{meta} Agenda for South East Area Committee on Monday 8th November, 2021, 2.30 pm


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Presentation and Report on Proposed Part 8 Works at Irishtown Stadium (Refurbishment). For information purposes only. pdf icon PDF 2 MB

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Minutes of South East Area Committee Meeting held on 11th October 2021 pdf icon PDF 812 KB


Environment and Transportation Department Matters pdf icon PDF 110 KB

      i.        Minutes of Traffic Advisory Group Meeting held on 26th October 2021.


Culture Recreation and Economic Services Department Matters pdf icon PDF 720 KB

      i.        Report on Proposed Part 8 Works: Tearooms/café and public WCs at former parks depot in Palmerston Park.  For information purposes only.


     ii.        Report on Creative Climate Action Change Crumlin.


    iii.        Report on Providing Play Facilities for Children with Diverse Needs.

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Planning and Property Management Department Matters

      i.        Report on Proposed Disposal: Fee simple plot to rear of 40Clareville Road.


South East Area Office Matters pdf icon PDF 491 KB

      i.        Report of the Director of Services, South City.




Motion 1 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

This Committee requests the Traffic Department to review what measures could be introduced to improve safety on Charleston Road, Ranelagh including pedestrian lights, ramps, speed limits, cycle routes etc. and to improve the pedestrian experience by upgrading the footpaths which are in quite a bad state.


Motion 2 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

That in relation to Pearse Square Park this Committee requests the Manager to:


Allocate a dedicated gardener at a minimum of one day a week. Noting that according to various professionals two days a week is what is really required in order to maintain a standard that is in line with the Dublin City Parks Strategy.


Develop a strategy and plan, incorporating creativity and innovation from a design, biodiversity or usability perspective – building on the plan previously agreed for this Park.  

The Plan to provide for:


·  The upgrade of the pavements around the internal circumference of the square. Presently they are covered in weeds and look unsightly.

·  A consistency to the four sides of the square in terms of growth and design.  Some areas are dense, some are sparse, of differing heights and density.

·  Tidying and better managing of the growth around the internal parameters of the park which are inconsistent and neglected. 

·  Upgrade the central island that houses the monument which  is badly overgrown and has no clear design 

·  Develop a biodiversity plan for the park and seek to establish a Friends of Green Spaces group for same.

·  A serious intervention towards eliminating the over the presence of which has resulted in its usage for individuals injecting drugs on multiple occasions as they are able to hide behind the bushes. 

·  Noting the reference in the Parks Strategy to Christmas lights – consider locating same in the Park.


Finally to make available to residents a copy of the Plan previously agreed for the park.


Motion 3 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

This Committee notes the response issued by the Manager following the query raised at the October Area Committee and the letter submitted with this motion and requests the Manager to reply to the issues contained therein.”

“The real issue is that sewage is enriching the waters of Dublin bay.


This has allowed the brown-coloured opportunist algae – Ectocarpus – to invade the ecosystem. It reduces light and impairs the ability of other important plants such as seagrass to thrive and generate oxygen. 


Enrichment of the water due to run-off from the land and sewage discharges is upsetting the biological balance as it causes dense growth of plant life of the wrong kind.


The real issue here is sewage.


Far from allowing the Ectocarpus to flourish this should be addressed quickly before the very ecosystem of Dublin bay is affected.


This issue affects humans through water quality and health and safety issues.

It affects animals such as pets who inadvertently eat the material.

It affects the very important wild life including the protected Brent geese who feed on eel grass in the  ...  view the full agenda text for item 7.


Questions to the Chief Executive 8th November 2021 pdf icon PDF 330 KB