{meta} Agenda for South East Area Committee on Monday 12th July, 2021, 2.30 pm


Venue: remotely on zoom

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Presentation on Belmont Avenue Traffic Proposals


Video viewing of "My Home is Crumlin"


Election of Chairperson


Election of Vice-Chairperson


Minutes of the South East Area Committee Meeting held on 14th June 2021 pdf icon PDF 512 KB


Environment and Transportation Department Matters pdf icon PDF 100 KB

      i.        Minutes of the Traffic Advisory Group Meeting held on 29th June 2021.


Culture, Recreation and Economic Services Department Matters pdf icon PDF 368 KB

      i.        Update on Sculpture Dublin.


     ii.        Dublin City Council Play Strategy. Presentation and report.


    iii.        Report on Successful Community Monuments Fund Applications 2021.

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Planning and Property Management Department Matters pdf icon PDF 214 KB

      i.        Report on Proposed Disposal: Grant of licence for The Junction, 121 Pearse Street, Dublin 2 to St. Andrew’s Resource Centre.

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South East Area Office Matters pdf icon PDF 434 KB

      i.        Report of the Director of Services South City.



Motion 1 from Councillor Mary Freehill

Further to my motion last month in relation to provision of public seating on Rathmines Plaza and also to make space for table and chairs it is agreed that


1.    The bench that is already in poor condition be removed to provide for more tables and chairs around the canopy of the Swan Leisure Centre.  This would be a very real asset to the Rathmines area as the amount of open dining space in the area is very limited.


2.    The process of taking Rathmines Plaza in charge commence forthwith.


Motion 2 from Councillor Mary Freehill

That DCC take in charge the strip of land on the east corner of Grosvenor Square and Leinster Road Rathmines, (I have already been in contact with Development Dept. regarding ownership).  Furthermore, that through discussion with the Biodiversity Officer, we agree this area be designated a biodiversity area.


Motion 3 from Councillor Mary Freehill

On foot of the Traffic Report agreed at June City Council meeting which states there must be a clearance of 2.5 meters on footpath; to protect residents of narrow roads in our area, that a working group comprising Traffic and Planning Departments and councillors be established to focus on finding a sustainable parking solution to protect residents of these narrow roads in our area.  Furthermore in the meantime that both departments agree to a zoom meeting with affected residents to discuss possible options and protection from being clamped in the meantime until we find a solution.


Motion 4 from Councillor Tara Deacy

That this committee agree to create a breast-feeding area in Stannaway Park to allow new and nursing mothers a place to meet and socialise. To add to the new benches put in place and to install a cover/shelter be in through trees planting around it or a physical shield. Please see photo attached as an example.



Motion 5 from Councillor Tara Deacy

Based on the needs identified through the excellent video ‘My home is Crumlin’ created by young people through Blooming Crumlin, that this committee agree to identify a suitable area/building/premises for young people to ‘hang out’, for those young people interested in the arts and other activities to call their own. This could take place in collaboration with youth services and also through collaboration with the CYPSC locally.


Motion 6 from Councillor Mary Freehill

This committee expresses serious concerns to NTA if they recommend a 24/7 Bus Gate on Rathmines Road. Local residents accept the need for this gate at rush hours but not on a nonstop continuous basis.

Such a proposal would have serious implications for the residents and commercial life of the village of Rathmines

·         It would landlock residents of Grove Park making it impossible for them to enter and egress their road

·         it would turn Rathmines shopping area into a ghost town and have serious implications for the commercial life which would make it impossible for Rathmines small traders in the area to survive who depend on the  ...  view the full agenda text for item 10.


Questions for the Chief Executive 12th July 2021 pdf icon PDF 313 KB