{meta} Agenda for South East Area Committee on Monday 9th March, 2020, 2.30 pm


Venue: Council Chamber - City Hall

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Presentation by Planning Department : Update on public consultation phase in relation to the following; Proposed amendment to the North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock Planning Scheme to revise location of planned pedestrian/cycle bridge across the River Liffey from Forbes Street to Blood Stoney Road.


Presentation: Overview of Transportation Department


Minutes of the South East Area Committee Meeting held on 10th February 2020 pdf icon PDF 443 KB


Minutes of the Special South East Area Committee Meeting held on 17th February 2020 pdf icon PDF 106 KB


Environment and Transportation Department Matters pdf icon PDF 71 KB

      i.        Minutes of the Traffic Advisory Group meeting held on 25th February 2020.


Planning and Property Management Department Matters

      i.        Report on proposed disposal: Grant of licence for use of part of Drury Street Car Park, Dublin 2.


     ii.        Report on proposed disposal: Lease of the ground floor unit of Palace Street, Barnado Square, Dame Street, Dublin 2 to Fáilte Ireland.


    iii.        Report on proposed disposal: Fee simple interest in the site at St. Agnes Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12 to An Post.


   iv.        Report on proposed disposal: Fee simple interest in a plot adjacent to 1, Pembroke Cottages, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 to Domhnach Limited.


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Culture, Recreation and Economic Services Matters pdf icon PDF 139 KB

      i.        Report on sculpture in local areas.


     ii.        Parks and Landscaping Services South East Area Works Programme 2020.

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South East Area Matters pdf icon PDF 392 KB

      i.        Report of the Director of Services, South City.


     ii.        Report on proposal to have Adair Lane Dublin 2 taken in charge by Dublin City Council.

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Motion 1 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

This Committee requests the Manager to respond to the urgent request for better drainage solutions to the area at the end of Morehampton Road near Swan Place.


Motion 2 from Councillor Dermot Lacey

This Committee requests the Manager to review the document from the Ranelagh Village Improvement Group and circulated with this motion with a view to seeking ways to implement it as part of this year’s work programme,


Dermot Lacey


RVIG  - Ranelagh Village Improvement Group


Proposal to Dublin City Council


RVIG propose the refurbishment of the section of pavement in Ranelagh village bordering houses Nos 70-88 (even nos. only}.  This section of streetscape forms the longest uniform continuous coherent terrace of Victorian houses in Ranelagh Village. It is a very important part of the architectural heritage of Ranelagh. The perspective of the terrace has been enhanced by the planting of trees on this stretch of streetscape by Dublin City Council some years ago.


Two elements detract significantly from the terrace.


Firstly, the treatment of gardens and front railings is very disjointed because of some hard surfacing of gardens and removal of railings and some boundary walls. This problem is difficult to rectify with no obvious immediate solution except perhaps but attaching appropriate conditions to future planning permissions for work on any house in the terrace over the coming years.


Secondly, the surface of the footpath has been cut open on many occasions for services maintenance and many repairs are very poor in quality. The pavement now has a random jigsaw/’cut and paste’ appearance.  Furthermore, it has a significant number of uneven joints at cuttings constituting a hazard to pedestrians and constituting an impediment to a more age friendly walkability for the older segment of population in the Ranelagh area.


In the 2000’s many old concrete footpaths in the village in a similar condition were replaced with granite kerbing and concrete paving stones. This greatly improvement the appearance and the paving stones approach has facilitated easy uniform replacement whenever services maintenance required excavation. But there has been little or no footpath renewal in the Ranelagh village area since 2009.


We are proposing the renewal of the segment outlined earlier with a somewhat similar approach to the earlier work, but with a variation. Given the quality of the Victorian terrace in question, we propose that the paving be with granite kerbing and granite paving stones. This could either be of the bright grey variety, used in parts of the city or preferably the yellow tinted variety used in some Georgian and Victorian streetscapes in Dublin. This latter type would reflect the yellow brickwork of the terrace.


The length of pavement in question is approximately 75 mtrs. and while the width varies, it is on average approximately 3 mtrs. or a little less, thus giving a pavement area of 225 Sq. mtrs. We are aware from an industry source that granite paving is expensive, approx. three times the cost of concrete. So the extra cost  ...  view the full agenda text for item 9.


Questions to the Chief Executive 9th March 2020 pdf icon PDF 143 KB