{meta} Agenda for Planning and Urban Form SPC on Tuesday 27th June, 2023, 2.00 pm

Agenda and minutes


Contact: Aileen Mac Dermott 


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Minutes of Meeting 27th April pdf icon PDF 651 KB

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1.      Minutes of Meeting 27th April

         Minutes: Agreed



Matters arising

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        Motion from Cllr. Donna Cooney regarding bike bunker

(Copy of letters circulated prior to meeting)

Letters sent on 24th May from Ray McAdam to Minister O’Donnell & Darragh O’Brien proposing new regulations be amended to allow bike bunker in front garden and for this to be included in new regulations. Acknowledgement received from Minister’s Office but no reply yet, Cllr. Cooney asked for follow up letter to be sent.


  Terms on the Draft Planning and Development Bill 2022

 Cllr. Dermott Lacey got submission ready to bring before the Oireachtas.  Cllr Ray McAdam will write to the Chair of the joint Oireachtas Committee. This item to be included on agenda for September meeting.


            Draft Ballyboggan LAP

 Make sure disability proofing, meeting to be arranged with Dr. Robbie Sinnott representing Voice of Vision Impairment, other D.P.O.s to be involved. Deirdre confirmed that these meeting will take place when written submissions have been gone through.



Un Sustainable Development Goals and how the can be implemented through the Development Plan pdf icon PDF 290 KB

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3.    UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Cllr. Costello contacted the City Planning Officer in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how they can be implemented through the City Development Plan. 

(Report by Dublin Climate Action Regional Office circulated prior to meeting)

 Discussion followed and Deirdre Scully, A/ Dublin City Planning Officer answered      question raised by the Members. Dr. Robbie Sinnott wanted to highlight Goal 4 to do with education and relates directly to disability and also Goal 11 which is about making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable and keeping an eye on people with disabilities.  Dr. Robbie Sinnott would like more consultation at conception stage for developments with Disabled Person Organisations.  Dr. Robbie Sinnott mentioned an app designed by The Active Travel Team to do with obstacles and accessibility issues, he has reported that this initiative is inaccessible to visually impaired people,


Dr. Robbie Sinnott brought up about clutter on the footways.

Deirdre suggested that if Dr. Robbie Sinnott had any issues that he could talk to the team later and as these were issues to do with operations they could be redirected to the team in Transportation.

 Dr. Robbie Sinnott asked about Part 8 applications and Planners reports and how Goal 11 universal access could be addressed in Planners Reports.

Deirdre Scully said that any Part 8 has to comply with the New City Development Plan and have to address accessibility in the design and submit a report that addresses accessibility.



Child Care Subgroup Update

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4.    Childcare Subgroup Update


 Cllr. Ray McAdam as Chair give a brief verbal update. There have been 2 meetings to date  with the sub group working through the terms of reference.

 Cllr. McAdam wrote on 25th May to both Ministers, Dept. of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (Roderic O’Gorman TD) and Dept. of Education (Norma Foley, TD) regarding current childcare guidelines which need to be reviewed and updated.

Carol Dillon, Manager of Dublin City Childcare Committee gave the Sub Group a presentation on “Partnership for the public good”- A new funding model for ELC and SAC childcare. She also informed the subgroup that the Department advertised two posts re: Supply and demand of ELC (Early Learning & Care) and SAC (School Aged Childcare) services. Interviews on 26th June and role will be to work with the Department and Pobal re supply and demand and how to support services and develop their capacity.  

Agreed: Response from Ministers to be circulated when received. Further update to be given after next meeting.



Motions from the Development Plan pdf icon PDF 328 KB

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5.    Motions Referred to the SPC as part of the Development Plan Review Process.

(Report circulated prior to meeting with actions and progress)

Deirdre Scully, A/ Dublin City Planning Officer gave a brief summary of the report.



Motion In the name of Councillor Mannix Flynn

Motion 6  South East Area Committee from Councillor Mannix Flynn

That this meeting of Dublin City Council calls on the Planning Department and CEO to include all planning applications for street furniture licenses on the Planning List; this gives transparency and the opportunity for the public residents and other concerned citizens to make observations in relation to such planning.  There is no reason whatsoever that this planning process should not be included on the Planning List that I send out to customers on a weekly basis and they’re published on Dublin City Council’s planning website.


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3.    Motion in the Name of Councillor Mannix Flynn, referred from the South East Area Committee

Agreed: To defer this Motion to September meeting as Cllr Mannix Flynn had sent his apologies.




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7.    A.O.B.

Cllr McAdam enquired about the proliferation of advertising and asked about the policy.

Deirdre Scully A/ Dublin City Planning Officer went through the policy. If new planning applications come in the company are requested to show how they will reduce existing signage before permission is granted.

     Dr. Robbie Sinnott also made the point that the base of signage on the                    pavement needs to be the same width from top to bottom as can cause issues for people with sight impairment.  Public Realm needs to aware of accessibility issues. Deirdre said that she will have a read through the standards and get back to Dr.Robbie Sinnott.



Date of the next meeting

Date of the next meeting:


Wednesday 27th September @ 2pm

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8.    Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 27th September @ 2pm

Councillor Ray McAdam


Tuesday 27th June 2023







Ray McAdam (Chairperson)

John Lyons

Dermot Lacey



Declan Meenagh

Dr. Robbie Sinnott

Sophie Nicoullaud



Prof. Diarmuid Hegarty

Anthony Connaghan

Jonny McKenna



Deirdre Scully                                                                   

Máire Igoe

Sheila Hennessy



Donna Cooney




Bronagh Corry

Kathy McHugh




Aileen Mac Dermott

Jonathan Fallon




Daithí De Róiste

Tom Brabazon

  Richard Shakespeare


Patricia Roe

Janet Horner

Mannix Flynn


Odran Reid

Anna Devlin

Joe Costello