



Councillor Ray McAdam


      Tuesday 23rd February 2021







Ray McAdam (Chairperson)

Patricia Roe

Odran Reid

Dermot Lacey (Deputy Chair)

Daithí De Róiste

Sophie NiCoullaud

Declan Meenagh

Marian O’Donnell

Robbie Sinnott

Anthony Connaghan

John Lyons

Dearbháil Butler

Jonny McKenna






Richard Shakespeare

John O’Hara

Paul Clegg

Deirdre Scully


Máire Igoe

Martina Bracken

Olga Harney

David Garvey


Jonathan Fallon

Aileen Mac Dermott

Ciara O’ hAodha

Helen McNamara

Mary Mac Sweeney














Olivia Kelly (Irish Times)

Neil Bannon


Tom Brabazon