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Draft Minutes of Meeting held of 21st February 2022 pdf icon PDF 464 KB


Presentation on the Dublin City Sport & Wellbeing Partnership Active Cities Project - Aideen O'Connor, Administrative Officer & Alan Morrin, Senior Staff Officer


Presentation on the Skatepark, Le Fanu Park, Ballyfermot - Ger O'Reilly & Allegra Lalor, Ballyfermot Youth Service


Motion 219 - Submitted by Councillor(s) of the Green Party Comhaontas Glas (Referred from November Special Council Meeting - Draft Dublin City Development Plan 2022-2028)

Agreed to amend GIO14 to:  To liaise and work with and support the National Parks and Wildlife Service in the designation of additional nature reserves and Natural Heritage Areas, and in the identification of opportunities for nature development.



Chapter:10, Section:GI014, Page: 277 Replace with: Further Nature Reserves and opportunities for nature development -To liaise, work with and support the National Parks and Wildlife Service in the designation of additional Nature Reserves and Natural Heritage Areas, and in the identification of opportunities for ‘nature development’ in areas of existing green and blue infrastructure with the potential for biodiversity enhancement through the addition of ponds, trees, hedgerows, wetlands, verge planting or biodiversity pontoons with the objective of creating additional nature reserves.

Planning Reason

Planning reason: To deliver on the city's biodiversity goals; to identify opportunities to protect and enhance high nature value areas; to ensure that existing ecological infrastructure resources are protected and enhanced, and help guide future ecological infrastructure provision.

Chief Executive's Response

Green/Blue infrastructure will be delivered through the Development Management process, the planning and development of new growth areas in the city, through LAPs/Planning Schemes, through City Council Greening and Public Realm Strategies (existing and those to be developed) and through public infrastructural projects, with sufficient policies and objectives included in the Draft to achieve this (such as GI2, GI3, GI7, GI9-G18, GI34). This approach is additionally supported by the ongoing operations of DCCs Parks, Biodiversity and Landscape Services team under the Development Plan policy framework and strategies such as; the City Biodiversity Action Plan 2021 – 2026, the proposed Green Infrastructure Strategy, the Dublin City Tree Strategy or through the Council’s management plans and Parks Strategy for the city. It is not the role of the National Parks and Wildlife Services to deliver biodiversity enhancement through measures such as verge planting etc. This is an operational matter for the Council, delivered through the mechanisms and plans detailed above. The designation of additional NHA's is a separate statutory process and outside the scope of the Development Plan.

Chief Executive Recommendation

It is the recommendation of the CE that the motion is not agreed. Retain GIO14 as is. Operational matter, outside the scope of the Development Plan.



Motion submitted by The Lord Mayor of Dublin Alison Gilliland:-

“The Arts, Culture, Leisure and Recreation SPC recognises the immense benefit that the twoSport Inclusion and Integration Officers (SIIOs) within Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Patnership (DCSWP) have brought to the provision of sport and physical activity for children, young people and not so young people with disabilities, from ethnic minorities, who are members of the LGBT+ community, who are neurodiverse, who suffer mental health difficulties or who are members of other minority and hard to reach groupings. The have succeeded in supporting my local community centres and sports clubs/groups to understand diversity and to accommodate, adapt and indeed create new programmes to suit specific heretofore unmet needs. However, the SPC expresses serious concern that these two dedicated positions are being terminated inthe near future. While many local sports officers have learned from both SIIOs and are well placed to support inclusion and integration in their areas the SPC is of the view that, as a strategic policy objective, the two dedicated Sport Inclusion and Integration Officer (SIIOs) positions need to continue long term within the DCSWP to ensure that Dublin City Council's policy of inclusion and integration is fully continuously and consistently underpinned, promoted and put in to practice on the ground across our city.”



Motion submitted by Willie White, Dublin Theatre Festival:-

“That Dublin City Council create a framework for cultural use of vacant commercial, industrial or other spaces under its ownership or management, on a temporary basis from this summer. The scheme would serve as a response to extraordinary circumstances, with a simple, transparent application process. Given the short-term nature of the projects, it should not necessitate a planning application for change of use, allowing the process to move quickly to reanimate the city. 


The context for the motion isthe lack of footfall in the city post-pandemic and the need to reanimate the city centre as a destination. The attrition of  spaces for culture in the city leaves the cultural community without space to gather, create or share their work.



Motion submitted by Cllr Dermot Lacey:-

“That this Committee would consider the promotion of a statue or other appropriate memorial to commemorate the great Irish actor Maureen O’Hara for the Ranelagh area or perhaps close to the former Glenmalure Park former home of her beloved Shamrock Rovers.”



Motion: 'In July 2018 the members of the Arts SPC unanimously supported the following motion:
Motion submitted by Cllr John Lyons:-

Recognizing the LGBTQ community’s decades-long struggle to achieve full equality in Ireland, often times in the face of brutal state and non-state oppression, discrimination and violence, this City Council SPC agrees to commission a public monument/piece of art to acknowledge the proud history of struggle for full equality waged for more than four decades by Dublin’s LGBTQ community. To bring this motion to life, a consultative forum with relevant internal and external stakeholders will be established.”


Report on Dublin City Council's Collection Management Policy 2022 - Iseult Byrne, CEO pdf icon PDF 510 KB


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Report on the Impact of Dublin City Council led Cultural Participation Programmes - Iseult Byrne, CEO pdf icon PDF 368 KB


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